Chapter *9.37*

Dance, Dance, Dance

The end of term dance, not something you can miss but it's a bit weird too as some people won't be back after the summer, moving on to college or different schools, some even starting work. All my friends will be back but there are people I know who won't so this could be the last time our paths cross.

“Come on , Gab, we'll be late.” Con complained as for the second time I shook a stone out of my sandal.

“It's these flippin' shoes.” I moaned.

“Well you picked them.”

How was I supposed to know they'd be like gravel magnets? I caught up to Con and we were soon at Zum Rebstock where Anna was already waiting.

“Where've you been? Herr Sebenschuh will be here any time.”

“Madam here has a footwear malfunction.” Con opined.

Before the conversation progressed any further the vineyard minibus arrived already loaded with the rest of the girls.

“Nice dress , Con.”

“Ooh , I like that lipstick.”

The conversation on board the bus quickly descended into teen girl frivolity, I bet Herr Sebenschuh was glad to drop us off outside the school! Much to my embarrassment and the others delight Max von flippin' Strechau was apparently waiting for our, my arrival.


“Thought you lot had changed your minds.”

“As if!” Brid guffawed.

“So erm, why are you out here? Waiting for the Strechs?” I hinted.

“I sorta thought we could go together?” Max suggested.

“Come on , ladies, Bond has already pulled!” Pia giggled.


I might as well have been talking to a kettle, some friends!

“So?” my would be dance partner enquired.

“Looks like I don't get a say, come on then Gung a Din , let's cut a rug.”

“Huh? Gunga dine?”

“Never mind, maybe I'll explain it some time.” I set off in pursuit of my ‘friends', Max trailing behind.


Apart from it being the end of term there wasn't any other theme so everyone was dressed in ‘smart casual', nothing over the top like the American Proms just party frocks which, due to the time of year, were largely of the short, strappy persuasion. Not something I favour of course but I could hardly turn up in cargos and t-shirt could I?

I'm not sure how I got persuaded to buy this scrap of pink floaty stuff the other week but at least it would get one outing before I trade it in. T here's far too much of me on display for my liking, the top is like draped with tiny spaghetti straps and it doesn't hang much below my posterior. As I said, far too much me on display.

There is one thing, with Max in tow it'll put off the other wolves, even as we entered the sports hall I spotted several male faces and interestingly a couple of female ones drop. I might be a boy but that doesn't mean I don't see stuff. Boy ? that's a laugh; strappy sandals and a mini dress do not a man make.

We caught up to the others, Mart was there and a couple of other lads obviously hoping to score at least a dance with an ‘Angel'.

“Come on , Gab, time to shake that booty.” Anna mentioned.


The music was provided by a local mobile DJ outfit, professional and the repertoire promised to be very, erm, German. At the minute it was some vintage but popular euro pop stuff, by past experience there could be anything from The Beatles to yodelling before we are done! I do kind of enjoy my dancing, as long as it's not too slow, the boys seem to like the slow stuff though.

We bopped, hopped, jived and swayed our way through the evening, sometimes singly but Max somehow insinuated himself into position for any slower numbers. He's not such a bad dancer I guess, at least as good as Prince William the other week – not that I'm keeping notes!

“Guh! I'm bushed, where do you get the energy?” he moaned.

“Dynamo Bond!” a slightly warm Connie suggested over my shoulder.

“She is like almost a professional dancer.” Pia giggled.

“Come on, I need a rest too.” Anna put in.


A couple of years on and this school dance is so different to that first one that Gaby attended back in Warsop. I chuckled to myself remembering how I laid into poor old Clive, he really was clueless! Who would've dreamt back then that I'd be here, let alone dressed like this and erm with a boy?

The dance wound up a bit before eleven, poor old Herr Sebenschuh, well I suppose he's not really old, anyway he collected us all up – well he would have but somehow I ended up getting a ride with Marty and Max. I'm still not sure how that happened, one minute I'm waiting to get in the bus, the next I'm sat in the back of Herr Preiser's C-Klasse. It might be July but at this time of night it can still be quite chilly, especially when you are wearing next to nothing.

“Cold?” Max enquired.

“A bit.” I admitted with a shiver.

“Here,” he pulled his jumper off, “you need it more than me.”

“Er thanks.” I allowed pulling around my shoulders.

“You alright back there? Warm enough?” Preiser senior enquired.

“Dad!” Mart hissed.

I let out a little giggle.

“Fine thanks, Herr Preiser.” Max replied.

It's not a long drive up the valley to Dernau and the Mercedes soon pulled up outside Schloss Bond.

“Here we go , Gaby.”

“Thanks , Herr Preiser.”

“No problem.”

I slipped out of the car, the frigid air causing me to shiver.

“Night , Mart, Max, oh your jumper.”

I went to slip it off.

“Hang on to it , Gab, I'm sure I'll get to collect it.”

“Cheers, night.” I was thankful for the loan; it was quite toasty in the late night air.


I fast walked up to the house, fumbling in my handbag for my key on the way. I waved to the Mercedes' occupants once I got the door open, only then did they depart.

“That you , Drew?”

“Yes , Dad.” Like who else would it be? I slipped off my shoes and headed for the lounge.

“Good time?” you could see the disapproval of my outfit in his eyes although he didn't say anything.

“Pretty good.”

“You made the front cover of Die Krefelder. ”

“What's that?”

“The local rag up at Krefeld, you and Ron, full colour on the front.”

“Kewl!” well it's good to get in the press.

“Here,” he passed a bundle of newsprint over, “nice shot too.”

It was too, the pair of us almost side by side, crank position matched, holding almost identical positions; faces in deep concentration, looking almost like twins.

“Wow! We look pretty cool.”

“I'm going to get some copies of that for George and us.”


I never told you did I? Our 58.59 on Sunday was good enough to win by a forty two second margin, not bad eh? Not that we ride for the prizes exactly but the hundred euros each we won won't go amiss! It brought back great memories from my first couple of seasons racing and using the Cube TT bikes was brill.

We were both on a bit of a high for the rest of the day and the restaurant place we ended up at for a late lunch added to the day. I'm sure Dad could tell you the name, it was in this like moated schloss place; made you feel under dressed just looking at it!

It seems strange that the next time we ride the same race could be the World's on different teams, how weird is that? Weird but cool too, well I suppose we'll have to wait and see how that all pans out for me at least.

After the dance the rest of the week was just marking time at Silverberg, when we finally broke out it was something of an anti climax. Of course amongst the Angels – even we are using that now, the upcoming Con in Köln was the big thing on the calendar. A few weeks ago Steff managed to book us some rooms in a hotel by the showground, not cheap but sharing will keep the cost down some.


Rather than use public transport I managed to convince Dad to take us up in the Apollinaris bus.

"Terminal two." Dave Bond repeated for about the tenth time since they left Dernau.

"Yes , Dad." Drew sighed.

"We'll make sure she gets there , Herr Bond." Anna put in from the back seat.

"Hmm." Dave wasn't entirely convinced given the girl's past record.


"Okay okay, you sure your passport's in the bag?"

"Yes, I showed you remember."

Its not like he hadn't flown before, on his own even but Dad really could be a pain.

"Left, left!" Nena nearly screamed causing Dave to slam the brakes on.

Their accommodation was indeed across the road, the Ibis Köln Messe; Dave managed to manoeuvre the bus across to the drop off zone where his flock of passengers were soon disgorging.

"Drew," Dave started, "be careful eh and don't let me down Sunday."

"I will, I mean I won't, I'll see you at the airport."

"Here," Dave pressed some notes into Drew's hand, "enjoy yourself kiddo."

"Thanks , Dad." Drew leant over and gave the older Bond an awkward hug.

"Off with you, I've got to go and pick your sister up now."

Drew jumped out and joined the pile of bags and teens waiting for him in the entrance.

"Thanks , Herr Bond!" Connie called out as Dave prepared to rejoin the evening traffic.

"Bye , Dad!"

Dave tooted and waved as he pulled off.


Dave really did have misgivings over this weekend, it was however pretty much the only way that satisfied everyone's needs, Drew's relaxation and Dave's parent / child time.

' I wonder what the girls will have him doing this time.'

“Come on!” Anna beamed as she dragged her case into reception.

“So erm, who's sharing with who?” I hissed to Steff.

“You're in with Con, I've got Anna and the other three are in together, I thought I told you?”

She probably had, but you know me.

to be continued....

© Maddy Bell 15.12.2011

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