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Part 20

"You look wrecked"

"Oh thank you 'cousin'"

"Oh come on Drew it's not that bad!"

"It's alright for you, you didn't get boobs in one day"

"True enough, I was gonna ask how you managed to get such great tits, I thought you'd just stuff the bra with tights or something"

"That's how I started this morning, but Sally, the makeup lady had these and stuck them on "

"Stuck them on?"

"Yeah, I'm sort of stuck with them"

"This I have to see"

I was getting a bit embarrassed, even if it was Maddy. Here I was a boy and a girl is asking to see my boobs! Seeing my expression Mad went on,

"Oh come on Drew, you can just take your blouse off and I can see"

"I guess. Oh no, dad's gonna see them when I get home, I can't hide these can I?"

"I'll lend you a baggy top if you want, but why not just tell him? I mean he knows your doing the photo's and dressing up doesn't he?"

"Yeah I guess so, I just feel so conspicuous"

"Well apart from 'new girl' syndrome no one at school has a clue"

"How do you know?"

"Something like 'there's a boy in a skirt' would be round the school in a flash and I would certainly know as your supposed to be my cousin, it would get back mark my words'

"I guess your right"

"You know I am. When we get to my place, just remember you're not Drew in front of mum, after tea I'll do your nails."

"Do my nails? Why?"

"Trust me, it's a girl thing"

"But you're not allowed to wear nail varnish"

"Coloured varnish no but clears ok and your nails need it"

I had to check my nails, and I guess they weren't exactly ladylike, broken, uneven, even a little chewed. I realised they could be a give away, I mean a girl looking like I do would look after her nails.

We reached Maddy Towers and Mrs Peters greeted us.

"Hi Maddy"

"Hi mum, you remember Gaby from the dance?"

"Of course I do, hello Gaby, you staying for tea?"

"Yes please Mrs Peters"

"It'll be about half an hour then girls"

"Thanks mum"

"Thanks Mrs Peters"

"Come on Gab, I'll show you that dress"

Maddy led the way up to her room.

Mrs Peters frowned as she watched her daughter and her new friend going up the stairs. There was something familiar about that girl, something not quite right. She looked and acted every bit as she appeared, if a little shy but no that wasn't it. 'Perhaps I know her mother?' she shook her head and put the tagliatelle in the pan.

"Come on Gabs, let's see your boobs!"

A little devil crept in to my mind at this point.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

Gaby wasn't expecting that he could tell by her expression. She seemed to think that through carefully before answering.

"Well I guess I strip in front of the other girls and you're another girl now right"

"Er yes"

"Ok then but I'm keeping my bra on and I 'spose you should too in case mum comes up"

"Suits me, come on then"

As if there was a hidden cue we both turned away from the other and we removed our blouses. We turned around to face each other again.

We looked at each other, me with lust and Maddy with amazement.

"Wow Gabs they are just so awesome"

"Well yours are pretty nice too"

"Yeah but if I didn't know I would just never guess they weren't real, can I look closer"

"I guess so"

She moved to look better, to be truthful I didn't mind as I got a better view of her real boobs.

"They are just so good, even up close I can't see the join"

There was a knock at the door and without thinking Maddy answered.

"Come in"

Mrs peters came in to the room.

"Tea's nearly ready girls, get some clothes on and wash up"

"Ok mum"

Mrs Peters was even more confused now, Gaby certainly looked to be all girl stood there in her bra, but there was definitely something about her.

After her mum had gone Maddy went across to the wardrobe and emerged a minute later brandishing some clothing.

"Here put this on" she thrust a bundle in to my hands.

Inhibitions forgotten, she turned and removed her skirt and started dressing; I decided I had best follow suit.

We were both soon dressed, Maddy in jeans and T and I wasn't pleased to find I had a yellow spandex minidress.

"Roll your socks down Drew"


"Just do it"

Sighing I did as requested.

"Come on lets eat"

Maddy led the way via the bathroom to the dining room.

"That dress suits you Gaby"

"Er thanks Mrs Peters"

"Come on sit down and tuck in"

Mrs Peters watched the two girls eating and then something in Gaby's mannerisms made a connection and it all clicked. Looking more closely, yes she was sure now, it was Drew Bond sat at her table. She was in a quandary now, did she ignore this new development or do something, this would take some thinking about. The pretty girl sitting at her table certainly looked the model of a teenager on the brink of driving the boys wild!

Maddy Bell 30.03.03

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