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Part 29
Sunday, Sunday

I woke early to the sound of birds and bright sunshine streaming into the room from a chink in the curtains. I rolled over and didn't! Well you know what it's like with breasts, it takes more effort and I wasn't expecting it. I sat up and after a quick check of what I was wearing; the previous evening's events came back to me!

It really was early, only six thirty but if I wanted to get a training ride in and miss dad, I needed to go soon. After stripping off and a quick bathroom visit, I pulled on my three-quarters and a long sleeved top over 'my' bra; it was really odd seeing it stretched over my temporary bosom! No one else was up yet, so I made good my escape and was out on the road before seven.
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There wasn't much traffic around yet as I made my way up to Worksop. I was vaguely aware of the mounds attached to my chest but I could ignore them until I got to the climb at the Half Moon. They jiggled around a fair bit despite the restrictive clothing and bra, well weird! Still I was soon at the top, then across to Clowne and the third side of the triangular circuit. I was just on the rise out of Creswell when I spotted a group of riders heading toward me. I would just have to brazen it out I guess.

As we converged I recognised them as the club that runs the Tuesday tens, I guess they recognised me too.

"Morning Dee"

"Morning youngster"

"Your keen this morning!"

I just waved a greeting with a mumbled


Boy! things didn't get any better did they? Now they had seen me out riding with boobs! Nothing to do about it I guess. Except get home quickly, I stepped on the pedals with a bit more urgency.

There was still no one up when I got home, so I grabbed a shower downstairs after first getting my 'street bike' out. The battered Klein really did look out of place amongst all the shiny Campag in the garage! I tried the boobs again in the shower but no go; they were still firmly attached!

I crept back to my room and changed into my stuff for the day's ride to Clumber and tried to hide my chest with a baggy jumper. I was halfway through my proper breakfast (as opposed to my pre training slice of toast) before I heard dad coming downstairs.

"Morning Dad"

"You're up early"

"We're riding out to Clumber for a picnic"

"What time are you going?"

"The guys are meeting here at nine thirty, but Mad's got a problem with her gears, I said I'd try and fix them so she's coming early"

"You taking sandwiches?"

"No, Mrs Peters, Maddy's mum is meeting us there, she's taking food"

"Well take that new phone of yours along just in case"

"Yes dad" well in truth it had become a fixture in my kit already.

"What's with the jumper?"

"It's kind cold in the garage"

Talk about twenty questions. I finished my breakfast and rinsed my dish then went through to the garage to wait for Mad, all the while trying to hide my breasts from dad.

I busied myself cleaning the Klein a bit, pumping tyres and making sure I had spare tubes and stuff.

"Hi Drew" Maddy greeted me

"Hi Mad, am I glad you're here!"

She shucked her rucksack and dug into its contents.

"Here we are" she passed the container to me

"Thanks Maddy, can you give me a hand?"


We slipped into the shower room and I removed my jumper and t-shirt. It was easier for Maddy to work the solvent around the forms than it would have been for me, and certainly quicker.

"Thanks, Mad. That's a weight off my chest"

Mad cracked up at that.

"Come on Drew, take these upstairs, the others will be here in a minute"

I quickly put my t-shirt back on and took both the breastforms and the solvent up to my room. When I got back downstairs, Bernie and Ally had arrived.

"We're off now Dad"

"Okay, what time are you back?"

"About five I think"

"Okay, ring if you're going to be later"

"Yes dad, bye"


" You guys ready?"

"When you are Drew" Bernie supplied

"Right then lets go"

I set off in front and Ally joined me, the others following behind.

"So what happened last night Drew?" Ally asked

"Last night?"

"Yeah, Maddy said you rang her late last night"

"Oh that," I'd been hoping to not keep repeating the tale, "nothing really"

"I bet" Bernie chimed from behind

"Okay, I'll tell you"

"Knew you would!" Ally stated


"Oh come on Drew"

"I don't suppose I'll have any peace until I do will I?"

"No!" they all chorused

"Well you know Anna and Charlie came back to my house for dinner?"


"Well they kept on about Sarah yesterday so Jules suggested I tell them about last week!"

"Did you?"

"Yes but I don't think they believed me at first"

"Well I guess it does take some believing" Bernie put in

"Anyway after dinner, jules asked me to dress as Gaby to show them"

"I thought you weren't gonna do that again?"

"I wasn't, but I sort of got forced into it by dad"

"He knows?" Ally asked

"No, well I don't think so anyway. No he told me to do whatever it was Jules was asking me to do, so it was like dress up or get in trouble. It seemed easier to do it than argue, I mean I'd have to tell him then!"

"Go on" Maddy urged

"Well Jules got me a top and skirt, and I had the underwear from last week so I got dressed up. I thought I might as well use the breast forms and stuff and I guess I sort of looked ok"

"And?" Ally pressed

"Well I showed them and they were er, gobsmacked"

"Well you do look cute when you're dressed up"

"I don't look cute!"


"Tell them the rest Drew" Maddy suggested

"Well after they left I went to get changed and the breast forms had stuck on. I guess I should have cleaned the glue off last week. Anyway I couldn't get them off, Maddy had the solvent still."

"Oh poor Drew" Bernie half mocked

"You may laugh, I had to wear one of Jules night-dresses and this morning I had to hide them from Dad 'till Mad got to my place."

"We wear night dresses all the time, what's the problem?" Mad mentioned

"I'm sure Jules didn't have to give me a see through one though!"

"Perhaps not, why didn't you just wear Pj's?" asked Ally

"Jules said the night-dress would be more comfortable"

"Was it?" Ally pursued

"I guess it was ok. Can we leave it now?"

"Okay Drew"

We had reached what dad said used to be called Fanny's Grove and we now left the road for a bridleway into Clumber Park. We bounced along the track through the forest, stopping to watch a herd of deer at one point and to untangle a branch from Ally's gears a bit further on.

We emerged on to one of the roadways and then followed the tarmac for a bit before reaching the busy area around the café.

"There's your mum" I pointed towards a green a short way off.

We rode over to the Peters car.

"Hi kid's you alright?"

"Yes thanks Mrs Peters"

"Fine mum"

"You want a drink?"

"Yes please" Bernie and Ally echoed


"Yes please"

She poured us each a glass of squash and we sat around on the grass next to the car.

"Where's Dad?"

"Toilet, he'll be back in a minute"

And as if by magic, to paraphrase Mr Ben, he appeared brandishing half a dozen ice cream cones.

"Quick kids get these before I drop any"

We rushed to relieve him of the ices and just managed it. They were soft whip '99's, my favourite and by the lack of conversation over the next ten minutes, everyone else's too!

"Thanks Mr Peters"

"That's alright Drew"

The senior Peters had brought their bikes on the car.

"I thought we could have a ride round for a bit before lunch" Mad's mum told us

"You girls okay with that?"

"Yeah, it's not far here and we took our time"

"Come on then"

So we mounted up again and joined the many other trippers riding around the park. We eventually returned to the car about one for lunch, us 'kid's' making use of the facilities while Mrs Peters organised the food.

"How's your mum doing Drew?"

"Ok I think. She's done a couple of races and she's got a team car too"

"What sort?" Mr Peters asked, his ears picking up on car!

"It's a Mercedes, one of those small people carriers"

"A class?"

"That's it"

"Very nice. Madeline says you're off to visit in a couple of weeks"

"At half term, we're going on the train"

"Leave the boy alone"

"Sorry Drew, didn't mean to be the Spanish Inquisition!"

"'S alright Mr Peters"

"You all filled your forms for the exchange programme?"

"It took forever" opined Ally

"Dad's doing mine today" I offered

"Well I spoke to Mr Bahlsen in Grottoes last night and he said that they are all looking forward to it. It's only a little place"

"We looked on the web dad, small's an understatement!"

"Yes well Warsop is hardly the hub of civilisation either." he continued, "they've had to run a lottery to see who comes, seems the whole school wanted to come!"

"Cool!" I offered

"And I've got more good news, my company is sponsoring the scheme so your parents will not have to pay out on airfares"

"That's' brill Mr Peters, I know Rhod was worried about that" Bernie stated

"You all finished?" Mrs Peters asked

"Yes thanks, that was great Mrs Peters" Ally replied

"Yeah thanks" I added

"You kids riding straight back now?"

"Sort of, Drew says he knows a new way we can go"

"Well take care, we'll see you at home Maddy"

"Ok mum"

We gathered our steeds and directed the girls along the trails to the exit.

"That's cool about the flights eh?" Bernie offered

"Yeah, specially as dad would be paying for me and Jules"

"Jules has been picked?" Ally asked

"Yeah we got the letter with the forms"


"Who else, do you know?"

"I can't remember the others apart from Anna"

"She never said!" Maddy accused

"She was a bit preoccupied yesterday what with her hair and all that" I suggested

"I guess so"

"I think the other two were boys"

"I suppose with both of you going that means you get two students to stay too?"

"Dunno, it'll be a bit crowded" I answered, "watch out for the ditch"

We eventually arrived on the Meden road and me and three tired girls were soon back at my house.

"Drinks everyone?"

"Yes please Drew"

I fetched soft drinks from the fridge and found the girls collapsed on the old sofa in the garage.

"I never realised you had so many bikes Drew?" Bernie exclaimed

I passed round the drinks.

"They're not all mine"

"Yeah well there's still loads"

I had to mentally tick them off, my three, Jules and Dads, the tandem and mums, well mum had loads, training hack, race bike, time trial and a track bike, oh and she had an ATB too. So that's eleven!

"Eleven" I informed them

"You've got more bikes than Halfords!" Ally stated

"Well I suppose there are quite a few, but there are four of us"

"I guess" Mad allowed

"I know people with more, there's one guy mum knows in Sheffield who has about eight on his own"

"Now that's serious weird" Bernie suggested

"What are we doing tomorrow?"

"I'm racing in Sheffield" I offered

"We've got nothing planned"

"Hey why don't you guys come to the race?"

"Well" Ally hesitated

"It'd be fun, we can go in the camper"

"I dunno, Drew"

"Go on, none of you have seen me race have you?"

"No, I guess not" Maddy replied

"And you already said you've nothing planned"

The girls looked at each other and seemed to make a collective decision.


"Great, I'll find dad and sort it out!" I was pretty happy about the prospect of having my own cheerleader squad for the day.

I quickly located dad and he agreed to the plan readily. I returned to the garage and the girls.

"It's in the afternoon, dad says we can pick you up on the way about eleven thirty."

"Okay Drew, we'll see you tomorrow then."

The girls then left together.

At least the day had ended better and tomorrow was looking good too! Perhaps I could now forget Gaby.

Maddy Bell 20.04.03
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