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Part 23

When we got to Maddy's I rang home and got my sister in on the plan and told her where the bank pass was. She agreed to square things with dad too, she was a more convincing liar than I was!

Maddy meanwhile had got her mother to agree to the plan and I'm sure I saw a twinkle in Mrs Peter's eye when she looked at me. Ally and Bernie went home promising to return about seven with their nightwear. So here I was, reluctant participant in a girl's PJ party. Other guys would fight to be here but other guys are not dressed so they look more like a girl than some of the girls!

To be truthful I didn't know what to expect. When Ally and Bernie got back, 'Aunt Carol' as she insisted I call her, put a pizza in the oven, Jules must have smelt it as she arrived just as it came out. Afterwards Aunt Carol laid out the rules for the evening.

"Right girls, you're all old enough to know how to behave. I don't want to see naked bodies, the music will be at a reasonable volume and any mess you clear up ok?"

We nodded our ascent.

"Are you staying over Juliette?"

"No, I told dad I'd be home about eleven."

"Ok I'll drop you home then. In the meantime I'm relying on you to keep your sister and her friends in check"

"Yes Mrs Peter's"

"Ok, I'm going round to number seven for a while, I'll be back to take Juliette home ok?"

"Yes mum" Maddy offered

"Now have fun and behave!" she left leaving the five of us alone.

I'm not going to relive the entire evening for you. Do you really need to know who won the Pontoon school (me) or who had to kiss four legs during spin the bottle (Maddy!). after Mrs Peter's took Jules home the rest of us put on our night wear and we settled down for a horror story session. (Is this obligatory at any teen overnight event?) We talked late into the night but we eventually all ended up asleep in Maddy's room.

Saturday dawned nice and bright and after breakfast we all got ready for our trip to the bank with my big pay cheque.

Not having any clothes of my own, Maddy supplied my wardrobe, jeans, T and a wrap top. I think Bernie has got one like it too. With the gaff still on, in truth I had gotten used to it, I really looked like a girl even in jeans.

We walked into town and headed straight to 'Gaby's' bank.

"Hello girls, Gaby"

"Hello Mrs Jenkins"

"Call me Janet girls. What can we do for you today?"

"I've got another cheque to pay in Janet"

I handed her my passbook and the cheque

"Golly Gaby, what did you do?  Rob a bank!"

We all politely laughed at her attempt at humour.

"I did a bit of modelling and this is my pay"

"Well I reckon I'm in the wrong job then"

In truth Janet was a bit of a looker, every time I've seen her she's been wearing trendy stuff and today was no exception. She was certainly not the usual stereotypical bank worker. She quickly put the cheque through the system as she talked.

"Do you want any money out?"

"Er not just now. How long before I can get this money?"

"It should be clear by Wednesday, I hope you're not planning on frittering it away young lady"

"Course not Janet, I was just wondering thanks"

"Well I'll see you all soon then"

"Bye Janet"

"Bye girls"

Our little posse departed the bank and gathered outside.

"What now?"

"Well I need to be home as Drew by one"

"It won't take long to get you sorted, if we get back to Maddy's for eleven we should have time"

"What are we doing then?" I asked

"We'll stop at the baker's and get some buns, we can chill in the park for a while"

What the heck, at least I was wearing jeans and didn't feel quite so exposed.

"Sure why not"

So that's what we did, armed with a bag of assorted doughnuts we spent best part of an hour larking about in the playground before returning to Chez Peter's.

"Drew how are gonna get your boobs off?"

I had already checked out the packet from Sally so knew I had what I needed. I thought I'd wind them up a bit first though.

"Oh no, Sally said I needed a special solvent to get them off" I feigned shock

"Oh my god Drew, you'll be stuck with boobs!"

"I can't go home like this, what can I do?"

"Can we get hold of Sally? Do you know where the studio is?"

"She gave me her number I'll try that"

I dialled a random number and held a quiet conversation with myself.


"It's alright, she said I should use the stuff in this bottle" I flourished the bottle at my friends, "it'll do the job"

Ally made a grab for the bottle and claiming it read the label.

"You fraud Gaby Thomas, you had this all the time" then she playfully lit into me.

"Stop, stop, I give in"

"Getting us all worried for you like that"

"Sorry, I couldn't resist it"

Well I was de-boobed, un-gaffed and through the shower in time for a light lunch. Apart from my highlighted hair and thinned brows, I looked like me again, after half a week as Gaby I never wanted a repeat.

"I'll collect the uniform tomorrow Mad so Jules can wash it"

"That's alright I'll do it with my stuff later and bring it to school Monday"

"Thanks Mad"

"You off Drew?"

"Yes Mrs Peters"

"Well I suggest you take your earrings out before you get home and we'll see you soon"

"Bye everyone"

"Bye Drew" they all answered in kind.

"I thought you'd left home"

"Sorry dad"

"Well you're home now, your mum rang earlier, she sends her love"

I was a bit pissed at missing her call.

"We need to leave in twenty minutes if we're going to get there on time so get your arse in gear young man"

"Yes dad"

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