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Sam an tha
Part 1


'Not again Sam'

'You're not too good at this are you boyo'

'I'll say he's not, that's three out of the last four hands.'

It wasn't Sam's day. Here he was with three good looking girls playing strip pontoon, it wasn't a difficult game and he stood a realistic chance of bedding one of them, but only if he won. And so far he had mucked his chances up big style, they had all started with an equal number of garments, that is ten items and he was down to four already. By comparison Emma was still fully dressed, Julie had lost three and 'Manda was down to six. How they came to be playing in Julie's parents country cottage still surprised Sam, the invite came out of the blue although he often hung out with the girls and they seemed to enjoy his company. With the invite it was obvious that they had further designs on his body and it wasn't all platonic!

The next couple of hands went a bit better, Emma lost a shoe and 'Manda had her cardigan on the pile of discarded clothing. However it wasn't long before Sam's clothing was down to his underpants. A streak of luck on his part actually had the girls nearly as naked as him, Emma was still winning with four garments, 'Manda had pants and bra and Julie was in body, one stocking and suspender belt.

'Twist' twelve

'Twist' a two, one card left should he go for it erm...

'Twist', bugger, an eight


'Come on big boy, get them keks off'

'In your own time Sam'

Ah well, in for a penny, Sam stood up and eased his pants off, true to form the girls heckled and verbally abused his manhood until he stood stark naked in front of them.

'Lets get the game finished and we can have some fun'

'Can I at least sit down Emma?'

'Ok but remember, winner takes all!'

This caused some hilarity

'You can deal Sam'


Julie was next to join the naked ranks and soon after a pant wearing Emma was declared the winner. This was cause for celebration and rather than an orgy it turned into a naked and drunken cushion fight. Eventually they all collapsed into a mass of naked flesh and one by one dropped into a state of slumber.

Frantic shaking from Manda broke Sam's slumber.

'Quick, there's a fire'

'Grab the clothes'

'Julie, come on

They stumbled to a halt at the end of the garden and turned to survey the cottage that by now was pretty much all in flames.

'Shit, the car'

Their transport was still by the back door and in imminent danger from the flames.

'Where are the keys?'

'I left them in last night'


Sam ran round the cottage just in time to be caught in a blast from the kitchen. Seeing him go down Emma and Julie ran to Sam while Manda went to rescue the car.

'He's coming round'

'Thank heaven'

Sam opened his eyes to find the girls looking down at him, now at least partially dressed.

'You had us worried there'

'What happened?

'The propane heater blew up and you were caught in the blast'

'The car?'

'Manda managed to move it, it got a bit scorched but at least we can get back to civilisation now your awake'

He sat up and to his embarrassment found he was still naked.

'I'll get dressed and we can go.'

'Erm we have a problem there Sam. I grabbed the pile of clothes but I lost some on the way out and it was nearly all yours'


Julie presented him with what was left, one sock, one shoe and his wallet

'Your wallet must have dropped out of your pocket when you took your trousers off, it was in my shoe'

'I can't go into town naked!'

'I've got a bit of stuff in the car boot, just for emergencies like. Might not be your style but till we get home it will have to do.'

'I guess beggars can't be choosy, cheers Manda'

Well Manda hadn't been kidding. The emergency kit comprised a Lycra tube dress, pants and a pair of trainers.

'You better have my sweater too' Julie offered

Sam wanted to list all the reasons he couldn't wear the dress, but in the circumstances what choice had he.

'Ok then, but no wise cracks'

Julie fetched her sweater; the chunky pink one with a satin heart embroidered on the back. Sam winced. At least the pants were like a pair of white Speedo's even if he was unused to the body-hugging feel of the black dress. The dress reached to just above the knee but even so Sam was still shivering despite the furry jumper.

'His legs are blue'

'There's some hold-ups in the glove compartment'

'I'll get them'

Emma returned brandishing the hose and despite his protestations, insisted on putting the black nylons on him, before putting the trainers on.

'Whoops, I forgot those trainers were so girlie'

Sam looked at his feet and winced at the bright pink footwear.

'Ah well, lets get organised and off home, I need to get out of this clobber.'

'Ah don't be bashful, you look sweet'

First job was to call the fire brigade, everyone's mobiles had gone up in the flames and the nearest phone was a couple of miles away. They left the still smouldering cottage and headed towards the phone box. Manda phoned the fire service first then Julie rang to break the news to her parents, who whilst upset at the loss were at least on the face of it, more concerned that they were all ok.

Sam was anxious to get back to his flat and clothes but at best it was a four-hour drive back across middle England. The conversation was to say the least a little muted, Sam sat in one corner huddled in Julie's sweater, Julie herself asleep on the other side, while Emma and Manda, the conversation confined to directions.

'There's a chuf in about a mile, lets stop and get some breakfast' Emma checked the back seat passengers who were now both well asleep. 'We'll wake those two when we get there'

'Come on guys, wakey wakey, time for brekky'

'Uh. Oh sure'


'Oh er yeah'

'We must look a right mess, first stop the lav's'

None of the girls even gave Sam more than a glance, and he himself was oblivious to his state of dress. There were a couple of other cars in the car park but it was still pretty early and everyone had that bleary look in their eyes. The three girls dived straight into the ladies; Sam sought the gents,

'Sorry miss, you want next door'

Sam still half-asleep obediently turned and went through the adjoining door into the ladies. Funny, it's all closets; he shrugged his shoulders and headed for a stall. He must have dozed for a minute, long enough at least that the girls were waiting outside when he emerged.

'Sam, you look a sight, here let me' The still dazed Sam stood obediently while Emma brushed his hair, fussed with his clothes a bit and did something round his eyes, felt like cleaning them. Somehow it hadn't clicked with Sam what he was wearing; the others by now were thinking mischief. The clean up from Emma was in fact a bit of eyeliner and some diamante hairgrips.


'Sure, I need coffee'

'Hi girls, what'll it be?

'Four breakfasts, one veggie, two teas and two coffees' Emma ordered

'And fruit juice' Julie chimed in

'Ok ladies, about five minutes, I'll bring it over'


The middle aged waitress disappeared to the kitchen and the four of them located a window table. Sam was obviously a bit concussed and a mutual gleam went between the girls, they could have some fun with this situation.

'Instead of going straight back let's go down to the coast'

'Great idea Mand, I'm up for it'


'Why not'

'You up for it Sam?'

Sam was sure there was a reason to get home but all he could think of was clothes.

'I could do with a bit of air'

'Ok then, it's settled'

Breakfast then turned up and the conversation was drowned in a flurry of eating and drinking. Another round of drinks later they were ready to leave.

'Take care girls'

'We will, we've got action Sam here'

The waitress looked a little puzzled, there were just the four girls and none of them looked particularly an action girl, least of all the one they referred to as Sam.

Once they were on the move again, Sam was quickly asleep.

'We can have some fun here girls'

'I'm not sure, he's obviously concussed still'

'Yeah but what a chance'


'We come clean before we get back home, it'll be fun'

'Ok but it ends on the way home, we'll get him some clothes later'

'Sure Em, but we need a plan'

While Sam slept a fitful sleep the girls planned their mischief. By the time they got to the coast, Sam had undergone a full manicure and pedicure, his shoulder length hair was in two braids and the make up job was completed. He even sported breasts courtesy of Julie's enhancer bra, he didn't have much facial hair and what he had was plucked clean, somehow he slept through all the attention.

'Sam, wake up, we're there'


'The sea Sam, you remember?'


'At breakfast we decided on a day at the sea'

'Oh yeah sure'

It was quite bizarre really, they knew he was a bloke, but everyone else saw a slightly gawky girl, they weren't sure what Sam thought. Although at toilets Sam headed for the gents subconsciously, the others subtly redirected him somehow managing to avoid mentioning sex in the conversations. By mid afternoon he was taking himself into the ladies, although for some reason he felt a bit uncomfortable doing so.

An out of town mall provided some retail therapy, the ring leader Manda insisted on buying Sam some strappy sandals with a three inch heel, the others joined the 'fun' by supplying Sam with a top and skirt from Top Shop and a pair of control pants. A change session later Sam's manhood was concealed and if there was any doubt earlier there was none now. He took to the heels like a duck to water and they were soon back to a fun afternoon, the girls keeping the conversation as neutral sex wise as they could.

Emma was now getting a bit heady and was really into the charade. Seeing a tattoo parlour she came up with an idea.

'Hey guys, lets get a tattoo'

Manda already sported one and was quick to support the idea.

'Hey great idea'

'Whoa, count me out'

'Come on Jules, what 'bout you Sam?'

'Only if Jules does'

'How about it then Jules?'

'Oh what the heck'

An hour and a half later they all sported new body art, the same tattoo circling their navels ' Amanda, Julie, Emma, Samantha' with an interweaving vine in green. The wearer's name was done in red at the top, the others in blue below. Emma got a second nose stud next to her first and Sam was persuaded to get his ears done. If the tattoo guy noticed anything odd he didn't say anything and Sam if anything was now really acting his part.

Late afternoon they returned to the car to head back home.

'You ok Sam?'

'Fine, just a bit queasy'

'Why don't you have a nap'

'Great idea'

Sam was asleep before they were out of the car park.

'When do we come clean Mand?'

'Soon I guess'

'Do we have to just yet' Julie put in

'I thought you were against the idea earlier' '

Well it has turned out rather fun, I mean we've got him toilet trained' a round of soft chuckles ' so far he hasn't the foggiest and he's got a tattoo which is going to be kinda difficult to explain, we can lose the earrings but that's pretty permanent'

'Perhaps we went a bit far with that'

'We got them too'

'I guess'

'What you got in mind then Julie?'

'Well, there's no classes this week so unless he snaps out of it we keep it going till next weekend, he can stay in your spare room Em' and we do a better job on concealment and that, have some fun'

'Em, you up for this? It's your room'

'Ok guys, count me in'

'Right then we need to do some planning while sleeping beauty is out of it.'

Julie and Manda had a fair bit of shopping to do, leg wax, hair colour, a visit to the local sex shop supplied a couple of other items and a few bits of cheap jewellery and stuff finished off. Emma had done her bit as well, a couple of sleeping tablets had Sam deep into a world of slumber so that when the others arrived just after ten next morning, Sam was already plucked and with some effort bathed. Manda being a medical student was in charge of the next bit, she fitted Sam with a catheter and with some help from Emma fitted his equipment into the latex pant. This was a work of art, designed for transvestites; it concealed all the male gear and was finished with a quite realistic female arrangement. The pant was glued in place, the catheter arranged so peeing could be done a la femme and then they set too on the rest of him.

Emma and Julie waxed arms and legs; Manda dyed his mousy hair an almost white blonde and fitted a pair of blue contacts that Emma bought on impulse a while ago. A 'borrowed' pair of mastectomy replacement breasts was glued in place and Sam was now Samantha. To help things along he was togged out in a pair of Julie's pj's and they put him back in bed. Rather than buy some new clothes, they each donated some stuff for his wardrobe, after all that would be more realistic than all new stuff.

He slept through into the afternoon when Emma woke him

'Come on sleepy, the others are here'


'Come on get dressed'  Sam

Sam sensed something was not right but couldn't place it, he recalled the trip to the coast, checked his tattoo, he couldn't really remember much before that though. The clothes seemed a bit unfamiliar but hey they must be his they were in his room after all. He pulled on a body, a new pair of tights from the drawer, the long denim skirt and the pink jumper. Shoes? The t-bars with the three-inch heels would be ideal. Was his hair really that bright, guess so, he brushed his hair admired the diamond studs, Manda had put in that morning and emerged into the living room.

'Bout time Sam'

'What's the rush?'

They all chorused together


'The film starts in an hour and we have to get to the multiplex.'

'Coffee first'

'Here, you drink, I'll do your hair'

When they left the flat Sam once again had braids, albeit now white and some basic makeup.

Will the adventure continue? Watch this space!

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