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Part 39
Jenny's Day

I was woken next morning by the sound of Jules showering and suddenly my world popped back into focus. The shower cut off and shortly my sister emerged wrapped in a towel and humming an Eminem track.

"Oh you're awake then"

"What's the time" I yawned

"Seven thirty, mum'll be back in an hour to pick us up"

"Where's she gone?"

"Back to her flat to pick up her kit. You better get a shower, we have to get breakfast before mum gets back"

I dived into the bathroom and had a quick shower; Jules was ready by the time I emerged.

"Come on, you can wear what you had on last night for now"

"Jules" I moaned

"Come on, we've only got just over half an hour"

It was useless to argue so I pulled the tie dye top on along with the trousers and I was about ready to go.

"I guess you'll do, come on"

Breakfast was 'continental' - bread, ham, cheese, fruit and yoghurt, juice and coffee. I actually enjoyed it. Mum found us as we finished up.

"Snap to it guys"

"I just need to get my bag" Jules advised

"Me too" I added

As we walked back to our room I quizzed sis.

"Can I put my stuff on to go out?"

"We haven't got time. Grab a change of stuff and you can put it on in the car"

Suitably mollified I grabbed a T and shorts, chucked them in my bag with my camera and we left for the day.

"Can you drive please Dave"

"Sure" dad replied, "where to?"

"The start is at Wittlich, so we go up to the autobahn and head toward Trier"

"Just tell me which way" dad stated.

It was best part of an hour's drive to the start, once there we dropped mum off and went off to find somewhere to park. There was a fair sized crowd; there were races for each licence category plus oldies and the women's event, six in total. The course was based on a long hundred-kilometre circuit, the senior men do two circuits and were already on their way, the other races would start at thirty-minute intervals and extra distance made up with a start loop of twenty kilometres.

We went to find mum, in the excitement I hadn't changed yet, but with the promise of a warm day I intended to put my shorts on as soon as was practical.

"Jen!" dad called

"Hi, you get parked ok?"

"Yeah, this is quite a set up!"

We were at the Apollinaris Damen Rennfahrad team van, that's who mum rode for (its some local spa water or something). Mike, the mechanic, was busy checking bikes, one of mums team mates was on a table getting a pre race massage, a couple of girls were warming up on rollers and various other bods were doing preparation things.

"Jen, this your family?"

"Oh hi Maria, yes"

"Hi everyone I'm Maria Pinger nice to meet you"

"Sorry, this is Dave, Juliette and Drew" mum introduced us.

"I can see why you didn't come to the dinner" Maria stated

"It's been a few weeks"

"Well we can talk later, George wants a chat Jen"

"Ok I'm coming, guys I have to go see you later"

"Good luck mum" I gave her a hug

"Luck luv" dad added

"Go for it mum" Jules supplied

"Bye" mum waved as she followed Maria off.

We went to find a good vantage point to watch the start. Eventually mums race rolled out, there were about a hundred riders setting out on the 120 km event.

"Ah Dave und die kindt" the accented tones of Mike found us

"Hi Mike" dad replied

"You guys fancy helping out at the feed?"

"Can we dad?" I asked enthusiastically

"Sure" dad answered

"Come on then, Katia is waiting at the van"

He led us through the crowd back to the van that was now on a side road; a pretty young girl was sat inside.

"In, in" Mike urged, "Kat, das ist die familie auf Jenny"

"Hello everyone"

Mike already had us moving.

"We see them pass at Oorzig (Ürzig) then we drive to the feed at Daun" he returned to his driving.

"Sorry Katia, this is Juliette," dad started the intro's

"Jules" my sister offered

"And the other one is Drew, I'm Dave" he finished

"Like Drew Barrimore?" Kat asked me across the van.

I realised I was still in Jules stuff and had my earrings in, I could see why she said that.

"Er no, not really" I replied, Kat looked interested

"It's short for And." Jules cut me off

".. Rea." she finished

"Ah yes, you should call me Kat. I like your top Drew."

I shot my sister a look; dad was busy talking to Mike, should I come clean? I decided I should, Kat seemed pretty nice, I didn't think she'd go off the wall.

"Look Kat I'm actually a boy, my name is Andrew but everyone calls me Drew"

She looked puzzled, first at me then at a bemused Juliette.

"It cannot be so, you are so pretty"

"Jules!" I implored

"Oh alright. Kat he really is a boy, it's a long story but here goes"

Just then Mike pulled the van up

"Here we are, we can watch them pass here" he advised us

We left the van and Jules tried to explain yesterday's events to Kat.

Kat Pinger - cutie!
Kat was intrigued by me.

"Here they come" dad shouted

The huge field swept into sight and we could see the Apollinaris girls' cream strip dominating the front of the field. We all cheered and clapped 'our' team through, we spotted both mum and Kat's mum Maria sat comfortably in the bunch.

"Come on if we are quick we can get a coffee before the feed" Mike urged

"But he has, how you say, ear holes?" Kat was saying to Jules

"Well that's another story, Drew?" Jules queried

"Why not" I slumped into my seat.

So as we drove up to Daun, Kat got the short version of how and why I ended up as Gaby.

"So Drew, you like being a madchen?" Kat asked

"It's not my first choice, I was going to change out of this today but Mike got to us first"

"Well I think it's cool, can we fool the girls?"

"Girls?" I queried

"Yes you know the rennfahrer "

"Oh go on Drew, it'll be fun"

"Yes please Drew" Kat asked

"Ok I guess seeing as I'm already dressed for it"

"You guys ok back there?" Dad asked

"Fine dad"

"Okay, Mike says we'll be there in ten minutes"

The day was warming up as forecast

"I wish I'd got my shorts" I moaned

"I have some you can borrow Drew" Kat offered

She rummaged in her bag and produced a pair of cargo shorts, although girls they were sort of unisex, not too girlie anyhow.

"Thanks, I'll change when we stop"

At least I would be a bit cooler, after all the girls both had skirts on and even Dad and Mike had shorts on. The feed station was based at a café so Mike's promise of a drink was easily fulfilled. There were eight riders in our team, so Mike sorted the musettes so that he dad and Jules had two riders, Kat and I one each. I changed into Kat's shorts and emerged to find the others wearing team t-shirts.

"Here Drew, you can change inside" dad passed me one of the shirts.

"Okay dad" I found the toilet and swapped tops before rejoining the others.

Mike gave us our instructions and we joined the throng of other helpers at the roadside. An Audi with flashing lights sped up the road and slowed while some unintelligible information was passed on, then it sped on.

"The front group is at the bottom of the climb" Mike told us

We could hear car horns and cheering then the lights of the race directors car came into view.

"Ready everyone?" dad asked

"Yep" I replied

Then the cars were past and we could see the riders. There were several cream jerseys in evidence and we positioned ourselves ready. Then all hell let loose as the riders reached us, bikes, bags, runners, a cacophony of sound and then it was over, at least the first wave. Both mum and Maria Pinger were well up there. Jules and Mike still had a bag each; the riders further down the field. The rest of us were able to watch as the next group came through and then we saw the last of our riders through. The field was now fairly strung out and we were packed up and ready to move by the time the last riders went through.

Mike gunned the big Mercedes down the motorway back to Wittlich he estimated we had about twenty minutes before the finish so we had time to get parked and walk across to the crowded finish area. There was a party atmosphere, beer tents, wurst stalls etc., all very German! Kat and I found a spot on the rail; the others stopped nearer the line.

The Audi hurtled up the road lights flashing and tannoy garbling something in German.

"There's a small group in the front, just twenty seconds in advance Drew" Kat translated

"I hope we've got riders there" I had assumed proprietary rights to the team.

"That's the director, George Müller over there" Kat pointed to a guy stood on the opposite rail, seeing her he waved back.

The other cars swept through, lights ablaze, they were close now! I could see George starting to shout, he could see further down the road from his side. Then I caught sight of the riders, about eight of them strung across the road and three were in 'our' squad! Kat recognised her mum and started shouting like mad.

"Pinger! Pinger!"

I couldn't see my mum in the group but the other two team members were on the far side hidden from view. I shouted anyway then as they closed, one of the cream jerseys shot forward, it was mum! Well I went ballistic; everything seemed to go into slow motion. Kats mum was starting to fade just as mine starting easing forward. There was barely a wheel between all of them as they passed us, we were about twenty metres from the line, as I turned to follow the action I could see Mike leaping up and down, mum was now hidden from view. Then it was all over, George was making his way to the line, Mike was still jumping up and down and the commentator was going berserk, I could just make out a jumble of what sounded like names

"Bond, Orthen, Pascali, Pinger, Braun, Friel, Wattens, Talen! Blah blah blah!"

Jenny Bond, regional champion!
Mum was still a bit bewildered at the presentation!!

The main bunch swept in almost unnoticed by me and then we joined the crush toward the line. I saw dad, then I saw mum, then I saw dad pick mum up and hug her! George was joining in Mike was hugging Jules and I could see the other team officials hugging and stuff with the other squad members.

Kat went off in search of her mother and I was swept up by Mike when I reached the group containing my mum.

"She won! She won!" Jules was shouting

Mum and Dad were both crying, as was George!

"... und ersten platz - Jenny Bond auf Apollinaris!" a terrific cheer went up. It was true, mum took the title by half a wheel, the team got third as well with Anja Pascali, Maria came in fourth. With Tina Porsche (no relation!) in fifteenth place, the team prize was theirs as well!

Mum was duly crowned regional champion, they weren't sure what music to play but no one was too upset with the usual German anthem. Afterwards mum gave a couple of interviews with George's help and then finally she got to the showers!

George came and found us while the riders were changing.

"Herr Bond?"

"Dave please" dad requested

"Dave, we will have a big celebration in Bad Neunahr tonight, you and your daughters will come?"

"We will be honoured Herr Muller"

"Please to call me George eh?"

"Where and when?" dad asked

"The Bad Kursaal, Jenny knows where from seeben heure, how do you say it, seven o'clock, it will be a big party!"

"We'll be there"

Mum emerged from the showers with Maria Pinger.

"Mum there's a party tonight!" Jules was still a bit hyper.

"I know, see you later Maria?"

"Of course Jen, I wouldn't miss George throwing a party for anything" there was that tinge of disappointment in her voice but she was trying to be up beat.


"Teuss!" Maria Replied

I waved to Kat as she joined her mum

"See you later Kat"

"Sure Drew" she called back.

We walked mum back to the car; she was stopped several times for handshakes and even autographs before we made it.

"You drive again Dave?"

"Of course luv"

Dad managed to navigate back to the motorway.

"We'll go back via the apartment, I need to pick up a dress for tonight, are you ok Jules?"

"I've brought my long white dress"

"That should be fine, Drew?"


"Have you got something to wear?"


"Drew! I think I've got something that will fit you"

"Why don't I like the way this is going?"

"I told mum about Kat, Drew" Jules informed me.

"And I thought it would be good fun to play up to the others. Go on Drew, pretty please!"

How can you deny your mother when she puts it like that? Mum directed dad to the apartment.

"It would save time if me and Drew get ready here and you and Jules go up to the hotel. You can pick us up about seven ok?"

"Okay luv, but go easy on the lad eh?"

"You know me"

"That's what I'm afraid of!"

So dad and Jules drove back up to the Krone and I joined mum in the small apartment she currently called home.

"Get yourself a shower while I get ready then we'll sort you out"

"Yes mum" I replied

An hour later and mum was just putting the finishing touches to my costume.

"... I won't ask why you were wearing Katia's shorts."

"It was hot and she offered" I stated

"Ok sit still a minute, you don't want mascara everywhere do you?"

A car horn hooted outside.

"That'll be your dad, come on!"

We joined the others for the short drive to the 'Kursaal' and the three 'Bond girls' made their entrance!

I have to say that despite how I was dressed I really enjoyed the party. We had a meal first, and then George made a speech, mum replied in remarkably good German then the celebration started in earnest! The wine and beer started flowing; even Kat, Jules and I were allowed some! Everyone was happy and no one clocked me. The others I hadn't met accepted me as 'Drew as in Barrimore', only my family and Kat knew the truth and she was in on the deceit anyway.

It was late when the party ended, George arranged taxi's for everyone, mum went back to the apartment, the rest of the Bond clan returned to the Krone. Once in bed I had a chance to go over the day. How in hell did I end up being dressed as girl? By my mother! Still what a day eh? Mum winning the championship, meeting Kat, helping Mike and the party to cap it all off. I could almost ignore the fact that neither mum nor dad had been particularly bothered by me wearing girl's clothes. And everyone took me for what they saw, a teenage girl.

Jenny dressed to party
Gaby dressed to party
I was not impressed with wearing a dress tonight!
Juliette dressed to party

Tomorrow will be different I promised myself. Tomorrow I'll be me, Drew, male child of the Bond family!

With that thought I passed into dreamland.

Maddy Bell 01.07.03
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