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Here are a few illustrations that I have done for the Gaby series and it's spin offs. I must thank the 'real' Britney for providing the original basis for many of these images although little remains of those originals!.Don't forget to have a look at Room 2 as well !

 Muddy Fox Babes
If you want to see more of this pair you will need to follow Drew's adventures later in the year!

Another Anime costume for Gaby.  Gaby goes Sailor Moon
This one is for a future instalment of Gaby too. Goth Gaby

All dressed up
All the guys were dressed as female Anime characters for the Easter Dance. Unfortunately that included Rhod and Drew!


Britney wasn't in the Uk long just six weeks but she made a big impact on the friends!

Gaby's first appearanceIt seems like years ago that Gaby first made an appearance!

The guys in school uniform.

The school in Warsop was traditional in regards uniforms, none of your sweatshirts here.

Britney decided they should start a cheer squad! .

Britney decided they should start a cheer squad! And Gaby was to be part of it whether he liked it or not!

 Maddy gone Goth
All the gang went through a Goth phase, Maddy looked good even as pale and interesting!.

Gallery Room 2
Gallery Room 3

If you'd like to see more of Gaby and the gang, check out the Gaby and Rhod stories and bookmark this page as I will post more images on a regular basis.

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