Chapter 1

I didn't recognize the individual in front of me, I wasn't even certain it was human let alone the girl I went to school with! I tried not to stare but I was fighting a losing battle, could this really be Karen Simpson? The Karen I remember was the class beauty, five feet six, a perfect 36-24-36 figure, piercing blue eyes and her pride and joy, a waist length mane of shiny chestnut hair, like I said, the class beauty.

Well you couldn't exactly call her a beauty any longer, not in the classical sense at least. Gone was the lovely hair, gone was the perfect face, no, what I saw now was not the Karen of old.

"Come on Mad, I'll buy you a cuppa"

Well at least the voice was the same.

"Erm yeah, okay"

She led the way through the bustling crowds of the convention center and we were soon sat in a quiet corner of the cafeteria.

"God, it must take ages to put that lot on" I started as she poured the tea.

"Er not really"

"Oh come on, it takes me twenty minutes to get my eyeliner right!"

"Promise not to freak on me?"


"Do you promise?" her voice had a hint of urgency to it.

"Okay, I promise"

"This is all me"

"I know it's you"

"No, this, what you see is me. No make up or stuck on bits, it's all me"

"But, wha, you mean? But..."

"It's a long story, Mad"

"How? Why?" I was now more than intrigued, even a little frightened.

"Most people think it's make up, I only wish it was." she let out a huge sigh before going on. "Well I suppose I should start at the beginning. When did I see you last?"

"That party at Paul's place, no one saw you after that."

"Well this whole thing started about then. I had a pen pal in Denmark, right through school and she invited me over for a couple of weeks. Mum said okay so I packed a case and caught the coach to Copenhagen. It was great finally meeting Ingrid face to face. We did the sites, and her brother took us to a couple of nightclubs, I was in heaven!

A couple of days before I was due to come home, Michael, that's Ingrid's brother and his mate Dieter said they'd take us to 'Alien', a new club in the seedier bit of town. It sounded fun and a little 'dangerous' so I was in!

Well it wasn't anything like I was expecting, I was a bit scared to be truthful. Everywhere you looked there were tattoos and piercings - I'd never seen anything like it! I think we were about the only 'straights' in there. We didn't stay long but it opened my eyes to a whole different world.

When I got back home I decided to check out the 'scene' here. I went to stay with my cousin in London and found a few places like ‘Alien'; my favourite was called 'Taboo'. To cut a long story short, I got into the scene, well the clothes and stuff and I got myself a job through a guy I met while I was down there.

Every time someone suggested I got a piercing or tattoo I changed the subject, I wasn't ready for any of that! Well anyway, Mick and me became an item, Mick was my boss, and things were hunky dory." she stopped to take a mouthful of tea.

"Well anyway, Mick was into all sorts of stuff and it was right after the first Lord of the Rings film came out that he said he could 'go for one of them pointy eared elves'. So I said something like 'so you'd prefer an elf then' to which he replied 'only the ears' and I just said 'okay'. Don't ask me why, I might have been a bit drunk I suppose.

Anyway, I didn't think anymore on it but Mick new a guy who had a contact in Holland and he arranged a short 'trip' for us. I thought the hotel was a bit odd and I had to sign these bits of paper that were all in Dutch; I just thought that's what you had to do.

So Mick suggested an early night but we had single rooms, he said that's all they had left. When I woke up my head hurt something chronic and it was all wrapped in bandages. Mick came in so I asked him what happened to need the bandages, 'your ears', 'what about them' I says, you've got elf ears now like we talked about' he says. Well I just went mental!

Fait accomplii though, I saw them for the first time a week later, the surgeon really had done a job on me, you can't tell that I've not always had them like it"

She broke her narrative again and I couldn't help but check out her little pointed ears. Not Mr Spock pointy, no definitely elf!

"Okay I go with the ears, what about the rest? You volunteered for all that?"

"Not exactly. Damn is that the time?"

"Quarter to seven"

"Look I have to go Mad, if you like you can pop round to mine tomorrow and we can pick up from there?"

I wasn't doing anything tomorrow so she scribbled down the address and made our farewells. My head was full of questions now that I hoped Karen would answer tomorrow.

Chapter 2

I was a little surprised, but I suppose that was a preconception, that the address Karen gave me was in one of the leafier suburbs, well practically rural. That spoke of lots of money then I recalled that her SO had his own business.

Since yesterday I'd done little else other than speculate on what Karen had told me. Her ears were a little kookey but quite cute actually - but was she really not wearing makeup yesterday¿ I parked my little Micra in the drive and was soon waiting at the door after ringing the bell.

I don't know quite what I was expecting to see but when the door opened it was by a Karen that I recognised.


"Hi Karen"

"Come on in then Mad, the kettles on"

I followed her into the house, and as you do, I had a quick nose as she led me through to the kitchen. Not what I expected, it was sort of IKEA does country cottage! Not my personal choice but there again not much is.

"So you found us okay then?"

"Straight here thanks"

"Sit yourself down"

I took one of the offered chairs while my host busied herself with cups and stuff.


"Thanks, milk no sugar"

"So how did you enjoy yesterday?"

"Erm, okay I guess"



"Here we go" Karen brought the drinks over with a plate of biscuits, "a bit vanilla"

The biscuits were choccy digestives so what was she on about?


"Yeah you know, a bit mainstream"

"It was?"

"You didn't think?"

"Well it was pretty good"

"Oh sorry Maddy, I forgot that you aren't part of the scene"

"The scene?" I was starting to sound a bit dumb here.

"Why don't I just continue on from yesterday, then you'll get the picture"

"Okay" I allowed

Karen made herself comfortable and took a swig of tea.

"Where did we get to?"

"You told me about your ears" I prompted

"Right. Well I think I told you yesterday, I wasn't best bit pleased with Mick or the ears. But working for him, seeing him everyday just about - well it was difficult."

She paused for another sip of tea.

"Well they say time heals and to be honest, after the initial shock and outrage of what he'd done, I actually quite liked the idea. And they are actually quite discreet and hidden under my hair most of the time, well were.

So things settled down again between me and Mick, what's done is done. We did a few of the Con things, mostly in the States but we did go to Japan once and a couple over in Europe. I was getting quite into it, making costumes, the whole nine yards!"

She once again paused for a sip of tea and a mouthful of biscuit.

"Of course, my ears got noticed and I became a sort of convention icon, people wanted pictures and autographs from the real live Arwen" she gave a quick giggle.

"Mick being a shrewd business man saw a chance to make a buck and I guess it was about 18 months after I got the ears that he broached the subject."


"Of more body mods" Karen went on, "you know, piercings and stuff"


"Well I wasn't exactly keen on the idea, Mick dropped the subject but I should have guessed that he wouldn't forget about it any time soon. I think it was about then that we started going to a few 'alternative'" she mimed speech marks, "parties and clubs. Lots of rubber, leather and chains, not my thing at all but the people were okay and we had some good times. I suppose I should have seen it coming really, but Mick started suggesting we try a bit of bondage. After a few weeks I relented and soon found myself handcuffed to the bed. I have to say that it's not the most comfortable way to have sex"

She paused; I think to gauge my reaction.

"And that led to other stuff?"

"Well it wasn't so bad, even if it was a bit kinky, so yeah it did."

"Go on" I urged

"It got to the point that I ended up in some sort of bondage every time we had sex, then it was all the time at home - it even spread to work."

"He tied you up at work?"

"Well no, although I'm sure he thought about it. No it was usually a tight corset or he'd lock me into stiletto's, I always had at least a collar locked on though."

She paused and took a biscuit that she absently played with.

"I suppose that went on for about a year or so before my next 'surprise'. We were at a party somewhere up north, one of his mates I think. It was the usual fetish stuff and I was having a good time. Sometime during the evening though I started to feel a bit rough so I ended up crashing out in the hosts bedroom.

I felt a bit sore when I woke up, my head was throbbing and I ached in a few odd places. It was only after I got into the shower that I discovered my new 'gifts'!"

My curiosity was well piqued now.


"He must have drugged me, probably my drink, otherwise there is no way I would have slept through it. He'd had my nips pierced,"


"That's not all, my er, nether regions? He'd had my lips pierced and I was locked shut down there."

"Sugar" was all I could mutter.

"As you can imagine I went ballistic - I was dressed and out of there pronto. I only went home long enough to get some clothes then I went to stay with a mate.

It only occurred to me later to try and remove everything. I couldn't get the rings in my tits open and the same below although I did manage to lose the padlocks. To be honest I was too embarrassed to go for help straight away - you need a special tool to open the rings. By the time I got up the courage the holes had healed up so I've still got them as a reminder!"

"So Mick was history?"

"Yeah, you want another cuppa?"

"Okay, I'll make it" I offered, not wanting to slow Karen's tale telling.


"So go on, what happened next?"

"Well like I said, Mick was history and I was staying with my mate Angela, she's got a flat over at High End. I jacked in my job; I could hardly stay there working for Mick. I got some part time bar work and some temping where Ang works so I was getting by okay financially.

I guess I'd been at Angie's about three months before I ventured out to one of the 'rubber' nights that they hold at Cairo's . I must admit I was getting a bit stir crazy and I was actually missing going out and seeing 'the gang'. So Angela convinced me to go out and the pair of us set off"

"Here you go" I put the fresh tea on the table.

"Thanks", she paused in her tale to pour a fresh cuppa.

"This Angela, she into that stuff then?"

"Not really, she goes to one or two nights but she's not into it, not like I've got anyway!

Where was I? Oh yeah, Cairo's, like I said it was a rubber night so I had my rubber mini dress on with my big boots."

I tried to picture Kazza in said outfit; it still didn't fit with my image of this girl I went to school with.

"What I should tell you," she went on," is that underwear is a no-no in that outfit. It shows everything! To be honest I never gave it a thought, I'd worn it a few times previously so I knew what to expect, it does look sprayed on. So anyway the pair of us got a taxi to Cairo's and joined the throng.

I'm pretty used to being ogled, I mean the boys at school used to and I wasn't wearing a red second skin then! So we're bopping away, having a good time and it was Ang who pointed out that I was getting a lot of attention!

'Your nipples!' she mentioned, 'what?' I say. 'Your nipple rings?' well talk about embarrassed! I headed straight to the lavs and was mortified to see that my unwanted chest adornments could be seen clear as day through my latex dress! I might as well have had my tits out, everyone could see the rings through my nips."

"I'd have died!" I put in.

"Well I was mortified as you might imagine and when a girl I vaguely knew mentioned that she liked my rings and wasn't I brave? Didn't they hurt? I can tell you I was not a happy bunny!"

She sipped at the fresh tea.

"Angie pointed out that everyone was being positive, thought I was cool. I didn't feel cool, I felt used. Anyway we didn't stay much after that, despite Ang's protests!

First thing I did next day was find someone who get take the rings out. Like I said before, the holes were healed so the girl at the piercers convinced me to buy some like keepers."

My confused look led her to explain further.

"They're like a metal bar with a ball that screws on each end. Here I'll show you"

Before I realised what she was doing, her top was over her head and she was fishing a breast out of her bra!

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed. It wasn't the piercing that caused me to gasp though. It was the fact that the exposed flesh was not, what you might call 'au naturel'! No indeedy, Karen's breast was tattooed, not a millimeter of skin was its natural shade!

"Oops!" Karen mentioned as she made herself decent.

"That's alright, I just wasn't expecting it,” I allowed. "So what I saw at the thing yesterday, that's all you?"

"‘Fraid so. In fact a lot more than what you saw."

A lot more? Flippin' heck, she wasn't exactly wearing much and the design was all over her!

"Er you were saying about your erm piercings?" I prompted

"I was? Oh right, 'course I was. Well Ang convinced me that it wasn't that bad having pierced bits and over the weeks I got used to my new adornments."

"Did you see Mick again?"

"That sleaze ball! Yeah, I've seen him, and his new floozy. He's gone into bdsm in a hard-core way and his 'friend' has got more piercings than you can shake a stick at!

You okay for time?"

I checked my watch reflexively. Half eleven, not that I've anything else doing today - well not that I want to do!

"I've only got washing to go home to"



"Great, we can go down to Toni's"

I sensed that Karen needed to talk and to be honest I was caught up in her story; I wanted to hear the rest.

"Where did we get to?"

"You were saying that you got used to the piercings?"

"Oh yeah, well I guess that takes us on a bit. Hmmm, yeah, well things settled down, I started going out more, sometimes with Ang, sometimes alone. I started wearing some more er, revealing stuff and got back into the scene, but this time on my terms."

"So how did you acquire the erm, decorations?" I prompted



"Jonathan. I met Jonno at a party, all six foot six of him. You'd think I'd have been able to see the signs after Mick wouldn't you? Anyway we got talking and we agreed to meet the following week.

I don't know why but he was kinda cute, tattoo's an all. He had, well has, his own business, a garage repairing four by fours and stuff. So anyway, one thing led to another and we sort of became an item over the next few weeks.

I ended up moving out of Angie's and in with Jonno, he's got a flat over the garage."

She paused and glanced at the clock.

"Lets go eat, we can continue this later."

"Okay" I agreed, after all it was her call.

Chapter 3

We took my car into the village where Toni's café was waiting to feed us. Toni's is one of that fast disappearing breed of eatery, an Italian café but selling English fry-ups and traditional English stuff, not pasta and stuff. We both decided on the snake and kidley pudding, a rare treat these days!

Rather than continue with her story in such public surroundings, Karen shifted the conversation around to more usual catching up, what I've been doing since school, that kinda stuff. Not that my life has been anywhere near as eventful as Karen's!

We got back to her house just after one and we decamped to her living room, after putting the kettle on of course!

"So you moved in with what's his name, John?"

"Jonno, yes, I did. He was, is into various alternate scenes, not 100% into any one thing but he sort of dabbles in all sorts. I guess I'd been with him a couple of months when the subject of me getting a tattoo came up."

"You still didn't fancy the idea?"

"No. But Jonno was more sneaky than Mick. He never badgered me but instead we would often hang out in his favourite tattoo shop, as well as travel all over for tattoo conventions.

The subtle approach worked I'm ashamed to admit, and I finally got my first tat just over a year into our relationship."

"What did you have done?"

"Don't laugh Mad"

"Course not!"

"Well it was a cute little fairy on my shoulder blade"

"Lets see then"

"Alright, hang on a tick"

She stood up and removed her jumper then pulled her t-shirt over her head.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed

"It's just there,” she pointed to her left shoulder blade.

It really was cute, a pretty little lilac dressed Tinkerbell.

"You like?"

"You were right, she is cute"

She replaced her tee and sat back down.

"So how did..."

"I end up with the rest? Not Jonno's fault, I could have backed out anytime. It all started at a convention we went to in Germany, Cologne I think it was. There were a few fairly heavily coloured ladies there, mostly big sort of murals and tribal stuff. But there was one girl who at first I thought wasn't tattooed at all. But she was in the competitions so I deduced she must have some artwork!

I got a chance to see her better after the parade stuff was over and realised that far from being 'clean' she was heavily tattooed. But it was subtle."

She paused for a moment.

"Go on" I urged, now intrigued.

"Well up close you could see that she was pretty well covered with tiny little figures, like in those Hed puzzles"

"Oh I know, all the pieces are the same"

"That's right. Well anyway this girl had had them tattooed al over her in a colour just a bit darker than skin tone, you could only really tell close too."


"Well I thought it was kinda cool, from a distance it just looked like she had a tan you know like fishnets make your eyes fill in the colour? You know what I mean?"

I thought about it, she was right.

"So how come?"

"It was kind of neat that she had what amounted to a full suit and most people wouldn't notice"

"Full suit? I thought you said she was tattooed?"

"Soz, a full suit is what they call an all over set of tattoos in tattoo circles."

"Okay" well that sort of made sense.

"So anyway the idea intrigued me somewhat. Give him his due; Jonno wasn't that keen and tried to put me off the idea. But I was gripped and despite not wanting loads of black ink all over me I started looking into the whole thing.

I was put off initially by the cost - I got estimates of between two and three thousand pounds, a bit beyond my means. So the whole thing was put on hold although I continued researching what would fit the bill.

Then out of the blue I got a call from Razor, the guy that did my fairy tat, was I still interested in getting a full suit? The upshot of the conversation was that he'd tattoo me for free as part of a sponsored tattoo for Comic Relief. I'd spent so much time thinking about it that I agreed straight away and agreed to meet him to discuss the mechanics so to speak.”

She paused as if thinking back.

“After some debate we agreed on a tat that would satisfy both of our requirements and between us we spent several weeks fine tuning things. I must admit I nearly backed out several times as the day approached but Raze organized everything, a team of six of the best tattooists in the country would work on me in shifts. So that I didn't end up patchy one would do the outline and the others would do the various filling then Razor would be adding the fine detail. We were going to do it at a tattoo festival and I agreed to appear wearing only a string before and then after to prove we'd done it in the one sitting.

By the time the day came around we had a lot of money pledged.”

“What's a lot?” I enquired

“Over twenty thousand”

“Phew!” I whistled, “you still wouldn't get me doing it, doesn't it hurt? When they do it like?”

“Well Jonno and Raze were concerned about that and they came up with a plan, basically although it's generally taboo to tattoo anyone under the influence, in this case that's what the solution was.

So the day before I got Ang to help me Veet myself everywhere below the chin so the guys would have a clean canvas so to speak. We took out my rings as well and Ang put my hair in tight braids to keep it out of the way. Afterwards we all went out for my last night as a 'normal' human being. To be honest I can't remember much of 'tat' day, I was fairly happy by the time I did my striptease and I stayed that way all day. They stopped plying me with alcohol mid afternoon so that I was starting to sober up by eight o'clock when Raze put the last few spots of ink down and I did my 'after' show. I don't remember but I attracted quite a crowd all day and by the time we got all the money in, we'd raised just over £36,000 and my body below the neck was completely inked.”

She pulled a photo off of the side table and showed me.

“Jonno took that a few days after, when the scabbing had gone.”

I simply shook my head. Amazed that anyone would do that, and Karen especially. Impressed too that she went through with it.

“Er what about your face?”

“Well that was never in the original plan and I would never have agreed to that anyway.”


“I know Mad. Well of course the whole thing made me a bit of a celeb in tattoo circles, photo shoots, interviews and not just in the speciality press, I got into some lifestyle mags too, not just here but the States, Japan, Germany, even Australia.

To be honest, apart from my hands, most of me was easy to cover, my Mum didn't find out till months later! So anyway one day Jonno thrust an article under my nose. A girl in Scotland was claiming to be the most tattooed woman in the world, she had some pretty garish tats making a full suit but not hands or feet and only a little tat on her neck behind one ear. I don't know why but that annoyed me, after all even the soles of my feet are tattooed!”

“They are?”

“Uh huh.” She confirmed, “well a germ of an idea was set so after talking to Raze we decided I'd get my head done as another fund raiser for Comic Relief. Jonno wanted no part of it and said if I went ahead we were history. I didn't believe him at the time but I'm here alone and he's at the garage alone so I guess he meant it.

Ang tried talking me out of it too but mate that she is she did help me prepare. Of course the hair had to go, it hadn't been cut for ten years and in about five minutes it was gone. Thankfully Ang new a wig maker so this,” she fingered the hair on her head, “is actually mine. So there I am, completely bald, not even eyebrows and this time I was staying sober. Raze and the guys worked from the back of my head so I could've stopped anytime before they got to my face but I didn't and although it took no where near as long as before I was well sore with a throbbing head ache by the time they finished up.

The guy from Guinness was there and he confirmed that I now qualified as the world's most tattooed woman, in fact currently person full stop. Raze even did inside my mouth,” she pulled her lip out, “shee?”


“Well apart from some obvious anatomical differences, I have exactly the markings of a female Ocelot. I'll go grab a shower and show you.”

“You don't have to” I mentioned, although I was by then totally fascinated.

“You've sat there while I've been talking and I can see by your face you want to see. Tell you what, you make us a cuppa and I'll give you a shout when I'm ready okay?”

“If you're sure?”

“I'm sure. 'Bout ten minutes, quarter of an hour okay”

With that she left me in her living room and I could hear her humming as she made her way upstairs.

Chapter 4

It was nearer twenty minutes later when Karen called down.

“You want to come up? It's the door on the left when you get to the top of the stairs”

That sounded intriguing. I slipped my heels off and in stocking feet ascended the stairs and gently knocked on the door.

“Come on in Mad”

I pushed the door open and entered into a sparsely furnished room. Sparse but unusual. At first I couldn't see Karen as I glanced round. To say the least the décor was unusual, sort of African colonial in a sort of darker way

“Over here”

A movement caught my eye and I saw her.

“Welcome to my playroom”

I was mesmerized. The reason I hadn't seen Karen initially was that she was sat, or rather curled, on a sort of Leopard skin patterned throw and it wasn't until she sat up that the illusion was dissipated.

“Wow!” was the best I could manage.

“Come on I won't bite” the very feline face grinned.

She was amazing. As she slowly turned to reveal her thoroughly inked body I noticed that she had a tail too.

“How?” I sort of pointed

“The tail? Cool isn't it?” she somehow made it waggle about. “It was a present. Apparently there are quite a few people who like to dress up as animals, horses, cats, dogs, bit weird if you ask me, but anyway I got a call from this guy who was into that sort of stuff. He wanted to do a photo session, I was a bit cautious but over a couple of weeks he persuaded me to do, Ang would be there and I'd get the usual fee.”


“Well I might as well make use of my unique appearance”

“I guess so”

“So anyway I do the shoot, I'll show you some pics later and I think that's that. It was maybe a month later that Jack called again, would I do another shoot? Why not, its good pocket money, so off I trundles. When I get there Jack presents me with a box, 'for you' he says, 'it'll make you complete'. Well gift horses and all that, so I go to get ready. Turns out this was in the box, I wasn't very keen when I saw how it was to be worn but curiosity got the better of me and Ang helped fit it”

“It's up your bum?” I grimaced remembering the one time my significant other insisted we try sex that way.

“Yeah but its not so bad, it's really very ingenious. There are pressure sensors on the plug, if I squeeze just right I can make it move” she demonstrated by swishing her tail from side to side.

“Well all I can say is wow”

“You all ready did,” she giggled

I have to say that I was getting turned on by my naked spot covered friend, I'll say friend, today brought us from far away from one time school peers. From her pointed ears to her still swishing tail she was feline grace personified, I was mesmerized.

“That tea must be well brewed by now” she broke through my thoughts

“Er yes it must”

“Go and pour us a cup Mad, I'll be down in a mo”

When she joined me a couple of minutes later she was at least partially dressed, if you can call the micro skirt a garment, but it did cover her nether regions. She still had the tail that hung nearly to the floor behind her; apart from the skirt she had added what was clearly a collar in pink leather around her neck. Her pert breasts were now tipped with gold, some sort of nipple covers I guess.

“I always feel more comfortable with my collar when I'm in cat mode” she stated as she noticed my looking.

“I just don't know what to say. When we talked yesterday I never imagined the half of this. Earlier you looked so, forgive me, normal. I can't believe that was all makeup with this lurking below”

“Well I fibbed a little bit”


“There's some makeup but think about it, it would take tons of the stuff to keep doing that.”

“So how then”

“The wonders of latex! I used some of my modeling fees to have a mask and bodysuit made. I usually only wear the head and hands but if I want to look 'normal' I'll put the whole lot on, gets a bit warm but unless you are up really close it's next to impossible to tell its not me. To be honest, I don't think I could have managed without it, I got swept up with getting it done that I lost sight of the consequences - work, boyfriends, just people in the street! Without it I'm a freak, with it I can live a fairly normal life.

Tell you what, stay for dinner and I'll show you.”

There was no way I was going to leave without seeing this, this suit that allowed cat woman to become human again.

Chapter 5

It was one of the strangest meals I'd ever had. Not the food, after lunch we didn't need much to eat, Karen rustled up salad and quiche, which was quite enough. No, it was the fact I was sitting there with this strange apparition, the lack of clothing didn't help things. Karen though seemed at ease and kept up a lighthearted conversation throughout.

We finished eating and once again we returned to the upper floor, this time to the actual bedroom.

"I'll just get it out"

She went into what turned out to be a walk in wardrobe and shortly re-emerged holding an amorphous pile of beige latex.

"Here we go" she shook the flesh coloured bag out to reveal a deflated body.

"That is weird!"

"I know, have a feel,” she offered.

I took the garment from her, it was so strange, it looked and apart from the temperature, felt like flesh.

"Urgh! That is gross!"

"I know" Karen exclaimed, "your the same size as me, why don't you try it on?"

"No, I couldn't"

"Oh go on, it'll be fun"

"I dunno"

The idea was quite intriguing though.

"Oh go on Mad"

"We-lll" I allowed.

"Great! This'll be fun." she enthused

So the scene was set for the strangest evening of my life to date.

"Its easiest if you've shaved" Catwoman advised, "no hairs to get caught."

"I did my legs yesterday" not catching on.

"I was thinking of somewhere else,” she giggled.

"You mean?" I pointed south.

"Definitely more comfy" she confirmed.

I've never more than trimmed my pubes, but the idea of denuding them completely did, I have to admit, turn me on somewhat!

"What the heck, you got a spare razor then?"

She grinned ferally.

"In the bathroom cabinet, best check your pits too."

It felt kind of naughty stood in Karen's bathroom looking at my now hairless quim, sort of naughty schoolgirl. There seemed no point in re-dressing so I borrowed a bathrobe and returned to where my friend was preparing the latex skin.

"There you are! I thought you'd chickened out"

"No, just being thorough"

"You always were thorough, even at school. Okay then, sit on the chair and I'll get you into the feet."

It was a bit like putting on a pair of control tights, the latex needed a bit of coaxing and liberal amounts of talcum powder but Karen soon had me encased from the waist down.

"This next bit's quite tricky" She advised, "You need to be a bit of a contortionist!"

She wasn't wrong! But with her help I got my arms into the sleeves, stuck my head through the neck hole and after a bit of adjusting it was on. Karen fussed a bit more and then zipped the sides up, I was now fully encased in latex from the neck down!

"Doesn't this get a bit you know, sweaty?"

"A bit if you run about and stuff but it's got a layer of Gore-Tex® in it so it actually breathes quite well."

"It feels right weird"

" You don't notice it once it's all got to body temperature, in fact I usually forget I've got it on. Do you want to try the head?"

"What about my hair? Won't it get caught up?"

"We could shave your head,” she suggested.

"No way!" I retorted

"Gotcha!" she broke into a wide grin.

"You!" I stated, batting at her.

"Had you going though didn't I"

"No" I replied defensively

"I did so. Do you want to give the full look a go then?"

"As long as there's no more hair removal"

"I promise, I've got a theatrical hair net you can use"

"Okay then, lets do it"

It took a few minutes for Karen to turn me into Mrs. Baldy, not a good look for me, but then she fetched the mask and some other stuff.

"What's that lot for?"

"Fixing it, you'll see. Now sit still"

I was a bit surprised when she started to paint my face with a rubber-smelling gunk, more so when she continued around my neck. After the first coat she applied a second but only around my eyes, mouth and neck.

"Now its mask time" she announced from behind my head.

Suddenly there was a gripping sensation and with firm strokes, Karen pushed the latex into place.

"Nearly done, just need to smooth out a few wrinkles"

A couple of minutes later I felt the pressure of the back of the hood being sealed and after fluffing her hair around my head she stood back.

"Ta da! Tonight you are Karen Simpson! This is spooky, it's like looking in a mirror"

“Lets see then?”

“Not till you're dressed, tell you what, we can have some fun with this”

“How so?”

“Well Jonno goes to the Saracens Head every Monday night, we could go and join him for a drink”

“Well…” I hesitated

“Don't worry about driving, you can stay with me tonight”

“I dunno”

“Oh go on Mad”

“But, I mean how? Won't he see your head?”

“Nah, I've got a second ‘head' and I can wear my ‘arms'”

Well it did sound like it could be fun and after all I could go straight to work from here.

“So what have you got in mind for this man of yours?”

“I knew you couldn't resist” Catwoman enthused, “ I thought ……”

So a bit before nine a taxi dropped off Karen and her doppelganger outside the Saracen . Kaz had convinced me to wear a particularly brief outfit, my arguments brushed aside; after all I was fully ‘clothed' in latex! She wore a slightly more demure outfit so that none of her tattoo was visible, but still quite racy!

Well Jonathon the poor love, by the time he, and his mates, realised there were two Karen's, his eyes were all of a boggle. Basically we ran an interference pattern, first I'd walk through the bar, and then a few minutes later the real Karen would walk by and give him a wave. The pub was quite crowded so unless like Jonathon you were looking out for someone you probably wouldn't notice the subterfuge. We kept it up for about twenty minutes before Karen called it a day, each of us arrived at the lads table from a different direction, you could see their brains trying to make sense of two Karen's and failing miserably!

By this time I had, just as Karen said I would, forgotten about the latex suit. After some initial demurring and embarrassment on my part, Karen had even got it sorted so I could pee. Jonno and his mates, Charlie, Jimbo and Marcus were already quite oiled before we joined them, they were pretty well plastered by the time we all staggered outside to make our ways home.

“Kazza, and Kazza,” Jonno started draping his arms over both our shoulders, “you coming back to mine? For a night cap?”

“Not tonight kiddo, and get your hands off Maddy's chest!”

Jonno once again looked confused as he looked at the body he was trying to grope.

“‘Snot Maddiddy, it's my Kazzy Wazzy”

“Hey Jonno, cabs here” Charlie called over, “you ladies coming?”

“We'll walk thanks,” Karen advised, “just make sure Casanova here gets to bed for me eh?”

“Will do” Charlie agreed as Jonno stumbled over to the waiting cab. “See you later girls”

“Bye” I agreed

Another cab pulled up, the one I'd called, and the driver joined so many tonight in his gawking at the identical Karen's!

Like me at the time, you probably think that's the end of the story. Well in some respects it was. Karen had for the first time told someone the whole story, something she'd wanted to share with someone outside of her ‘world' for sometime. I guess it was fate that found me at the convention, more so that Karen had recognised me, I would never have recognised her that's for sure. Despite the years, we did, and currently still do have a good friendship as a result of those couple of days.

More than that it was fateful, it aroused things within me that I didn't know were there and you'd be amazed just how much like Kaz I really am, and how much we have in common. But that's another story!


©2005 Maddy Bell 15.02.05
(copyright of the picture is currently unknown)
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