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Some more images from past and future tales!


Ingrid did a thorough job on Mike, Mikaela was born!.

 Pickering Castle

After the race Drew and his Dad visited Pickering Castle.


The Pendenicks on the steps of the great hall. You will be able to meet the family soon in part one of 'The Pendenick's'.

 Gaby Croft

It must be Fantasy Island! Can this really be Drew / Gaby? Is it all just a dream?

 Summer Dress

Drew found this dress really comfy. Everyone reckons Gaby looks real cute in it too!

 Dressing Up

Would you guess that the this fox is Drew?

 Anna + Charlie

Anna and Charlie were gobsmacked when they saw Gaby properly the first time. That can only mean trouble for Drew!

 Who's Who?

Drew didn't recognise himself, he could be Maddy's twin! Erm that's Drew on the right, no left, I think!

Gallery Room 1
Gallery Room 3

If you'd like to see more of Gaby and the gang, check out the Gaby and Rhod stories and bookmark this page as I will post more images on a regular basis.

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