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Angela = Slave

Changed 1

He had seen the girl several times, usually she was with a group of other youngsters, but once or twice he had seen her walking out toward Ellingham on her own. She was, he guessed about 17 or 18, not a stunning beauty but fair enough, her shoulder length blonde hair usually in a ponytail. It was really a spur of the moment thing, not planned beyond a bit of daydreaming, but when opportunity occurred he seized it.

The morning was foggy, not just close but visibility was down to a few metres, so he was quite surprised when his headlights picked out the body in the road. It was the girl, the victim of a hit and run in the fog, he had done first aid for his work at the pharmaceutical factory, so he checked her over. She was breathing fine and a quick check revealed no broken bones, it must have been a glancing blow in the gloom that had deposited her at the side of the road and knocked her out. With every intention of taking her to the hospital over in Minster, he carefully put her in the back of his car.

He found her bag on the verge and a quick look inside revealed plenty about her. Her name was Angela Cole, she was actually 20 years old, her address book revealed she lived on her own and a dole card revealed she was currently not working or at college. It was then that his daydreams started to take a material life, no other traffic had passed the scene and she would probably not be missed very quickly, 'hey' he thought 'lets do it!'

Finding his mobile he made a quick call to work to make his excuses, then turned round and drove home to his house just outside Bexham. The girl was still unconscious and he wanted her to stay that way for some time. With the fog, even someone at the end of his garden couldn't see him as he carried her inside the house. As he often fantasised about doing this he had accumulated some stuff, some purloined from work, other items via mail order to his PO box, he was essentially shy and some of this stuff was a bit embarrassing for guy to go buy. First job was to ensure her continued sleep and after again checking her vitals, he administered a couple of sleeping tablets which, he knew from tests at work, would keep her out for @ ten hours, he noted the time, 9.45am Tuesday, March 10th.

He carried her up to his guestroom, laid her on the bed and closed both the blind and curtains, as the room faced a field, no one would notice this as strange. First job was to strip her; he carefully removed coat, boots, skirt, jumper, t-shirt, socks, tights, bra and finally panties. He put them all carefully into a holdall then started removing her jewellery, a couple of finger rings, watch, charm bracelet, two pairs of gold hoops in each ear and a St Christopher. Lastly he removed her belly ring and the scrunchie holding her hair up. All this he placed in a self-seal bag and put into the holdall.

He looked her over carefully now, she was only about 5'6" but she was quite trim although not athletically, it was obviously diet. She wore basic make up but no nail varnish and her skin showed the remains of last year's tan. Looking but not expecting he was happily surprised to find her a virgin, she would be his eternal virgin now. He found his digital camera and took several 'before' shots, being careful to write protect them.

Before he could go further he had a messy job to do, remove her hair, not just body but head as well. To make it easier he fetched his clippers and in just six strokes reduced her shoulder length hair to a number one and, placed the locks in another plastic bag that found a home in the holdall. Next he found the pot of experimental hair remover, still in development, tests showed it to work very well and inhibit re-growth by several months rather than the usual weeks. This was going to be tricky but he manoeuvred Angela into the shower and with a length of sash cord tied her to the plumbing so she was half hanging from the wall. Using rubber gloves, he liberally coated her from head to toe and every possible crevice in the remover then watched fascinated as the hairs started to curl and die. Ten minutes later he started to rinse the caustic mixture off, hair; eyebrows, pubes and even eyelashes disappeared down the drain leaving the most hairless human being possible.

He carefully dried his victim off and then carefully massaged moisturiser all over her very naked body. Another set of pictures was called for before he went any further. The next stage of the treatment required a large bowl of henna and plastic sheets. Laying her out cruciform he then used the henna to paint intricate designs over all of her exposed skin to effectively give her a full body henna tattoo. As the longevity of the results depended on cure time, he did one side at a time and by the time he finished rinsing the mixture off her back it was nearly 4pm. She had developed a bruise on her temple but she continued to show no bad signs after her accident.

He admired his handiwork and concluded that his hairless, naked, tattooed hostage looked better than he had thought possible. The camera recorded each and every red stain on her skin and then it was time to move on to the difficult and potentially hazardous bit. His second hand autoclave had been going most of the afternoon and so he now donned surgical gloves and prepared his piercing tools.

First job was to do both nipples. The needle was quickly through the left nipple then he inserted the tapered resizing bar and pushed through to give a generous five millimetre hole which then received a clever double tube. Her flesh would grow through the outer fine mesh whilst the solid inner wall would leave the piercing always open. He repeated carefully the procedure on the other breast and applied a good dose of antiseptic cream.

Next to receive attention was her cute little nose. He placed a breathing tube into her mouth, as he needed to close her nose while he worked on it. Carefully he pushed the needle through one nostril then clean through her septum and out through the other nostril. A bar then replaced the needle with a screwed ball at each end, when he released her nostrils; the balls sat snugly in the crease of each nostril. On a whim he decided on a couple more holes in her nose, first a second, lower septum piercing, this time using a lock plate, which when fitted was not removable and kept a 5mm hole open. Then each nostril received a second hole held open with a barbell.

Her sex was next to get attention. He carefully laid the pierced stainless steel plate over her clit and marked where to place her next new holes. Soon she had a dozen new piercings, each lip used one plate with six posts welded to it and these now stood out through her flesh. The outer plate covered her sex fully and once snugged over the posts allowed no contact with that area. The posts were each set in a countersunk hole then cut off, the cut creating a spade that prevented them pulling back through the holes. Then carefully he dropped a blob of steel paste into each hole, added the catalyst and just ten minutes later the plate was well and truly perma-fixed.

She appeared to be waking up as he waited so Angela was dosed with the sleeping pills for another fifteen-hour stint, plenty of time to finish up.

Using his Dremel he carefully cleaned off the excess steel paste and soon the plate appeared to have no fixing method. The next bit was a bit fiddly too. He had made two shallow shells, one for each ear, pierced so she would still be able to hear by a small cluster of holes like a phone ear piece, they completely covered the ear and were held in place by more piercings. When finished they were intended to sit flush against her skull but it took over an hour before he had them fitted to his satisfaction and again cold welded in place.

The last thing he had equipped himself for was quite barbaric and he nearly balked at following through but with a stiff drink inside him he forged ahead. Using forceps he pulled her tongue out of her mouth and placed a large piercing needle in the centre. With a quick push the needle passed through and in a couple of minutes her already swelling tongue sported a largish barbell. He was now in control of a temporarily mute virgin, with a full body henna tattoo, who was really having a bad hair day.

He was by no means through yet and after another session with the camera he started on the next stage. First he used superglue to fix three fingers of each hand together leaving just thumb and index finger free. This would reduce her ability to grip things well but that didn't really matter to him. Using the same medium he then fixed a metal sole to each foot, these were shaped so that although her toes could bend the rest of her foot was held as though wearing 5" heels.

The last body modification to be fitted was a butt plug, but a plug with a difference. Unlike the usual design this was little more than a hollow flange through which waste could pass but which was normally closed by a screw cap. The other feature of this arrangement was the ability to screw other items into it as the whim took him. Before fitting she received an enema and then it was pushed into place and superglued to her rectum.

Now he had time for a couple of hours sleep before finishing the initial transformation.

He awoke and again marvelled at his creation then took a few more photos before embarking on the last part. He wasn't due in to work until 11am today so he had a good five hours. He started by fixing her nails; carefully shaping and painting each one so that she sported a full set of perfect bright red finger and toe nails. The next bit was going to be more difficult but by using the newly installed butt plug and some judicious use of rope he got her arranged. Carefully he then applied black liquid latex, in not just a couple of coats but six in all. By the time he had done from her neck to toes was encased fully in shiny latex. Even her metal soles, and clit plate were covered leaving her a shiny mannequin.

He left her head till last as he had an extra touch to fit, in the way of black contact lenses before her head too received a good layer of latex, even her lips, only the silver of her nose decorations breaking the gloss black. Then he selected two four centimetre rings and fitted one to each nipple piercing so they hung shiny against the ebon breasts. He had an hour before he had to leave, just long enough to finish up.

First he prepared the rubber clothing with talc, then carefully dressed Angela in a full outfit of latex on top of her latex 'skin'. Pants, corset stockings, full-length gloves and a skating style dress. He finished the outfit off with a pair of six inch stilettos with ankle locks, a locking collar with three 'd' rings, then the coup de grace, a rubber hood laced tightly over her head.

Time was clocking on, so now the preparation was complete he carried the abused body down stairs into the cellar, which as usual was just about empty. He put a couple of blankets on the floor and laid the girl on them, then he fetched a long length of chain which he locked to her collar and bolted to an eye in the wall farthest from the stairs. She would be able to explore her prison, even eat and drink. He quickly removed a few last items upstairs and fetched a tray with orange juice and fruit, plus a bucket for toilet. He left the single bare bulb on as he left, carefully bolting and locking the door. In the living room he set the video system so he could view later, then set off for work.

Changed 2

God how she hated having to walk everywhere. No buses served her village and with no job there was no way she could afford a car or take taxi's, so it was shanksies into town even on this disgusting foggy morning. Well at least she had her walkman, she turned the volume up and walked along on autopilot, she never even heard the car as it came up behind her on the narrow lane, it's door mirror catching catching her bag strap as it passed. It happened so fast, the sudden pull, the spinning round, loss of balance and the scream as she hit the road and unconscious.

She almost came round with a sensation of movement but she lapsed back into the darkness of her subconscious. A couple of times, her brain sensed pain but she remained in the dark for a significant time before her brain managed to get back into gear. Things were a bit fuzzy; she was lying on some blankets, apparently on a floor somewhere. Angela sat herself up, her head still a bit fuzzy and looked around her. It looked like a particularly clean cellar, the walls were painted, the concrete ceiling too was painted and the floor was smooth concrete.

There was a mirror on one wall and a tray with food below it, on the other side was a bucket. It was then that she noticed her legs, well they appeared to be her legs. She was not wearing her own clothes, most definitely not. This stuff was made of rubber, black rubber and those shoes, god those heels are enormous. What the hell is going on here? It was when she got up that she discovered the chain and a muffled shout alerted her to other problems, a swollen and pierced tongue!

Using the wall to balance she made her way to the mirror where a black rubber woman confronted her. What the hell had happened, was this some nightmare, if it was she wanted to wake up soon.

The visage she looked at was bizarre; everything was shiny black rubber, from the hood covering her head to the flared skirt. She realised even the eyes were black, there was no white visible at all, it was like looking into two pits. She opened her mouth and tried to scream again as the reality hit her, she now had a lump of metal through her tongue. In a panic she grappled with the hoods, closures and after a struggle pulled it clear to reveal an even shinier rubber head, devoid of features other than some steel balls on her nose, a quick feel confirmed they were piercings, and she no longer had ears!

The collar was locked but she realised that she could take most of the rest off and started to do so. First things revealed were here newly pierced nipples; the rubber was seamless as though she had been dipped into a vat of the stuff. She realised the shoes were locked on too and hence the stockings but she got the pants off to discover her sexless pubic area and something weird going on in her behind. The corset had to stay too; she couldn't undo the laces with her semi-mobile hands.

She started to cry to herself, 'what the hell was going on, where am I? Who has done this to me? How do I get this rubber skin off? Can I get this rubber skin off? What's going to happen to me?' She realised that this was not going to end quickly, she spotted the food again, and at least she wasn't going to starve.

She ate from the tray then examined herself more closely in the mirro.r She hadn't had a great voice but more than anything else this treatment really pissed her off. Exploring her head more thoroughly she realised that she probably still sported ears, something was however covering them, something quite solid. Somehow her fingers were fixed together, which was a bit strange, but no more than the rest of her treatment.

Moving lower she again felt her crotch area, but there was just no sensation and she was entirely featureless, no sign of the lips of her sex at all. Her rear was just the same, no hole just something solid where it should be, and something was definitely inside her, she could feel it when she walked. She guessed she could live with the piercings, she had even toyed with having her nipples done a while back and noses, well lots of people had nose rings. She searched carefully but could find no seam to the rubber, it truly was as though she had been immersed in a vat of the stuff, and it literally was a second skin.

The chain which linked her to the wall was solid steel but it was long enough for her to explore what was obviously a cellar. She didn't need to get to the door to know it would be locked, anyone going to these ends would take that simple precaution. She wasn't sure how long she had been unconscious, but surely she would be missed, searches made and a rescue completed. Wouldn't it? But who would miss her? It could be several days before her family and friends missed her, it was nearly two weeks to signing on, she rarely saw her neighbours and she didn't think the doctor would report her missing over a missed appointment. Shit!

She drew the blankets about her and rocked herself to sleep.

When he returned from work he used the video camera to check on his captive. She had removed some of the clothing, but he noted that she still wore the corset squeezing her into a delightful rubber hourglass. The food was also gone so she had at least got an appetite. Time now to sort out a few loose ends before the inevitable face to face.

By some bizarre quirk of fate everything was going decidedly his way. The authorities had recovered a woman's body from the sea, there was no identification and they had issued a photofit to try to get an id. That photofit was a spit for Angela. A quick trip to the coast to seed a few belongings and no one would be looking for her. The body was actually that of a young Latvian who had been trying to get into the UK by stowing away on a containership. Thinking she had been discovered mid Channel she leapt into the water where she drowned and disappeared, in fact none of the crew knew of the tragedy.

'Ah slave, I see you are awake'

The rubberised girl watched as the man descended the stairs, she had already decided her best route lay in co-operation so she stayed sat on her blanket.

'and being co-operative. Welcome to your new home, you will be my guest for some time to come'

She mutely watched him

'Cat got your tongue? Oh no it's me!' and 'Sorry about that but I got a bit carried away'

She slumped inside as it dawned on her that she was the prisoner of this madman and getting out alive might not be too likely. Still she held her resolve and just watched him as he joined her in the cellar proper.

'I guess you want to know how you came to be here, well, you were knocked down by a car and I rescued you. You are perhaps thinking of people missing you, a rescue even. I'm sorry but that just isn't going to happen, you see your body was washed up near Whitstable yesterday afternoon and your mother has identified you. So you see no one is going to look for you let alone mount a rescue!'

That did finally make her break, her shoulders slumped but he detected some doubt of his words.

'You don't believe me eh? Hmm I guess you deserve to see it for yourself'

With that he ascended the stairs and re-locked the door. A few minutes later he returned with a short leash and what she recognised as arm restraints. Deciding that co-operation was still the best way to survive she allowed her arms to be locked behind her before he replaced the chain with the leash.

'Up you go' he urged her toward the stairs. The stiletto heels caused her some problems but he steadied her when she lost her balance and soon she was in a hallway of what looked like an average semi. She was guided into an average looking living room, the curtains were drawn, the room lit by various lamps set on tables and shelves.

'Kneel there' he motioned to a rug in front of the TV. He then produced more chain with which he attached her to the fire grate, she wasn't going anywhere. He now busied himself with the TV and video controllers allowing her to check the room out some. The furnishings were quite new, nothing flash but comfortable. Bookcases stood along one wall, a desk with a PC took up space in front of the window, an expensive stereo system resided next to the TV and there were literally piles of stuff all over, magazines, CD's, catalogues, books, but surprisingly no discarded crockery or takeaways.

'Watch this'

She focused her attention on the screen as the videotape started playing; it was a recording of the local regional news.

'...and the police announced a few minutes ago that the woman's body found at Whitstable on Tuesday has today been identified as Angela Cole, aged 20 from Ellingham.' The screen showed a picture of her taken last Christmas at her parents. 'It is thought she was depressed after a period of unemployment' the screen flicked to another story and her captor turned the video off.

'That was this evenings news, so now you know, you're officially dead'

That was the straw that broke the camels' back, she collapsed into a weeping heap. He left her to her misery and returned somewhile later with two plates of food, one of which he placed beside her. He obviously wasn't as callous as his treatment so far indicated. She watched from her crouched position as he sat at the table with his plate and tucked in. pulling herself together she sat up and looked at the food he had left, sausage and chips.

'Eat up while it's hot, you're not a veggie or anything are you'

She shook her head, what odds now if she was.

'Look at it this way, now I'm your guardian, you're my responsibility. You get fed and clothed, I don't even want to rape you or anything. All you have to do is follow instructions, a bit of housework and I look after you. To be honest I didn't plan it this way, but as they say 'shit happens''

She finished the food off, after all he was right she didn't really want to die and if she played along at least there was always a chance of escape.

'You gonna play ball? Otherwise I will have to find a buyer, I hear the Moroccans like western women' the last was meant as a threat but it came over very half hearted. She nodded her head to agree to his terms.

'Ok here are the rules, first you are now to respond to 'slave', Angela is dead, officially. Second, I set the rules; you follow them without delay, as your owner I will control every aspect of your life, if I say jump, you jump. Those are the rules, you understand?' She nodded in reply.

'Right lets get you out of the rubber, I want you to appreciate fully your position.' He led her upstairs to the bathroom where he removed her remaining garments leaving her stood wearing nothing but a coat of rubber. He carefully dug into the rubber and she felt cool air touch her skin as he pulled at it.

'Ok the bathrooms yours for half an hour, then I'm back'

He left, locking the door behind him.

She found the tear and following his lead she pulled the rubber aside. It came away in sheets and soon she noticed the patterns covering her skin. 'Shit he's tattooed me as well'. With a sigh she got into the shower to wash the rest of the rubber off. Afterward she checked herself out. She was completely hairless, only the red tattoos covered her and they were everywhere including her face. Metal plates that seemed fixed in place covered her ears by some hidden mechanism. A similar arrangement covered her sex and further investigation revealed there was some kind of plug in her behind. The hot water had allowed her to separate her fingers, somewhat painfully it has to be said, however the plates on the soles of her feet were going nowhere keeping her on her toes.

The door opened and she grabbed for a towel.

'Ah good, you've discovered your other surprises, don't be bashful, remember I've seen it all before'

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