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Making Ends Meet part 1

Money, money, money

'More bubbly Colin?'
'Nough tonight'
'Come on, the girls are ready'
'Had 'nough for one night, you go on'
'Thought you wanted to bonk the blonde'
'Had enough for one night, you take the girls home'
'Look don' worry 'bout me. Here' Colin pressed several twenties into his companions hand 'go'
'You gonna be ok?'
'Sure, sure, just go'
His erstwhile drinking companion left him then, intercepting the evening's 'dates' and ushering them out of the club without so much as a backward glance.

Colin was not as drunk as he seemed; it had mostly been a ruse to lose his self-appointed minder, Graham. Ever since his inheritance, Graham had barely let him out of his sight. Not that that was so bad, Graham had been a mate since primary school, the money was obviously a magnet but he was pretty sure that Graham really thought that he was looking after Colin. Well it got to grate sometimes and tonight was definitely one of those times.

The unexpected windfall of three-quarters of a million pounds just eight months ago had really knocked him out, his benefactor, a distant cousin had left the dosh and he really couldn't fathom why. Still, it had all checked out and here he was now, if he didn't go mad, set up for life. He left the club and took a taxi home, home hmpf, mansion really, it was a 'crumbling' Victorian pile set in a couple of acres a mile or so out of town. Well it wasn't crumbling now and there was still work to do, the ultimate bachelor pad, all he really lacked was some regular female company. Never a great success with the girls, the money didn't help so he made do with the good time girls Graham kept finding.

He put on the stereo and settled down to the sounds of Yes' Topographic Ocean, one of his favourites. Then it hit him, he had money now, he could pursue some of his hitherto unaffordable fantasies, but start small, get a house keeper. And if you have a housekeeper, why not a pretty young one, the idea hatched as Tormato hit track 2 and he started working on his ad copy to recruit his home help.

Wanted: live in housekeeper,
Light duties,
All found + 5000 PA,
Suit student. Contact box 1245.

Sarah ringed it in blue as a 'couldn't hurt to apply', red was for 'must try' (2 bar jobs and a pizza delivery), green 'it will do in a pinch' (late shopper and singing telegram) and blue 'not much chance of getting' (this and evening librarian at the Uni.). The grant had come and gone, not that she had misspent, but just not budgeted very well. If she didn't get a job soon she would be surviving on beans and pasta and walking everywhere. Although not a party animal, most of her money had gone on concerts, theatre and books, until the Christmas recess she was barely in her flat.

She sighed and started the now familiar 'I wish to apply for...' letters, the template was on her PC so she just needed to fill in the gaps appropriately. With an air of despondency she stuck the stamps on and ambled down to the post box.

Maddy Bell 12.03.01
Copyright 2001

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