Agi partly suited

She was surprised at how little the box weighed; the display suit she had tried on all those months ago had been much heavier than this box. Of course her suit would fit much closer, the result of several sessions of being set in plaster to form a mannequin of exactly her proportions.

It had all started when she let slip to Paul that she really liked the 'Chrome Woman' illustrations popular in sci-fi illustrations a few years previous. The way that the breasts reflected the light and the androgynous look of the robot women really proved a turn on for Agi.

When Paul had taken her to Norwich for the weekend last autumn she had no idea what he had arranged. John was professionally an armourer, repairing and making plate mail for re-enactment enthusiasts, the theatre and even museums. As a side line he made a small number of items for alternative lifestyle people, chastity belts, bondage suits and more fanciful items of apparel more often seen on the covers of Fantasy publications, metal underwear for the discerning lady adventurer!

All these items gave some amusement; neither of them were into any kinky stuff other than the occasional corset and stocking session and the fact that some people would willingly wear some of this stuff seemed just a bit ludicrous.

The polished steel suit that John helped her into had been made for a TV commercial. the actress who had worn it was a size larger than Agi's petit size 10. Despite that and the weight, a good 15kg, Agi when offered the chance of her own suit jumped at the idea. So it was that John made several trips to their cottage in Uppingham to take the casts that would be used to form the metal suit.

And now here it was, Paul was away but after all the waiting she could brook no further delay in seeing the metal Agi, which she christened Maggi. She cleared the big kitchen table and placed the box on one of the carvers and opened the lid.

It was immediately clear this suit was something a bit special instead of the bright chrome she was expecting, a slightly purple tinge coloured the highly polished parts. And it was so amazingly light, yet when she tried to flex the thin sheet it gave not a bit. She quickly removed the various component parts as well as a box of smaller pieces. It was clear that John had created a masterpiece here, one that Agi just had to try on soon.

She found a note in the box addressed to 'Agi', another to 'Paul', placing that on the dresser assuming it was the final invoice, she read her note.

' Hi Agi,
I hope you like the suit, I thought you would like to
know a bit more about it. You will wonderhow
and why it is so light, well you commented
that the suit I have at the workshop was heavy,
and for someone of your size you wouldn't be
able to move much with that type of suit. So I
did some research and a friend who works at Lotus
suggested I try a titanium alloy. What you see now
is the result, just 4.5kg and stronger than steel.

On Paul's suggestion I made two sets of 'feet', an
everyday pair that you can walk in and a 'fetish' pair
with a built in 12cm heel much like the prototype
picture. When you put the suit on (don't try without
Paul) you need to start at the feet and work
upward. The pieces all lock together finishing with the
neck and shoulder piece (you need to put the head
on second last!), the key piece can be fitted by the
wearer but only a n other person can remove it.

For your comfort I suggest you remove all body hair
(everywhere!) so it doesn't get caught as the plates
move. I have made the lower body so you can pee
etc, full instructions on how are in the small box. I
hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing some photos!


Well that all sounded straight forward, the last paragraph seemed a bit kinky but Agi quite liked the idea of being hairless, after all she trimmed her pubes anyway and she kept her legs smooth anyway, and she had that sample of American hair remover to try.

Next she located the small box and found the enclosed instructions. The toilet instructions were straight forward, fit all the bits as shown and she could wear the suit for extended periods, without them, a pee would mean a complete strip. The parts looked a little intrusive but they would be worth the peace of mind.

Paul was going to be away for another week, she couldn't wait that long to try it, Agi decided to prepare herself and have a try on. An hour later, she emerged from the bathroom, her body as free of hair as she was ever likely to be and feeling so smooth she made a mental note to get some more of that remover cream. She found her swim cap and carefully tucked her shoulder length blonde locks into the rubber. Looking in the mirror she already looked quite alien to her 'suburban' mind.

She secured the cottage and moved the parts into the lounge to 'dress'. As this was going to be a short try on she selected the high heel feet; they slipped on easily, gripping her feet comfortably as she pressed the closure shut. The rest of the leg pieces slipped on just as easily, each locking over the previous part. The ankle, knee and hip joints used a lot of small plates so that she had full articulation for walking. When she stood up her legs felt as though she was wearing lycra leggings, a gentle but constant pressure and surprisingly the ridiculously high heels were quite easy to stand on.

Next came the first torso part, the lower body. The parts required for full toilet capability were all of the same titanium as the suit and Agi tried to ignore what looked like a pair of dildoes. As she offered it up to her body it was clear that the metal posts certainly did locate where it looked like. However at this stage she decided to use the lav before she installed 'the plumbing'.

She carefully followed John's instructions and used petroleum jelly to lube her virgin behind before gently inserting the post. It was a little painful but with a sudden 'plop' it was located. She manoeuvred the front part into place and carefully adjusted her naked clit to fit into place. The post filled her until it felt that she could take no more, then before she could close this part she had to seat it onto the hip parts.

The metal pants gently squeezed her as she closed them, a sudden pain shot through her lower lips but she ignored it, putting it down to the pressure as she closed the unit. The next part then covered her mid section to just below her breasts and held her in a corset like embrace although with a bit more mobility.

The next part required a bit more fitting as she had to manhandle each breast into its titanium vessel before gently closing the back. She was now encased from the floor to arm pits in shiny metal, Agi made her way over to the long hall mirror to inspect the suit so far. It was truly amazing - from just a couple of metres away it looked like there were no joins at all, only on quite close inspection could she trace the leaves of her 'armour'. Liking what she saw, Agi returned to the lounge to complete the transformation.

John suggested doing the arms next, but on her own that would make the head difficult to fit, so she picked up the expressionless unit with its two wings that closed around the back. She had to fit some internal parts first, they looked intended for torture but according to John's notes they were required to ensure her safety. She already had the swim cap on so she skipped part 1; part 2 required her to fit a strange gadget over her lower teeth with a plate which suppressed her tongue. It only dawned her then that she would be voiceless while in the suit, well the mouth on the original was sealed so that would be authentic any way!

Next what looked like an adult dummy pushed into place, she was surprised to realise that she would at least be able to drink some how as there was some sort of liquid feed that the 'dummy' would connect to in the face plate. Part 3 basically said smother head in 'Vaseline', and then the last part was fitting the faceplate accurately before closing the side plates. It was a very close fit, her skin pressed tightly into the metal mask, the jelly leaving no gaps at all.

Two short tubes into each nostril allowed her to breath and dark blue lenses enclosed both eyes so the room became quite dark. She took a few minutes making sure it was all seated then she pushed it closed with a loud click. Immediately she felt a pain in her nose as though it was being pinched, when she couldn't immediately find the catch to re-open it, the pain subsided quite quickly leaving a slight feeling of pressure on both nostrils. The other immediate effect was almost compete deafness, just her blood pulsing and a faint whistling through the tubes which fed her air supply. She decided to press on.

The hands and arms were works of art in their own right, each finger used about ten separate parts, the separate nails slipped over her own so that her own lay in a slot behind and could even be trimmed with the suit on. The strangest sensation was quite literally the lack of sensation as she touched her face and torso. It was quite fiddly getting all the parts in place but eventually both arms wore titanium gauntlets. Only one piece remained, the neck and shoulder unit.

Having four holes this was the most complex part to fit. First it fitted to the breast plate then carefully the arms slotted in before the neck could be located, remembering Johns note she left the neck open and went to inspect Maggi, she looked sensational only the neck marring a seamless metal android. She carefully closed the neck till it was just touching and lowered her arms. It felt just like wearing a dance skin, the helm was now barely noticeable. Trying a quick spin she overbalanced and plummeted to the carpet, sitting up she realised something was different, the neck had been pushed shut in the fall.

Shit, John had said that you needed help to open the suit once it was shut, looking in the mirror she could see why. With the dark lenses she couldn't see any of the joins let alone the release catch, so even if she remembered how it worked she couldn't see to operate it. Trying not to panic she found the notes and re-read it all.

An hour later Maggi was no closer to returning to Agi but she had discovered how to gain sustenance, the pipe attached to her dummy ran to a discreet valve located in the shallow ear moulding on the left side. A hydraulic type connector would allow her to take in liquid and diet type liquid meals. Evacuation of her body cavities used a similar idea using valves over her anus and crotch. Not exactly pleasant but very effective.

It was early evening by now and Paul's usual call was due, in the helmet there was no way for her to communicate by phone, and so when he got the answer machine he left a quick message promising to call on the morrow. It was not unpleasant wearing the suit, just frustrating at this point and Paul was not going to be back for another 6 days. Being a pragmatic woman, she resigned herself to wait it out, after all she could feed herself and remove her wastes, what more could she need in a week?

The idea came as she lay in her bed trying to sleep; the computer had a voice recognition package that would read to you as well. All she had to do was write a message, get the computer to read it back and record it, then when Paul called she could play the disk and at least Paul could rescue her without too much delay.

She spent over an hour composing her message and nearly as long again to get it onto a disk that worked.

The phone rang and she picked the receiver up and started the disk.

' Hi this is a message from Agi, is that you Paul?'

'Yes, Agi are you there?'

'Paul I have done something stupid, this is actually Maggi speaking, if you know what that means you can guess what I have done. Can you get home sooner than the weekend, as I need your help to get back to Agi'

'Oh bugger, Agi, er Maggi. That's what I was ringing to tell you last night, I have to fly to New Zealand this afternoon and I will be away until the end of the month. Look don't panic, I take it you can work the suits valves so you will be ok, but I will try to find a way to get you out. Look I have to go now, I'll ring again before I fly, I love you but you can be a dolt sometimes, bye'

'Bye Paul' Maggi replied.

'This is worse than I bargained for' Agi mused, 'all I can do is wait for now.' Going out was out of the question, she couldn't communicate and although she liked the suit others would be petrified of her visage. One thing she decided on however, she would have to dress, she actually felt naked despite not a millimetre of Agi being visible.

When she pulled her jeans on she realised that John had made the suit very snug, in fact when she measured, her usual size 10 was closer to an 8 on the bottom which accentuated her breasts! She had quickly adapted to the extra inches the footwear gave her and she realised that she really did look like the comic book prototype the suit was based on.

When Paul called later on he didn't have a solution only a promise to work on it.

Maggi had some ideas herself, she could do the message thing or even e-mail her parents or one of her friends to ask for help. But then her secret would be out, and the degree of secrecy would be gone, no doubt it would get round that she was into kink and there would be no end to it. No that would have to be a last resort, if she got desperate. For now the immediate concerns were keeping people she knew away and getting food in. an e-mail saying she was going to NZ with Paul covered the first and internet shopping solved the latter.

When Paul rang from down under two days later he did at least have an idea.

'If you want to get out, contact John, I'm sure he will drive over to help.'

Well it sounded a good idea and whilst being Maggi was not too inconvenient, it would be nice to get the suit off, after all the quick try on was already into a fourth day. Maggi sat at the computer and wrote her help message to John and did the whole recording thing again. When she called John's number she got the answer machine, but she let the disk play anyway, after all it was going to be a one sided conversation anyway.

It was late evening when the call from John came.

'Agi or should I call you Maggi, it's John. I got your message so I know you can't reply so listen carefully. I have to go away for a few days so I can't come over but if you can get to Norwich before lunch tomorrow I can release you. I knew I should have made the catch easier to use. Look I'll expect you in the morning; you know your way. Bye Maggi' click.

Shit, shit, shit. That means drive for a couple of hours, in daylight too, bugger.

Maggi spent the rest of the evening preparing, she checked the car had petrol once it was dark so she wouldn't be seen. A bag of clothes to change into and the box for the suit were packed ready before she went to bed. Next morning she dressed and came up with a ruse to cover her metal head and face. First she dug out her long blonde wig, and then with care she bandaged her neck and face. She looked bizarre but a lot more acceptable than with the metal on show. A pair of gloves completed the outfit leaving just her metal encased feet unhidden but there was nothing to do there.

She departed just after eight for what would be an anxious drive across to Norwich.

When she arrived mid morning at the forge John was busy packing but he broke off to release her.

'Agi why didn't you wait for Paul, sorry you can't answer yet. Get your clothes off and I can get to the catch.'

She stripped the denim and cotton covering her metal body off and let John take a couple of pictures 'for the album' before he opened the catch. The craftsman helped her get the shoulder unit off then opened the titanium head, as he removed the faceplate he let out a 'shit'.

'Lets get you out of these arms then you can take the gag out yourself, I can't get in with my hands.'

He quickly released first one arm then the other, so Agi could remove her metal gauntlets. She then removed the dummy and fiddled with the tongue plate until that too popped out.

'Phew, thanks John' she pulled the swim cap off to release her hair' am I glad to feel the air on my face again, what was the 'shit' for just now?'

'I'm sorry Agi but the erm faceplate had a fault which I only discovered when I got it off you. Two grips were supposed to hold your nose when the hood was closed.'

'Yeah there was a sharp pain for a minute when it closed, I wondered what it was'

'Erm it didn't work correctly, it has er caused you some damage, please forgive me'

' What sort of damage?'

'It has pierced your nostrils.'


' Look in the mirror, over there'

Agi walked over to the mirror to inspect her face. Apart from some residue of Vaseline her face was just a bit pale but she quickly took all that in on route to her nose. John was right she now had two pierced nostrils and not just little holes, they were easily 5mm across and in the five days since she donned the suit they had nearly healed.

'Oh shit' that was with real feeling, 'my impatience will be the death of me one of these days. I guess I can live with it, I suppose I will have to.'

'Agi did you feel anything similar when you put some of the other parts on?'

'You don't mean, you do mean, oh double shit. Yeah when I closed the breastplate and when the pants closed too'

'I think you should get the rest off quickly. I'll unlatch the top then leave you to take the rest off in private.'

'No don't go, I might need your support or even help.'

'Only if you are sure'

'I'm sure'

She peeled the breastplate off and john had to free the clamps, they had neatly pierced each nipple, which now oozed slightly and throbbed a bit. John found some Savlon and Agi attended her hurts before continuing. John did his best not to watch as she removed the plates he had hand formed but fascination caught him as the pelvic covering was removed.

'John I think I should sue, the front won't release'

'Bugger, sorry about this' and he eased his fingers inside and there was a clunk as the release finally gave.

'Ahhh that's better, let's get it off and out'

Agi carefully withdrew the two posts and John caught the assembly as it released from the legs.

'John look for me, what's the damage?'

'Sorry but it's pierced you again, erm four times through both of your lips'


'Well when I talked to Paul we both thought that if we clamped you there it would stop any possible chafing as you walked. I am just so sorry, I misjudged the pressure when the suit closed, the mannequin was solid so it resisted the clamps, they just pushed through you.'

'Help me get some of this cream on down there, I can't see the holes. It's not your fault, I wanted the silly suit and I guess I've paid the price, so don't blame yourself. Come on lets get these boots off, my feet are killing me.'

'Shit I can't straighten my feet, and I only brought flat shoes with me. I guess I'm wearing one bit of the suit to go home.'

'If you want to wear it again I think I need to do some work on these clamps Agi'

'Of course I want to wear it, it's fantastic but I've got an idea. You needed the clamps to keep me in place when I have the suit on right?' 'Yeah'

'So what if instead of clamps we use a different method. I'm pierced now, for better or worse, if I wore something in the holes they could just locate somehow and do the same job'

'I guess so'

'Ok John, I'll leave the suit here, you know where the holes are so I'll let you devise something and let me know when it's ready'

'You still trust me? Oh shit is that the time, sorry Agi but I have to be in Newcastle tonight'

'That's all right John, I'll get some clothes on and leave you in peace.'

After she left John's forge she decided on a bit of retail therapy. She made her way into Norwich and started trawling the shops. Her nose got a few funny looks but she barely noticed as she had her mind on other things. There was an alternative clothing shop that on a previous visit to the city she had had a quick look into but right now they had some things she wanted. She left sporting a matching pair of plugs in her nose; the shop girl was really impressed and helped her fit the yellow and blue pieces. She also purchased enough heavy gauge rings for each of her other new holes.

Paul 's return from the Southern hemisphere was still two days away when John rang to say he had completed the alterations, this time John would be there to make sure it all worked when she put it on. Agi had gotten used to wearing the extreme heels and had gone into Northampton to buy some 'ordinary' shoes with 12cm heels that she had been wearing almost constantly for two weeks now.

When John drove over it was to test just the offending pieces and on arrival the site that greeted him was not the Agi he was expecting. She had decided on a dramatic returning present for Paul and he would quite likely fall over when he did see his wife. Gone were her golden locks, a new supply of hair remover had taken every hair on her body including eyebrows and lashes, she still wore her nose plugs but there was more colour on the rest of her. She was sporting, as John soon discovered, a complete body henna tattoo, making the real Agi look even more alien than Maggi.

Once he got over the shock John showed her the body jewellery she needed to wear with the suit, the only problem area was her nose. To make it work properly she needed a further hole, this one through her septum.

'Shoot John, I've gone this far just do it'

Ten minutes later she sported an extra hole already filled with what John called the docking apparatus. Essentially it was a bar straight through her nose with a ball screwed into each end which served to keep it in place and locate into the face plate. It needed to run all the way through rather than be two part so it could be disengaged. John insisted that they test it several times before they moved on to the breastplate.

Agi removed her rings and John fitted the location parts in the now fully healed holes. A bar threaded through the hole connected to an almost spherical piece covering the end of the nipple. This in turn clipped into the breast forms which, John informed her, had been replaced with some slightly more pneumatic parts to accommodate the changes.

Then they moved to her nether regions. This time John had done an almost complete rethink and the two bars were replaced by at the rear a less severe unit with an undercut near the base that would hold the metal much tighter than before, waste removal was still via the same method. The front was where the biggest change occurred, instead of a bar there was now what looked like a small ball cock fitted to a plate. It was a bit fiddly to do but with the ball inside her she had to thread a u-bolt into opposing holes then carefully feed the plate onto them, pushing the ball further into her. With a lock washer stopping them dropping out, the eight ball headed bolts pushed onto the front plate along with a connector fitted in the external end of the 'ball cock'. Not only was the system very secure but the ball and anus plug both gave some stimulation when the wearer moved about - not a lot but just enough!

'Did you fit the other item for me?'

'I have but are you really sure about it'

'Yes, I trust you and Paul equally on this, you have one key, I will give a key to Paul and the last key I will deposit with my solicitor in Leicester. If I chicken out you're my first stop but the solicitor is my real fail safe.'

'You've obviously thought it through, here are your two keys.'

'Thanks John, I think it's time to do it'

'Ok then'

With John's help the fitting was quite quick, and soon her lower half was again encased in titanium in stark contrast to her painted skin. Agi insisted John take some photo's at each stage ' for the album'. Soon her new breasts were fitted and this time John fitted her hand and arm pieces next and loosely installed the collar unit. The head unit took a bit longer, Agi had already fitted the tongue plate and John slid home the 'dummy'. A quick click and her new nose bar snapped into place, snugging the faceplate into place. The back closed quickly leaving just the collar unit. With practised ease, John located all the joints and gently pushed it shut, the new lock securing the whole into one irremovable piece.

The silent robot helped John tidy up the lounge and the craftsman left Maggi on her own.

'I really have done it this time' Maggi mused ' I mean the hair and tattoo were very much spur of the moment but the lock on the suit, I am leaving myself wide open.'

She wrote a letter to go with the key to Leicester and late into the night she slipped out to post it. The following day she spent preparing for Paul's return, dropping tired and titanium naked into bed.

The taxi pulled away and Paul walked up the drive to their cottage, roses round the open doorway in full bloom. He walked in and dropped his case in the hallway, Agi must be close by but he couldn't hear her at all. Kitchen empty, lounge empty, upstairs, no no one about. He returned to the kitchen and noticed the back door was ajar and decided to check if his wife was outside.

His jaw dropped for there sitting in the arbor was, was Maggi? A Maggi as naked as Maggi gets sat doing crosstitch as though a metal woman sat in an English cottage garden doing crosstitch was the most natural thing in the world. As he approached she looked up then hit the button of the CD player at her side'

'Welcome back master' a strangely computerised female voice spoke. 'Master John could not help with my problem so I have waited for your return. Master john says you have the key but I don't remember a key.'

The voice cut off, Paul didn't know what to do, and Agi had been in the metal suit for almost five weeks! And what was this about a key. And he didn't feel anything for this metal woman only the woman he supposed to be inside. Rather uselessly he shouted ' wait here' after all she couldn't hear a thing what with the wax john had poured in each ear and the helm cutting everything out.

When he returned he was just muttering ' shit, shit, shit' to himself. According to John there was a key and Agi seemed to have lost it when she opened the box. John had even been over to look for her but there were only two keys, both on the same, missing, ring. The news got no better, the lock was un-pickable and the suit was too close fitting to cut off. In short no key, no Agi - ever.

Well Agi knew where the key was of course and she watched with some amusement as Paul searched the cottage. However she couldn't keep it up too long so after an hour or so she found her husband and showed him where the key was frozen in the middle of a block of ice in the freezer. Well the relief on his face was immediate if short lived as he launched into a diatribe which Agi couldn't hear but she got the gist when he didn't retrieve the key.

For winding him up he was going to leave her locked in the suit, if he had removed the ice bound key she knew she would have several hours to wait, now with the ball in Paul's court she was no longer in control of the situation, if she ever had been.

Paul couldn't stay angry with her long, he had been away four weeks and he wanted to hold his wife, kiss her and make up for lost time. Although he had to admit to being turned on by his metallic spouse he preferred the real thing. So after a while having a bizarre conversation via the computer he retrieved the key from the freezer, it would take till morning to melt the key free so metal woman and frustrated man retired to bed where they slept in a tangle of metal and flesh.

Next morning Paul impatiently retrieved the key and had Maggi lay face down on the bed so he could operate the lock. With a pop the collar released and Maggi sat up to start returning to Agi. She shooed Paul into the shower before she removed anything and then it was only her helm, the nose clip releasing easily this time.

When Paul returned he didn't recognise the person sitting on the bed. Agi had reclosed the collar leaving just her hairless head revealed with the tattoos and piercings.

'Agi? is that you?'

'Who else would be in our house in my suit?'

There was some logic to that

'But your hair, your face, what have you done?'

'I thought I would surprise you'

'You've certainly done that'

'Perhaps I did get a bit carried away, the tattoos are only henna and the hair will grow back.

'What about your nose?'

'That's a bit more permanent, I'll tell you later'

'And John was in on this?'

'I coerced him and he helped me into the suit a couple of days ago, I sort of like it'

'Well like it or not I want to see all of you in the flesh'

'Ok then, unlock it again and you can take it off for me'

It took him half an hour to reveal his painted and pierced wife, on one level he was horrified, how could she do this to herself. On a different level it turned him on something chronic, but she still wore her 'ballcock' which she wanted left in for now. Instead she offered him her rear passage, something the old Agi would never have done.

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