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Here are some of my favourite links. Some are useful, some are entertaining and others are just worth a look!

Stories and stuff

If you want to keep up with the very latest news in Maddy World visit here often!
The place to go if you are a fan of my writing, particularly the Gaby saga. Set up and run by fans for fans, there is all sorts of stuff - galleries, forums and even a dedicated chat room! So pop along for a look.
No links page is complete without this link! If you want to read all the Gaby series or you want to widen your scope, Sapphires site is a must. Exclusive stories, chat and images and importantly it's regularly updated!
This is a huge repository of contemporary alternate sex fiction with over 1000 authors. Much of this sites content can also be found at ASSTR. Usually updated daily.
Ellen can be a bit moody but she is responsible for the great Tuck series. Lots of links, plenty of reading and artwork too on this slightly quirky site.
Story site with lots happening including a 'Tuck' forum.

Brand new for 2007, Tor der Träume is a German language site for TG/TV fiction including Gaby!
Another great site for TG/TV fiction, well worth a look. Usually updated daily.
One of the busier story sites and usually updated daily.
There are some stories on here but there is all sorts of other TG/TV info and stuff too.
This site, Mil Millington's 'Things' site gets here because it is just so great - it keeps me laughing for ever!
Gabynaris - the online bike club, mainly for Gab Fans but not exclusively so. Advice, information, pictures.

Interesting stuff!

The coolest sight on the web if you are young and have Gender Identity issues! My Gaby books help support this charity for transgendered kids by raising awareness and funds, each book sold means an extra $1 to Mermaids. Pop along now and see what they can offer, maybe you can help.
Seefeld in Tirol
One of my favourite sites, LISA is dedicated to the wearing of corsets. Pictures, articles, discussion and corset fiction and updated daily.
An absolute must resource site for anyone interested in cheering. Links to all the pro cheer squads sites plus loads more! This is a conundrum as it is a UK site where cheering is not exactly mainstream!
Ötzi Dorf, great little site devoted to the reconstruction of Ötzi the iceman's home. Well worth a look. See Hostess With The Mostest
My favourite German beer - this is the breweries own website, check it out.
Informative site about Seefeld in the Tyrol, Austria. See Hostess With The Mostest
This has to be one of the most effective 'contact' sites. It might be UK based but I've contacted old friends in the US, Oz and Eire through this portal.
Josie Nutter is a fetish model and member of 'Glitzkrieg' burlesque troop who has a wicked sense of humour! There are loads of pictures, links and a lively discussion group and not only that, she has a link to this site too! The Zillertalbahn system which will take you from the Inn Valley south to Mayrhofen and the Hintertux Glacier in the Tirol. See Hostest with the Mostess.


One of the best sites around for Ball Jointed Dolls and other things dolly! This is where my own dollie came from.
Ever fancied wearing period costume? At Uptight you can (for a price) satisfy your curiosity!
There's actually a lot of erotic / adult literature available on Amazon. Try a search on Jennifer Pope and all sorts of stuff comes up! And now you can buy Gaby here too!
You like shoes? You'll like Electrique Boutique! Lots of shoes at good prices!
Dance costumes for everyone or even if you just like lycra!
Ever fancied being a cheerleader? This site's for you, there is even an interactive uniform design and colouring tool! This is where the Sherwood Foresters get their uniforms.
link to doll shop
Shop for all your gifts at Gaby's! In conjunction with the The Gabyzone I bring you a dedicated shop selling gifts emblazoned with Gaby themes. Any profits go towards publication and site maintenance costs so you won't be lining anyones pockets! choose from a wide range of goods from mouse mats to mugs, t shirts to teddy bears! Based in Japan, Cosmates is The place to go shopping for costumes, not just anime or game based but everything from Japanese school uniforms to cheerleaders, Gothic Lolita, pit lane girls and Japanese Police. Will ship worldwide and take payment in £'s, €'s and $'s! Scaramouch Books are my chosen publishers for paper editions of my stories and stuff and are part of the Lulu 'print on demand' family. This link will take you to their homepage from where you can navigate around the whole Lulu world! Ceinwen's Doll Shoppe is the place to go for exclusive limited release models of the Gaby and Nena characters. A growing range of Dolls based on Japanese Obitsu jointed & posable bodies are offered - all hand finished by me!

There are more links on Drew's mini site which you can get to here
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