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Sam an tha

Part 2

The three girls nearly dragged Sam down to Manda's battered and slightly scorched old Volvo and assumed their usual seats. They drove the couple of miles to the multiplex, the girls careful to keep the conversation on safe ground. Sam for his part, was a bit confused still, I mean everything seemed fine, these were her clothes and these were her friends but there was something niggling at the back of his mind.

Emma looked at her friend, he really did look cute sat there playing with his braids and biting his lip while he watched the view out of the window.

"Penny for 'em Sammy" Emma addressed her new girlfriend

"Oh just daydreaming"

The others had already agreed on a line to follow

"Boys!" they chorused

"Am not! It's just that I can't remember past yesterday"

"Blondes!" Julie stated

"Seriously! I mean I remember yesterday but what were we doing before that?" Sam asked the car

"You're serious aren't you?" Emma asked

"Yes" he/she stated

"Well you remember going to my parents cottage?" Julie was testing to see where they could go.


"Oh boy, Sammy we went to my parents cottage and there was a fire" Julie started

"You were knocked out," Emma added

"We didn't think there was anything wrong though, you were ok straight after" Manda finished

"You want to go for a check up at the hospital" Julie was going for the double bluff.

"No, no, I'll be ok I guess, probably a bit shaken up still" Sam replied

Manda and Em exchanged a glance while Julie tried to give Sam a hug that she tried to return through the seat belts.

They arrived at the cinema and found a parking spot only a few yards from the entrance.

"I have to go" Sam stated

"Me too" Mand added and went with him.

He subconsciously was heading for the gents, a possibility the girls had thought of hence his escort. Manda steered her charge through the right door and watched him into a stall.

Sam was confused. He sat to relieve himself but that didn't seem right? 'Girls always sit' he told himself as his bladder emptied, 'only guys stand up, they have a willy after all and I don't' he concluded. It made sense to wipe so he didn't stain his panties but he felt sort of numb down there, not much feeling at all.

"You drowned in there?" Mand called

"Just coming" he replied redressing himself and flushing.

"I thought you'd fallen asleep again"

"Just taking my time Mand"

When they rejoined the others they joined the queue and impatiently waited for tickets.

"Four students for screen five please" Julie requested of the cashier

"Cards please"

They all hunted in their bags for their NUS cards

"I can't find mine" Sam stated

"You'd lose your head Sam, let me look" Em suggested

Well of course there was no card or for that matter other ID.

"You must have left it in your other bag"

The cashier looked at the girls, the queue and back again. The girl with the wrong bag was pretty cute, especially with those braids. He made his decision.

"Ok girls don't worry, but next time make sure you bring it eh?"

"Thanks" Sam replied giving him a smile of relief

She really was cute when she smiled the cashier thought.

Julie got the tickets and they headed for the refreshments. They stocked up on pick and mix, diet Pepsi and nachos and already eating, headed toward screen five.

At least with a chick flick there weren't a load of teenage boys tossing popcorn about. While the others seemed to empathise with the heroine Sam found himself taking the guys part - was that weird or what. In the sex scenes he again imagined he was the bloke making love to the girl, 'perhaps I'm a lesbian' he chuckled to himself.

An hour and a half later they re emerged into the sunlight and headed for the banged up Volvo.

"You guys still coming round for dinner tonight?" Julie asked

"Sure" Manda replied first

"Sammy?" she queried

"I guess"

"Oh come on Sam, I'm going" Emma stated

"I'll pick you up" Mand offered

"Okay, I'll come" Sam agreed

They dropped Julie off at her flat and Sam and Em were soon 'home' too after arranging for Mand to collect them at six thirty.

"What are you going to wear tonight?" Emma asked

"This?" Sam suggested

"For a pretty girl you are such a ditz!" Emma stated, "come on lets have a look in your wardrobe."

The wardrobe was, for a girl, empty. Emma kept her overflow in it and that had been supplemented with some donations from the others.

"How about this?"

"Too short!"

"Too heavy!"

"It's beige!"

"Come on Sam there must be something?" Em was enjoying this

"You choose"

"Blondes! Well how about this" She brandished a long dress, sleeveless with a breast emphasising cut.

"Erm" Sam was feeling a bit uncomfortable with this but why? She didn't know.

"Come on Samantha, it's perfect" Emma stated

"Okay then"

"Right you get dressed and I'll come back and help you with your make up"

Sam stripped to his underwear, checking out his tattoo 'cute, perhaps I'll get another one sometime' he mused. 'Hmm I really should put some nicer lingerie on' Emma had already seeded the underwear draw with an underwired bra with lacy cups and matching pants. Sam was very open to suggestion and immediately decided on the set then decided he needed some matching legwear.

"Emma, have you got some tights I can borrow?"

'Things are going pretty good' Emma thought to herself before replying

"Here you are" she tossed some glossy 10 den through the door.


Sam finished dressing and finished it off with a pair of strappy sandals that were under the bed.

"You leaving your hair like that?" Emma asked returning to Sam's room

"Well I think so" Sam in truth had gotten used to his braids

"That style certainly suits you, come on lets sort your makeup out"

The pipping of a car horn outside heralded Manda's return.

"Come on Sam, Manda's here!"


They joined their friend in her car.

"Nice dress Sam" Manda offered

"Thanks, but Emma had to pick it..."

"She couldn't make her mind up" Em stated

Manda set off towards Julie's place

"Oh I forgot" Manda exclaimed, "we need to take some booze"

"There's an offy in Marshall Street" Sam offered

It only took a couple of minutes to reach the off-licence.

"Sam can you get it?" Emma asked

"Sure, what shall I get?"

"One of those big bottles of fizzy wine" Manda suggested


"Sam you might need this" Manda passed him a purse, "I found it on the floor under my seat" she explained.

In reflex Sam checked the contents, a few pounds, bankcards, NUS card and a student bus pass.

"Won't be long" Sam headed for the shop

"Well?" Manda asked

"Well what? If you mean has he twigged at all I don't think so. Leastways he's not said anything - he even asked for some tights and I checked, he's got that lacy bra set on too."

"Cool" Manda giggled

"I take it you sorted the ID out?"

"Yeah, I scanned mine and then mocked one up for Sam, the picture sort of looks like him, as much as ours do" Manda told her

"What about the others?" Emma pursued

"They're all Sam's own, none of them have a picture and just initials so she can even use her Visa card!" Manda informed her friend.

"Shush, she's coming back!"

Sam rejoined his girlfriends in the car brandishing a two-litre bottle of Lambrusco.

"Ta da! This should liven things up!" he/she stated

The others just rolled their eyes at each other. It took another ten minutes to get to Julie's during which they discussed the film they had seen earlier. Sam kept to himself how he felt and just went along with the others comments.

"Hiya!" Julie greeted them

"Hi" the others replied in series

Spying the bottle in Sam's arms Julie continued

"Let's get that bottle opened, dinner won't be long"

Julie's flat was little more than a glorified bedsit really. The bedroom was en-suit and the kitchen shared the same space as the lounge cum study. It was little surprise therefore that the cooking fumes permeated the whole room.

"Em there's glasses in that cupboard, I'll dish up and bring it in."

The three girls and Sam were soon eating spag bol and knocking back the Lambrusco, only Manda showing restraint, she was driving after all. The girls regularly had these 'dinner' parties, being students it helped spread the cost; the bottle was saved for special events.

After clearing the table they started listening to Cd's while dissecting the latest 'Elle'. Sam found himself enjoying the banter; it just seemed so natural. About eleven Manda broke things up.

"Come on guys, if you want a lift I'm going"

"Oh sure Mand" Sam agreed

"Okay" added Em

"Are we going shopping tomorrow?" Julie asked

"Sounds like a good idea" Mand replied

"Sure" Sam added

"Meet you at the bus station at ten?"

"Make it quarter past, our bus is always late!" Em stated

They all hugged before the travellers departed. Mand dropped Sam and Emma off and the 'flatmates' returned home.

"I'm knackered Em, I'm going to bed"

"Okay Sam, see you in the morning!"

Maddy Bell 05.10.2003

More of this tale soon! Watch this space!

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