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Welcome to the official Gaby Mini Site! (GMS) There is a lot of stuff to look at, explore and read in this little corner of the web, you can start exploring by using the links below.

Die Gaby Seite
The Saga in German!

This is the story of me, Drew Bond, and Gaby (that's me too!). I've split it into short chapters and then into Books to make it easier to read. Some of the chapters have pictures so you can follow the plot easier and new chapters are posted regularly! All of the chapters making up Books 1 to 10 are on the site now. Book 11 has started posting and should be complete by early 2015.

Drew & Gaby Bond

Just click on the links below to get to the individual chapters straight away.

BOOK 1 The Anime Days

Now available for your Kindle! Simply go to and search for 'Gaby - The Anime Days'

  1. Entrance 35kb
  2. Surprise 39kb
  3. Presentation 33kb
  4. Gaby Reappears 57kb
  5. Revelation ! 47kb
  6. Cosplay 44kb
  7. What ? 49kb
  8. Boots & Shoes 75kb
  1. First Fitting 73kb
  2. Dress Rehearsal 62kb
  3. Dance Away 87kb
  4. After Party 35kb
  5. Easter Break 1 64kb
  6. Easter Break 2 53kb
  7. Easter Break 3 61kb
  8. Easter Break 4 71kb
  1. Back to School 47kb
  2. Gaby rides Again 57kb
  3. Gaby at School 60kb
  4. Model 44kb
  5. Gaby Exposed 59kb
  6. New Girl 64kb
  7. Sleepover 45kb
  8. Return to Normal 69kb
  1. News Travels Fast 52kb
  2. Drew Time 53kb
  3. Moving Swiftly Along 55kb
  4. Bank Holiday Blues 58kb
  5. Sunday, Sunday 73kb
  6. Cheering Drew 37kb
  7. Mr Bond, Drew Bond 45kb
  8. Ride in the Hills 45kb
  1. Ouch! 41kb
  2. Gaby's Invite 46kb
  3. Cheer Again 50kb
  4. Lincoln 46kb
  5. End of Term 50kb
  6. Euro Drew 56kb
  7. Jenny's Day 53kb
  8. Back Home 54kb

BOOK 2 Summer Girl

Now available for your Kindle! Simply go to and search for 'Gaby - Summer Girl'

BOOK 3 Visitors

Coming soon for your Kindle!


BOOK 4 Once Upon A Time In America

BOOK 5 Bits

BOOK 6 Girls, Girls, Girl?

BOOK 7 Dress Up

BOOK 9 MoreChanges

BOOK 10 Wheels

BOOK 11 Wunderkind


Have a look at the main members of the cast of the Gaby series.
Here are some of the other characters that you have met in the first book.
Book two see's Drew/Gaby meeting lots more people and here are a few of them.
Here are some pictures from around Warsop!
The first group of pictures from around our German home.
Maddy's Diary
Rhod's Diary
  1. Friends 36kb
  1. Gaby's Back 29kb
  1. Another Fine Mess 40kb
  1. Choice 51kb

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