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Welcome to my website(s).

The site(s) exists primarily to display my literary prowess (or lack thereof!) and are currently funded entirely by myself with space donated by fans (donations are gratefully recieved however and go towards improving the service I can provide.). It is split into three parts, this, the Main Site ,the Gaby Mini Site (now also in German) and the Tanya Mini Site. This, the main part of the site, currently has over twenty stories, some complete, some as yet unfinished, as well as links to some of my favourite sites and a picture gallery.

The Gaby Mini Site is dedicated to what has become well over 300,000 words of Drew Bond's adventures, light hearted and illustrated the series has hundreds of fans around the world. Have a look here. Or if your native tongue is German go here.

The Tanya Mini Site is an area dedicated to the writings of Tanya Allan - regular postings will be a feature of this area. Have a look here then bookmark the page!.

Lara Gaby Getting Around couldn't be simpler! If this is your first visit I suggest you go to the Library first. There you will find a short synopsis of all of the stories on the site and a link to the first chapter. If you already know what you want to look at, Short Cutz is for you - direct links to each chapter without having to go through all the preceding ones. Regular visitors should check out the New page for the very latest changes. And don't forget to mail me with any comments you have about the site, the stories or anything else connected with the site.

Perhaps you will have time to explore the site more thoroughly, there are various 'extra's' on this page and more from other places too! Thanks for visiting my site and come back again soon, there are usually updates once per week on Wednesdays!

Other Stuff!

Downloads! You can now have your favourite stories in a single pdf file! There is also the opportunity to have official Maddy Bell wallpapers themed for the stories. Versions for handheld pc's will follow soon. There is a seperate download page specifically for the Gaby series, use the link on the download page or go via the GMS.

Maddy in Print After a lot of talk, copious editing and new technology, you can now get some of my writings in dead tree format! Follow this link to find out how you can own them!

Ceinwen's Doll Shoppe New for 2007 is your chance to buy truly limited edition character dolls based on the characters in the Gaby and Nena series. I've been working on this project for a while and I hope that you'll enjoy collecting the whole set! In the coming months there will be lots of new releases as well as special offers, limited editions and accessories so keep popping back to see whats new!

The Gaby Zone There is now a whole site, dedicated to discussion and criticism of my stuff! It is entirely independent, run by the fans and includes galleries, forums, discussions and a live chat area which I will try to join in with @ 15.00 GMT each Wednesday and a bit later on Sunday afternoons if i can. So join in the fun, chat with me, Tanya, Angel, Angharad, Cat, Stan and a host more!

And now there is even more! To help finance the site and the book publishing, the guys at the Gabyzone have set up an online store for Gaby merchandise - mugs, t's, even teddy bears can be bought online with a variety of Gaby themed images. So pop along to the Gabyzone shop and get buying! click on the link below.

Gaby Zone shop linkGaby Zone linklink to doll shop

Fanfics! How's this for kewl! Now available there are thirty six! Gaby Fanfics and a whole bunch of Gaby Fanpics too, with more on the way! So if you just can't get enough of Drew and the gang, pop over to have a read.

Featured Authors This is something that I never intended to do but to encourage new authors and new innovative writing I decided to run with it. All works in here are exclusive to this site, I'm not competing with any of the established story archives.

What the critics say! Read what other people think of my work. These are just a selection of the many comments I receive about my work, I've tried to put up a balanced cross section but I don't have many negative comments to weed out anyway!

About Maddy and her writings! Just a few words about where I'm coming from.

Looking for something in particular? Use the search facility!