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Part 19
Gaby at School

Well I rode that ten like a boy (girl?) possessed! The timekeeper hove into view and I was finished and freewheeling down into Cuckney village. I couldn't tell you much about the ride; I had put all my concentration into it, blocking out my appearance and any thoughts of my soon 'official' time as Gaby.

"Excellent ride young Bond, your mother will be proud"

"Er what did I do?" I asked the timekeeper.


"Wow, that's only ten seconds off my personal"

"Well done, everyone else is slower this week."

I was really chuffed at this insight; I could only put it down to concentrating more.

"See you next week then?"

"I expect so, bye"

"Bye lass"

I could see that a revelation about my sex was getting to be less of an option at the ten, I could only hope that the 'Life of Gaby' at school remained the secret it was supposed to be. I had sworn Maddy to secrecy earlier, but would she, indeed could she resist the temptation to tell the guy's? I was hoping so but I knew she was itching to tell someone.

I got home and as I used the outside shower, I was free of makeup when I got indoors where Jules was watching telly.

"Hi sis"

"Hi Drew"

"What you watching?"


"Any good?"

She turned to look at me,

"Ok I guess, you've got earrings in!" it was a statement. I had of course forgotten all about the little gold loops Maddy had put in earlier.

"Er yes. Erm I guess I better tell you what's happening"

That got her attention.

"What's up Drew, come on spill!"

"Well Mr Wood has asked me to be the featured 'pupil' in the new school brochure"

"Great Drew but what's with the ears?"

"Um, well it's not that straight forward. I'm not the model, Gaby is."


"Well Mr Wood knew it was me at the dance and he wanted an anonymous pupil for the pictures so he asked me yesterday if I'd mind dressing up as Gaby to do the photo's."

"What will Dad and Dum say?"

"He already spoke to mum and she told him I could if I wanted"

"But I didn't think you liked dressing in girls stuff?"

"I don't but he's gonna pay me and I get out of school lessons for a few days!"

"This is like so strange. I mean my little brother is going to be in school dressed as a girl! Because the Head wants him to, this is just so weird."

"Tell me about it. Anyway we went to get the uniform and stuff today and Mad got the earrings for me, she said it would be more convincing"

"Mad knows?"

"Yeah, but she's the only one except now you. She helped out today but that's all."

"Weirder and weirder"

"Anyway, Mrs Johnston is picking me up in the morning and I have to wear the uniform."

"Ooh let's see?"

"Not now, you can help me get ready in the morning"

"Oh! What about dad?"

"I've got a letter for him from Mr Wood"

"The Head really thought of everything eh?"

"I guess so, I mean it wouldn't look good on him if I was found out would it?"

"Guess not. Anyway those earrings look good on you, I wish mum would let me get mine done."

"I bet if you asked she'd let you, especially now as mine are done."

"I'll ask when she rings tomorrow then"

"Go for it. Anyway I'm pooped; I'm off to bed. See you in the morning, night!"

"Night Drew"

Well morning came around all too quickly and Gaby was about to return with a vengeance. While I dressed myself in the uniform I rationalised that I was doing this for the money, I mean I really didn't enjoy dressing as a girl. Although Dad knew about the heads deception plan he was gone before Gaby made an appearance.

"Strewth Drew, even without the wig and makeup you look like Maddy's sister!"

"Thanks I think. I'm not sure why I've got to wear this bra though, after all I've not got anything to put in it."

"I always used to use balled up socks you should try that"

"Perhaps, is there any milk in that carton?"

"Yeah, here" Jules passed the milk over, "I'll get you some 'stuffing' while you have breakfast"

"Ok thanks"

By the time I had finished my corn flakes Jules was back.

"Undo your blouse"

I followed her instruction and after a bit of prodding and 'moulding' I had passable breasts. With the blouse done back up and my tie on even I was reasonably confident I could pull the deception off.

Mrs Johnston picked me up and we drove the few miles to Worksop and the photographer's studio.

"I thought the pictures would be in school Mrs Johnston?"

"They will be 'Gaby', but we need to finish getting you ready first and it was easier to bring you here than get Sally to come to the school, after all she has other customers too."

"Who's Sally?"

"Sorry dear, Sally's the make up artist that John our photographer uses, she knows what's going on and with her help no one will know about your alter ego. Ah here we are"

The studio was housed in a converted shop unit on Chesterfield Road. I was ushered in and we were greeted by a woman of about thirty.

"Hi Mary and I take it this is Drew?"

"Gaby Sally"

"Fine well hi Gaby, come on through lets make you beautiful for your public!"

This woman was scary!

"Ok lets see what we've got" she seated me at a table and started turning my face this way and that. "Well you are much better than I envisioned when John told me about all this. What are you using for boobs?"



"Yeah my sisters idea, she said she used to use them for a bit extra"

"Well I think I can do better than that for you and your face doesn't really need any more than most schoolgirls wear, a bit of lippy, liner and we'll tidy those brows a bit"

"You're not gonna pluck them are you?"

"Just a few unruly ones, don't worry you'll still look like a boy afterwards. Mary do you want to go and get a coffee while I sort young Gaby out?"

"If you don't mind I'll pop out as I've got another couple of errands to run while I'm in town. How long do you need?"

"Oh I reckon we'll be done here by ten"

"Fine. See you about ten then"

Mrs Johnston left leaving me in Sally's clutches.

"How did you end up volunteering for this then Drew?"

Well you don't need me to repeat the story so far do you? Sally worked on my face as I told the tale in abbreviated form.

"There we are, that's your face done. Pop off your blouse and bra and we'll sort you out a better pair of boobs eh?"

I guessed she meant some sort of false breasts but I wasn't sure why I had to take the bra off. Surely you put the falsies in the bra didn't you? Well I complied while Sally slipped out for a few minutes.

"Ok Drew sit back, I won't be a minute"

I sat back down and closed my eyes as I went through events in my head. I felt Sally wipe my chest with something then one and a second cold something landed on my chest. She fussed around for a bit then announced,

"How's that feel Drew?"

"Er, a bit odd actually"

"Well you'll soon get used to it

I could feel two something's pulling on my chest that seemed to sway a bit as I sat back up. When I looked down two very real looking breasts confronted me. When I say real I mean that I couldn't even see a join, and I couldn't resist cupping them in my hands.



"Well you'll need to know, I think you're about 32B every girl knows what bra size they are."

"Oh right. They're so real"

"Great aren't they" she replied proudly. "With those on your chest no one will ever guess you're not a girl. The glue will last until the weekend; I'll give you some solvent to take them off then. Now young lady you'd better get dressed before Mary, Mrs Johnston gets back"

"Oh right. You mean I'm stuck with these until the weekend?"

"Of course silly, John will be taking pictures of you today, tomorrow and Friday so this will save a lot of time. Mrs Johnston will do your make up the rest of the week."

Just then Mrs J returned.

"All ready I see. You ok Gaby?"

"Yes miss"

"Ok then, thanks Sally"

"No problem Mary, see you soon. And Gaby"

"Yes Sally?"

"Take care and good luck"

"Thanks, bye Sally"


"Come on young lady, let's get you back to school"

"Yes miss"

We got back to Warsop as morning break was starting. Mr Wood was really impressed with my appearance.

"Well Gaby, what we are going to do is this. Today you'll sit in on your normal classes; John will sit in as well and will take general classroom shots. Tomorrow we'll do the classroom close ups and Friday it's the fillers, the canteen, arriving at school, sports."

"Sports sir?"

"Don't worry about it today. Come on I'll 'introduce' you to your classmates"

"Yes sir"

We met John the photographer on the way to double English.

"Before Mr Cartwright starts the lesson I want to introduce a couple of people to you. This" he urged me forward, "is Gaby Thomas, Madeline Peters cousin. She will be sitting in on your lessons this week as she has kindly agreed to be a model for us. Mr Dover you will probably recognise as the school photographer. He will be joining you too. John"

"Thanks headmaster, I'll be quick so Mr Cartwright can get on with his lesson. Ignore me, I might pop up next to you brandishing a camera, just forget I'm here. Tomorrow I will be taking lots of pictures of Gaby here so I don't need any more starlets!"

That received a chortle through the room and effectively pre-empted several prima donna performances.

"Ok, that's all from me, Mr Wood?"

"Thank you Mr Dover, I trust 2B are adult enough to do as they are asked?"

"Yes Sir Mr Wood" the class replied in unison.

"Right then Mr Cartwright they are all yours"

"Thank you headmaster. Gaby, as Drew Bond is off today you can take his seat next to Paul Jones there." He indicated my usual seat next to Paul.

"Ok today we are going to start looking at contemporary poetry"

You don't really need me to go through the lesson blow by blow. Paul kept giving me looks, but he had met Gaby before. I caught several girls checking me out and most of the boys found some excuse to look my direction. From time to time John popped up amongst the desks snapped a few frames and then slunk back off to the rear of the class.

The tone was set for my first day at school as Gaby; physics and maths completed the day. Of course at lunch I got the third, fourth and fifth degree from my classmates and peers. Maddy rescued me; she had by now filled in the rest of the gang and seeing that I knew a few people my classmates let me be. It didn't stop the looks, particularly from the lads, but the gang plus Clive and Paul was enough to keep contact with the general hoi poloi to a minimum. 

Four o'clock couldn't come quick enough! We had decided that I would go home with Maddy then Jules would 'collect' me later. I certainly didn't want people picking up that I was going home to the Bond house and as I was supposed to be Maddy's cousin this arrangement was at least logical.

Maddy Bell 29.03.03

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