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Part 22
New Girl

"Wake up girls!"

"Urgh" my mind just about registered the voice.

"Come on Maddy"

My mind couldn't make sense of the words. I heard a door nearby open.

"Come on Gaby, time to get up for school"

I was still struggling to make sense. Who was Gaby? Who was the female telling Gaby to get up for school?

"Come on Gaby, your breakfast is waiting"

"Ugh" I was really articulate, "who? What?"

"Come on young lady, up and at 'em!"

I sort of recognised the instruction was aimed at me through the fuzz of morning and started to get up. I rolled over and something was in the way, something that was a bit of me, something on my chest.


The door banged open to admit a dishevelled Maddy.

"What's the matter Drew?"

Even as the words left her mouth she realised what was up, I was sat bolt upright staring down in fear at my chest and my breasts. My breasts.

"Oh right, I guess they would be a shock if you just woke up with them"

I looked over at my friend with a look of horror on my face.

"Come on Drew or should I say Gaby, you must remember yesterday? School? Photos?"

Something finally registered then.

"Er sorry Mad, I just, well I, I'm not used to having boobs"

"Well you've only got them until Saturday so make the most of them! Now get up and come down for breakfast."

"Be with you in a minute"

It was only after she'd gone that I realised that I was wearing a pair of Mad's satin pj's. Yesterday came flooding back and despite reservations I put on the fuzzy slippers that were by the bed and made my way down to the kitchen.

"There you are Gaby, juice and cereal on the table, do you want tea?"

"Er tea please Mrs Peters"

"Aunt Carol" she replied automatically.

"Er Aunt Carol"

"Maddy you can help Gaby get ready after breakfast, I'll drop you both off today so you've got an extra twenty minutes"

"Ok mum"

We finished eating and then Mad took me to get ready.

"Well don't you two look nice this morning! Come on or you'll be late"

"Here Drew you better take a bag today or people will be suspicious"

Maddy handed me a well-used backpack with assorted girly bits written and attached to it.

"Er thanks"

"There's a pencil case in there and the other stuff you'll need today"

"Come on you two, stop dawdling"

"Gaby nearly forgot her bag"

"You got everything now Gaby?"

"Yes auntie"

"Well get in then"

The journey to school only took ten minutes by car, I was thankful for the ride; a walk to school dressed as a girl was not on my list of favourite things to do!

If you want a blow by blow account of a day in a secondary school, you're in the wrong place! I followed my usual timetable as far as classes went with John snapping away and occasionally organising a set piece. My classmates soon had me pegged as a cheerful but quiet girl and they all treated me just as I appeared, a thirteen year old girl. I spent break and lunch with my 'cousin' and her friends. Clive was attentive which didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the class much to his (and my) chagrin.

In the last period John let me in on Fridays programme.

"Tomorrow you'll join this class for gym and after lunch you'll join the other third years for swimming"


"What's the problem?"

"Er John, you do remember I'm a bit over equipped?"

"Don't worry, Sally will sort you out at lunchtime tomorrow, it'll be fine ok?"

"Well if you say so I guess"

"Right, I'll see you tomorrow then and by the way the hair and nails are great, bye Gab"

"Yeah bye John"

I helped Mad with her homework after dinner and after the previous evening's excitement we spent a quiet time watching telly. 'Aunt Carol' treated me entirely as though I was her niece, I was Gaby! I told Maddy about Friday's arrangements as we sat drinking cocoa.

"How I get away with a swimsuit I don't know?"

"Well I guess we'll find out tomorrow"

"But what about gym? I can hardly get changed with the girls can I?"

"Well most of us wear our gym kit under our uniform"

"Great but what about afterwards? You know showers and stuff?"

"If you take your time tidying up everyone else will have gone, and the showers are not communal like the boys are so you should be ok."

"Hmm" I wasn't convinced.

Well as it turned out Maddy's advice was sound and I got through gym without any problems, even I can manage to play badminton. I had barely finished my lunch when Sally found me and carted me off to an out of use office on the second floor.

"I see you've added to my work, you look really good Drew"

"Gaby please, Sally, just in case you know?"

"Fair enough"

"Maddy's mum worked it all out and insisted a bit of help wouldn't go amiss."

"The boobs holding up ok?"

"Yeah, I've even sort of got used to them"

"Well for this afternoon you have a real treat. Ta da!"

"What is that?"

Sally was brandishing a skin tone something at me.

"This young lady, will keep your secret safe this afternoon, it's called a gaff and this is a professional one"


"Well this will hide your bits and make you look just like a girl"

"Why didn't I have it for gym this morning, I was certain I would be found out"

"Well it's not exactly comfortable if you're not used to it so we thought we'd not use it until we had to. Come on, I'll let you put it on yourself, I'll wait outside"

She handed me the garment and left the room. I examined it and worked out what I needed to do, if you think about it I'm sure you can work it out too. I slipped 'my' panties off and pulled on the gaff, after a bit of fiddling with my bits to get them comfortable I was done. I pulled my panties back on and called Sally back in.

"What do you think?"

"Well I guess my bits are well hidden, I don't have a bulge at all"

"That's the idea, you can even use the toilet with it on. Now don't be bashful I need to just finish you off with this tape, so pants down, skirt up!"

Well I was covered wasn't I. I complied and Sally applied what looked like surgical tape around the gaff, when she'd done you couldn't see the join of skin and gaff.

"Ok young lady, you could pass all but a very close inspection, you even have a reasonably realistic pussy"

Well I sort of knew what a pussy was, I mean like all the guys claimed to have seen one but I actually had one of my own. Even if it was only temporary thankfully.

"Ok Gaby, showtime. Tidy yourself up, Mrs Johnston has given me a costume for you, here"

She gave me a piece of blue Lycra that didn't look like it would cover very much. I shook it out to find a school regulation one piece cossy, blue with the school crest on the left hip.

"Er thanks I think"

"Don't worry, it'll be ok. Now off with you"

"Er, thanks Sally"

"No problem now go!"

I stuffed the costume into my backpack where I already had one of Mrs Peter's towels stowed. Everyone was rushing around after registration to get to fifth period; I headed to the entrance and spotted Ally and Maddy who also had swimming this afternoon.

"Ah here she is, come on Gaby we haven't got all day" Miss Burton intoned.

"Sorry miss"

"Right everyone, out to the minibus"

I should explain here that our school had never deemed a pool essential so the school minibus took swim classes down to the pool in Mansfield. No one complained, we got out of lessons alternate Friday afternoons this year and most of the session wasn't formal. We arrived and Miss Burton joined us girls in the changing rooms. I managed to snag a corner cubicle and after a fight with my bra I emerged wearing 'my' costume.

I joined everyone else at poolside to some astonished looks from Maddy and Ally and appraisal from the rest.

"Ok class quiet down. You've all seen Mr Dover around school taking photo's, he'll be here in about half an hour to take a few shots at the pool. So" she looked at one of the boys, Gavin I think, "I don't want any horsing around"

"No miss" we all replied almost in unison.

"Right, swimmers over in the main pool, non swimmers wait here. Oh Gaby can you stay here too please"

I was a bit annoyed; Drew is a fairly good swimmer after all. So I spent the first part of the 'lesson' and Johns photo session in the kiddie pool with the bricks (non-swimmers). Admittedly swimming with boobs and a one piece cossy was a new experience but by the time the formal lesson was over I had adapted to my new buoyancy devices!

"Over here Gab!"

"Hi Ally, I'm glad that's over"

"You look really, erm, like a girl Gaby"

"Well I wouldn't want to be exposed would I"

Maddy arrived at our little coven.

"You look fab Gabs, how'd you manage it?"

After making sure no one else was within earshot I whispered to my mates.

"It's called a gaff, it's a bit uncomfortable but I think it looks like the real thing" (I'd no point of reference!) "Least ways Sally said it did"

"Well it looks real enough from here and how come your costume fits better than everyone else's?"

I shrugged

"Well I guess it is new"

A voice broke into our conversation.

"Come on you three, you're supposed to be swimming"

"Yes Miss"

When we got back to school Mr Wood was waiting.

"Gaby can I see you in my office please"

"Yes sir"

The others gave me a knowing look.

"We'll wait for you by the gate Gab"

"Ok, see you in a bit"

I followed Mr Wood to his office where he bade me sit.

"Well Drew, Mr Dover tells me things went really well and he's got all the pictures for the brochure. I have to thank you for doing this for us"

"Thank you sir" I meekly replied

"Did you enjoy this week?"

I had to think carefully before I replied.

"Well sort of. I mean it was sort of cool fooling everyone into thinking I was a girl, but it was a bit of a drag (no pun intended) wearing the girls uniform and specially the swimming costume, that was just so weird!"

Mr Wood just nodded occasionally while I talked.

"Well I guess we won't be seeing Gaby back on Monday then?" he sort of half joked.

"Definitely not, I'll be back in my own uniform!" I replied with some vehemence.

He leant forward to his desk and removed an envelope from his drawer.

"Well, young man, I managed to get you the going rate for the job, don't spend it all at once" he joked as he handed me my pay for the week.

"Thank you sir"

"Ok Drew, off you go and thanks again"

"Oh and Drew, John gave me this for you from his assistant"

I took the proffered package and left the Head's office.

I didn't think it was polite to look in the envelope while I was in the office so I waited until I was crossing the car park to meet the others.


"What's up Gab?"

"I just got paid and it's like a lot"

"How much Drew?" Bernie asked

"Four hundred and fifty pounds!" I still couldn't believe it.

"But Drew it's made out to Gaby"

I silently cussed Mr Wood again. This was the second time he had done this to me!

"I suppose I'll have to go to the bank as Gaby again," I said resigned to the idea.

"You got your bank book?"

"No it's at home in my room, why?"

"Well you could stay as Gaby tonight and we could go to the bank in the morning, it's open 'till twelve"

"I 'spose, but I've got a race tomorrow afternoon"

"We'll go down early then" Bernie proposed

"You can get Juliette to bring your bank book round to Maddy's" Ally added

"We could have a sleepover! " Maddy enthused

"I guess we could do the bank in the morning then"

"What about your mum Mad?"

"She'll agree, she really likes Gab, she is family after all!" even I joined in with the ensuing laughter.

Maddy Bell 09.04.03

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