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Part 21
Gaby Exposed

Mrs Peters was now unsure as to how to proceed. Accuse 'Gaby' of being Drew? Ignore it and see what develops? The two youngsters were certainly not acting 'strangely', Maddy obviously knew the truth or did she? And Jenny in Europe too! By the end of the meal she had made her decision for better or worse.

"Right girls, I think you have something you need to tell me?"

"We do?" Maddy asked in all innocence.

"I'm not stupid Madeline, now I would appreciate the truth"

"About what Mum?" Mad was really playing this while I had got an inkling that she knew.

"If I have to spell it out. Why is Drew Bond sat at my table wearing your dress?"

Well the cards were on the table sure enough. I just sat there trying to sink into the solid dining chair. Maddy was not ready to give up yet though.

"He's not, this is Gaby!"

"Look girls, I'm not angry and I'm not going to argue. I will keep up the pretence but please tell me what's going on"

"Sorry Mrs Peters"

"No Gaby" Mad butted in.

"Its alright Mad, we better come clean. Yes it is me, Drew, but how did you know?"

"Well Drew it was the way you eat that really gave you away. You always eat my tagliatelle with such enjoyment and gusto; you did the same just now. I've never seen anyone enjoy it like you except for 'Gaby'."

At least I hadn't been spotted as such. Sheesh there is just so much to watch when you're a girl!

"Are you going to tell me what's going on, I'm not really happy that you were both half naked in Maddy's bedroom"


"Oh I think I can trust you both but I think I deserve that explanation and start at the beginning please?"

"Ok Mrs Peters, but can you call me Gaby while I'm dressed like this please?"

"Alright Gaby, now hit me with it"

Between us we gave her the full story much as I told Sally this morning.

"I'm not sure I can believe all this but I guess the evidence is in front of me. Who else knows?"

"Just the gang Mum"

"And Mr Wood, Mrs Johnston, Sally and John the photographer"

"Oh and Juliette"

"Is that everyone?"

"Yes Mrs Peters"

"What about your parents Gaby?"

"Well they sort of know about this week, I don't know what Mr Wood told mum though"

"Ok then, it seems you kids know what you are doing so I won't pull the plug but there are conditions"

"Conditions?" Maddy asked

"Yes conditions, number one: You Gaby are staying here till the weekend, in the spare room. We can't have Maddy's cousin staying at the Bond's can we.

Number two: I won't have you two alone in a bedroom, if the other girls are here fine but otherwise it's a no no. And lastly number three, I'm taking you to Mrs Morgan for a quick makeover. Ok guys?"

I breathed a sigh of relief; things had gone better than I thought possible. I heard Maddy relax too.

"Yes mum"

"That will be great Mrs Peters"

"Not Mrs Peters Gaby, Aunt Carol right"

"Yes Auntie"

"Fine that's settled then. What time is your sister coming over?"

"About seven?"

"Ok, I'll ring Sylvia and arrange your makeover and we can all go together."

'Aunt Carol' got up and went to the hall phone.

"What a turn up Gab!"

"I guess your mums right with the conditions, it does make sense"

"Lets do the washing up"


We collected the plates and dishes and carried them through to the kitchen. I caught a bit of the phone conversation as we crossed the hall.

" niece Gaby, I must have told you about her Sylv...yes till the weekend, thought I'd pamper the girls a bit if you don't eight o'clock's fine, see you then...bye"

"Well that's sorted then. Eight o'clock so we don't need to rush. When you've finished the dishes we'll get you dressed a bit more modestly eh Gaby?"

"Yes Mrs.. I mean aunt"

Maddy stifled a laugh at my discomfort.

Well I was grateful in the end for Mrs Peters intervention. Maddy changed out of her jeans into pedal pushers and I got the use of Maddy's knee length shorts teamed with a T. (it might have been a t shirt but it was cropped and emphasised my chest quite a lot!) I was just about dressed when Jules arrived a bit late.

"Hi Mrs Peters"

"Hello Juliette, Maddy and my niece will be down in a minute"

"Your niece?"

"Yes you know Gaby don't you? She's staying for a few days"

Juliette was a bit confused by this statement.

Hearing me and Maddy on the stairs, Aunt Carol continued

"Here they are, I'm treating everyone to a beauty session at 'Sylvia's', I thought you'd all enjoy a girlie night!"

"Hello Juliette, you are coming aren't you?"

"Er yes Mad, that's a great idea Mrs Peters, thanks"

All the while she was looking at me stood next to my 'cousin'.

"Erm, could someone tell me what's happening please?"

"Alright Jules..." And so between us we filled my sister in on the plan. She'd tell Dad I was staying with Rhod, which we would square tonight with his mum.

"Ok now we have that sorted, are you girls ready?"

"Yes mum"

"Yes Auntie Carol"

"Yes Mrs Peters"

"Come on then"

The drive to 'Sylvia's', Mrs Morgan's salon cum boutique only took a few minutes and we were inside a few minutes before Sylvia, Rhod's mum finished her previous clients nails and came to talk.

"Hi Carol, Maddy, Juliette" this was the classier of three local ladies salons so all the girls came here, "and this shy thing must be Gaby"

"Yes my niece is a bit quiet isn't she"

"Muuum" Maddy glowered

"Ok ladies, what are we doing tonight?"

"Oh I think faces and nails for this pair" Aunt Carol indicated my sister and 'cousin', "and I leave Gaby to you, her mums never done the salon thing with her"

"What about you Carol?"

"I'm in tomorrow anyway so I'll just have a coffee and chat"

"Well I think you could give me a hand, you do Juliette and Madeline and I'll concentrate on Gaby here. I'll do their nails if you like"

"No I don't mind, come on you two over here"

"Sit down then Gaby, what's it short for?"

"Gabrielle Mrs Morgan"

"Oh call me Sylvia, everyone else does. Ok lets have a look at you"

I was inspected close enough that I thought I must be uncovered but after a minute Sylv made her pronouncement.

"Right young lady, facial, arm and leg wax, pedicure and manicure"

"Is like the waxing really necessary Sylv?"

To be truthful it wasn't the result that bothered me but the girls always went on about how much it hurt and I'm a wimp!

"I bet the others have been laying it on haven't they?"

I nodded

"It's not that bad really and I know you will love the results. You'll never want to 'just' shave again."

"Uh ok then"

Well for the next hour I was treated to all sorts of stuff, I quickly relaxed when Sylv put the face pack on and I dropped off, I was so relaxed.

"Gaby, Gaby, wakey, wakey"


"Well I think you enjoyed that. It's the first time anyone has ever slept through a waxing!"

"You looked so sweet Gab, we didn't want to wake you" Maddy added.

I tried to glower back but it was more of a sneer.

"Come on girls, and thanks again Sylv"

"No problem Carol and Gaby I expect to see you again soon eh"

"Thanks Sylv, I will" it just seemed polite to reply in the affirmative.

"Bye" the others chorused and we were on our way back to Maddy's.

"I'll drop you home Juliette ok"

"Fine thanks Mrs Peters, and thank you for tonight"

"That's all right, I told your mum I'd keep an eye out for you two"

"Yes thanks 'Auntie', I think I enjoyed it"

The others had a fit of giggles at that. We dropped my sister off and we were soon back at 'Castle Peters'.

"Ok you two, bed at ten thirty, you've both got school tomorrow. Gaby I'll sort you out some night clothes, I'll leave them in your room."


"Thanks Mrs Peters"

"Right you two, I'm off to bed, I'll see you in the morning, goodnight"

"Night mum"

"Night Mrs Peters"

After she went upstairs Maddy and I went into the lounge.

"Where's your Dad?"

"Oh he's in America for some business thing, he's not back till Sunday"

"My legs feel really weird after that waxing"

"Cool eh, we were sure you'd wake up, especially when she did your pits"

I immediately felt under my arms and sure enough they were hairless.

"I must have been really tired I guess"

"How do you like your nails"

I inspected my now even fingernails, a little longer than I remembered and now sporting a French polish.

"Well they do look a lot better"

"I had mine done the same look." She showed me her hands; "This is like really cool. Oh you haven't seen your hair yet either"


"Don't worry, it's just a few highlights"

That didn't reassure me.

"Come on you can look in the downstairs loo, there's a big mirror"

She led me to the downstairs bathroom and stood me in front of the mirror. Staring back at me was Maddy's twin sister! The 'few' highlights really made me look girlier and my eyebrows had received their second working over of the day. I was gob smacked. My hair was somehow fuller at the back and I now had bangs the same as Maddy.

Who's who? Well I, that's Gaby, am on the left!

"I think Drew, you need to sit down"

She took me back to the lounge and we sat together on the sofa.

"Don't worry, we can disguise your eyebrows next week and we can get your hair put back but lets face it, no one is gonna think you're a boy tomorrow"

"I guess that's the idea. I was just a bit surprised that's all."

We sat and talked for a bit, then Maddy made us some Horlicks(r) and we went up to bed.

"G'night Gaby"

"Night Mad, see you in the morning"

Well my nightclothes were I guess what you'd expect for a thirteen year old girl, pink satin pj's! I suppose I had at least escaped a nightdress! I undressed and realised that I had missed my pedicure as well while I slept at the salon. My toenails were now

All painted with cherry red polish.

I can tell you, I didn't get to sleep easily. My dreams were bizarre and mostly on the lines of me being discovered as a boy in a dress. One thing though, I was sure that although I had come into it voluntarily this time, I didn't enjoy dressing as a girl. It was all right I guess, the buzz was in fooling my schoolmates. Even Sylv, Mrs Morgan, didn't guess! But eventually slumber came.

Maddy Bell 30.03.03

Copyright (c) 2003

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