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Stories without a guidance code contain no sex or violence but may include adult situations.
PG denotes work with some 'adult' content and may be unsuitable for minors,
18 denotes work intended solely for consenting adults, you have been warned!

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Bob was cute!

A Christmas Story First published in late 2003 as an entry in a story competition, (it came 43rd!), this short piece tells the story of Jenny, a young single Mum and how she got where she is. Complete Lulu

Angela = Slave 18 A chance occurrence on a country lane and Angela's world is changed forever. Abduction and bizarre body modification follow, will Angela's world ever be normal again?

Any Job in a Storm 18 This extended work follows our Heroine through a most interesting period of her life. She discovers a new side to herself as well as experiencing many hidden aspects of society including fetishism, bondage and then a much darker aspect - abduction and slavery. (First published on LISA under pen name Anne Dee) All 10 chapters available

Bob 18 When you need to get away from the keyboard for a while - travel! Perhaps you might want to change your lifestyle when you see the possibilities out there!

Change to Live PG A bit of fun dressing up - no problem. But what happens when the mob are after you? Well would you Change to Live ? This three part mini series has something for everyone! All 3 chapters available Lulu

Cheryl Angelica Crabtree Everyone assumed Cheryl was a girl but Cheryl has a secret, he's a boy! Inspired in part by 'A Boy Named Sue' we follow the dysfunctional Crabtree family through several life changing episodes. (well we will when I get time!)

Goth Gaby

Gaby The saga of Drew Aka Gaby, fasten your seatbelts for a tale of teenage angst, cross dressing, sporting excellence and adventure! Some claim eh? This tale follows our hero/heroine as at first very unwillingly he ends up dressed as a girl for a couple of fancy dress events but then... well you'll just have to read on won't you.

The first four books of forty parts each are all available at Sapphires Story pages as well as on the GMS and Big Closet, and most are complete with illustrations! Books five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of the saga are now all posted here on my site and Book eleven is being posted now so there's plenty to read and look forward to!

Read what the critics say about it here. Chapters currently available

The whole of the Gaby story so far, plus much more can be found on the GMS or Gaby Mini Site. The link above will take you right there! And now the first twelve books are all in print, lulu as well as in Kindle format

Jamie and the Peach PG Based loosely on the manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea this new series follows the life and loves of Jamie aka Peaches, a schoolboy with issues! Chapters available book 1 + 6 of book 2 Lulu

Karen 18 What would you do if you woke up with pointy ears, or some unusual body jewellery? Karen tells all when she bumps into an old school chum at a sci-fi convention. Second in an occasional series of Lifestyle stories. Complete

Laces PG An unusual episode in the Nineteenth Century.

Lost in Translation PG I was a bit bored one afternoon on my hols, this is the result! Complete

Luggage Allowance PG This is the intro to a story inspired by my holiday preparations.

Making Ends Meet PG Skint student? Rich boss? Sarah (the student) and Colin (the Boss) start on a journey of discovery. Will Sarah succomb to Colin's fantasies and will he find out anything about himself? Read on and you might find out! Chapters currently available 4

Pippa at Meadowhall

Maddy Here Maddy, you know from the Gaby series, tells you how it is from her point of view. These are the highlights from her diary, well that's what she claims! A light hearted look at Gaby's life from her best girlfriends view, you will need to read Gaby to get the full benefit! Chapters currently available 2

Maggi 18 Intrigued by a strange suit of armour, Maggi becomes Agi and village housewife becomes a damsel in distress (but not dis-dress!) First of an occasional series of Lifestyle stories.(First published as Agi's Full Chastity Suit on Altairboy under pen name Anne Dee) Lulu

Mfanwy Morgan Meet Mfanwy Morgan, young, good looking and staying with her Dad in Wales. Support independent writing: buy this book on Lulu.

Mikaela 18 It started out as just a short break on his own, but when Mike meets Ingrid, somehow Mike became Mikaela and life was never the same again! Lulu

Morag's School Day's Morag is changing schools, to the big secondary in Lochgilphead, which is sure to raise an eyebrow or two! Chapters available 1

Nena The new saga for 2004! Say hi to Chris and his pals as they travel Europe and get into a few scrapes!

Hostess With The Mostest Chris is a tour host with Global, a job he does well. However his mates Julie and Mandy think he gets a raw deal from the passengers so they hatch a plan to sort things out! All 8 chapters available Lulu
Das Ist Normal The return of Chris, Global tour host, or should I say Nena!. After the events of Hostess he vowed never to wear a frock again, but girlfriend Julia came up with a challenge, is Chris man enough for the job? And will he survive the experience? All 8 chapters available Lulu
Jungfrau After the excitement of Chris's second sojourn as Nena, there is an unexpected development at Global. This time he has to embrace being Nena more fully than ever before! All 8 chapters available Lulu
Four Star This time we meet up with Chris and the gang several months after the previous episodes have taken place. It's a simple enough trip but of course Sod's Law comes into play ! All 8 chapters available plus a picture book! Lulu
Nena & The Chris-Less Markets A new seasonal Nena episode, the first chapter was an entry in the 2006 Big Closet Christmas contest. Responding to a company crisis Den and Chris set off to the Christmas Markets... All 3 Chapters available
Special Request Times are hard, belts being tightened and Global decide to branch out into bespoke tours - with Chris at the helm. All 8 chapters available

Passing Out Is a humorous short series that I was encouraged to start a while ago when the 'Human Rights' bandwagon really got going in the UK. Chapters available 1

Photo Opportunity A night out with the gang turns into a nightmare for Lori. Chapters available 1

Raggedy Anne 18 Little girls often like playing with dolls, some big girls do too but that can have some unusual and interesting results! Third in an occasional series of Lifestyle stories. (First published on Gromets Plaza) Complete

Rhod You met Rhod Morgan in Gaby, here he tells his side of the tale as he becomes Pippa for the Easter dance. Then we get to see a different view of the events in Gaby and a few insights too. Chapters currently available 2

Sam an tha After suffering a concussion Sam's girlfriends decide to make him one of the girls - for a short time at least! Chapters currently available 4

School Reunion A short story written for the Big Closet Christmas 2006 competition.

Smokey 18 Arthur McClintock took a monumental decision when his daughter gave birth and Smokey is the result. (Please note that some people may find the content disturbing)

The Archer

And now for something completely different!

Anja and the Druid PG This is the epic Tolkienesque story of Anja and her adventures in a land that is not quite central Europe! A quest, a Druid, a Group of heroes, it's all here including maps to guide you. Chapters currently available 9  Lulu.

Goth Princess PG Jemima works on the local rag, births, deaths and church fete's! But there's a big breaking story and Jem wants a crack at it, problem is that she needs to go undercover, enter Badg! But can our new Goth Princess make the grade and get the story? Now with hidden images! Chapters currently available 1

Pendenicks PG Another world, another time - when tragedy befalls a family holiday it finally lands on Agnetha Pendenick's shoulders to find and rescue her older sisters from their fates. But things are never quite what they appear! All 6 Chapters now available.

Time For A Change PG Elke Jones is a Time technician, a good job, no hassle and the boss is quite cute too! So how come she's now on the run with her boss and two sisters from mysterious H'llam? This is one of my early Sci-Fi stories, should it go on? Complete Lulu

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