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Part 18
Gaby rides again!

"Come on you two, we're all going to Retford market with Bernie's mum"

"And your both coming, mum said!"

Well how could we argue with that sort of determination? We both got our stuff and met the others at the corner where Bernie's mum was waiting in her Previa. We all piled in and we were on our way to Retford.

The market we were headed for is much like the town, quite small and old fashioned, but it was a real outdoor market in the streets. It's not far away, I could have ridden my bike there in under an hour, and in the SUV it took about forty minutes even going via Worksop!

"Ok kids"


"Sorry, okay it's nearly one thirty now, meet me at the cross at three thirty"

"Alright Mrs Rose"

"And no moping you two" that comment was to me and Jules.

"No Mrs Rose"

"Okay, have fun and I'll see you later, bye"

"Bye" we all echoed.

Mrs Rose headed off towards the top of the market, while the six of us went the other way. It never ceases to amaze me what you can find at these markets, fruit and veg of course, shoes, clothing of all types, carpets, watches, Hoovers - well pretty much anything really.

We moved through the stalls slowly avoiding prams and shopping trolleys, extolling the virtues of this and that, buying an apple each and generally just taking it easy. It sure did take my mind off mums' departure. I got engrossed in a 'previously owned' book stall and ended up buying four Discworld books for ten pounds which I thought was a good deal.

Jules bought some fancy candles, as did Maddy who bought some joss sticks from the same stall as well. Bernie bought a new purse from this guy making all sorts of leather stuff there on the market! Kewl! Ally wasn't going to leave empty handed, she found a neat sort of spiderweb top on this stall selling all sorts of Goth stuff. Only Rhod didn't succumb to the charms of the market, instead Smith's took his cash for a gaming magazine!

It was amazing how the time went, in fact we were a bit late meeting Mrs Rose at the market cross.

"Everyone happy?"

"Yes thanks"

"Juliette, Drew? You alright?"

"Fine thanks Mrs Rose" Jules answered for both of us. I'm sure mum had set this trip up before she went, to keep us occupied.

"Right then, back to the car, we'll stop at the Maccy D's at Markham Moor on the way back."

The general consensus was that that was an OK plan, so we trotted after Bernie's mum to the Toyota and piled in. the car was full of chatter, three conversations going up and down the vehicle and we were quickly at the food emporium.

Our boisterous party fell on the restaurant with glee; the other customers sat quietly eating were bemused by the sudden influx of noise.

"We flew round the island last week on the tandem"

"You never told us about last week Drew" Maddy stated

To be fair, my buds were polite enough to listen to my ramblings about me and mums racing and (I think to shut me up) usually enquired how I got on. With everything going off this last week, they hadn't had the latest instalment of Drew Bond - cycling superstar!

So between mouthfuls of French Fries and Burger I had to relate how we swept nearly all before us as mum and I heroically took second place! I don't think anyone except Jules dropped off from boredom! We finished eating and Mrs Rose ushered us back to the car. Back at Warsop, our taxi dropped everyone off, Jules and I were the last.

"You two going to be ok?" Mrs Rose asked

"Yes thanks, Dad should be back about seven"

"Well you know where we are if you need anything"

"Thanks Mrs Rose"

"Yeah thanks"

"Bye Jules, bye Drew" Bernie called from the car

"Bye Bernie" I waved back

"Thanks again Mrs Rose, bye" Jules added.

Well dad got back and brought pizza with him, all in all today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Sunday was odd to say the least. I went for a ride on my own then dad and I drove down to Nottingham track to watch the racing in the afternoon, jules went round to her mates. Dad was doing his best to keep me occupied and I guess it was sort of working.

Monday started off much as usual until mid morning break when I was summoned to the Heads office.

"Ah young Mr Bond, come in and sit down"

As you don't argue with Mr Wood I took the proffered chair.

"Don't look so worried Drew, you're not in trouble."

I started breathing again.

"In fact I'm rather hoping that you can do me a favour"

"If I can Mr Wood" I offered

"Well wait to see what I want first"


"You were quite amazing at the dance, your costume was really excellent and from what I hear no one except your friends knows it was you that won"

"I don't think so, no ones said anything"

"Well that does have something to do with what I want to ask you"

"How Sir?"

"Well Drew, we have to produce a school brochure for new and prospective parents and students. We obviously need to take some photos of students in the school but it seems everyone thinks they are a comic and we never get good pictures. That's where I hope you can help out. I or rather the school would like you to dress up for us, in school uniform, and we will feature you in the brochure. I ran the idea past your mother when she came in last week and she has left it to you to decide."

"I don't get it sir, I just have to wear my uniform for some pictures?"

"Sorry Drew I didn't make myself clear did I? We want you to be your alter ego, Gaby is it? That is you will be, as far as anyone else is concerned a girl."

I'm sure my jaw hit the floor. Here was my headmaster suggesting I should become a girl for his brochure photo's, did he think I liked it or something. I guess he could tell by my expression that I was shocked by this 'offer'.

"Before you decide, I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with you or that you're a 'sissy'. I just think that you and your friends pulled off a very good stunt faultlessly and if you decide to do it we'll do it properly, I've already had a 'modelling' fee authorised by the governors, and no they won't know it's you either. What do you say?"

I was still in shock at his proposal.

"I don't know sir"

"Tell you what, think about today and tonight, let me know in the morning okay?"

"Yes sir"

"Well, you best get along, lessons start in two minutes and you don't want to be late now"

"No sir, thank you sir"

I hurriedly made my exit and headed to double maths.

Well as you might guess my thoughts rarely strayed from the proposal for the rest of the day. I didn't even mention it when I met the gang later on, I knew what their reaction would be and I really didn't want to dress up again (although I knew I would have to for the bank).

So I surprised myself next morning when I went to Mr Wood's office.

"Come in Drew"

"Thank you Sir"

"Made a decision?"

"Yes sir"


"Oh sorry sir. I guess I'll do it, but like no one else gets to know?"

"I'm not going to broadcast it Drew"

"In that case, yes I'll do it."

"Great stuff lad."

"When do we er I start?"

"I hoped you'd agree so I've already got you excused lessons today. Mrs Johnson will look after you and take you to get a girls uniform in Mansfield, but I guess you need a makeover first, do you need any of friends to help out?"

"Er please sir Maddy Philips, it was her wig that I wore at the dance and she did my makeup too"

"Ok then, take this note and you are both excused for the day, go and get 'changed and I will get Mrs Johnson to pick you both up from your house at lets say eleven thirty. That ok?"

"Yes sir"

"Ok Drew off you go and thank you for doing this"

Why the heck was I doing this? It must have been the promise of a 'modelling' fee; I certainly didn't want to dress as a schoolgirl really. I found Maddy and after showing her Mr Wood's letter spent the walk to her house explaining everything.

"So Mrs Johnson is going to take us to buy you a girls uniform?"

"Yeah that's the plan"

"This is just so strange!"

Mrs Johnson did a double take when she knocked at the door!

"No kidding, I can't believe I agreed to do it"

"Well at least you'll get paid"

"I guess"

"Come on, we haven't got long to get you ready"

Well Maddy excelled herself and by the time Mrs Johnson arrived to pick us up I was dressed quite casually in a green t shirt, off white trousers and a pair of Juliette's sandals.

"We don't want anyone to find out your not a girl, what do I call you?"

"We christened her Gaby Mrs Johnson"

"Ok Gaby it is then. Right let's get on then"

So it was that one of my teachers took me, Drew, to the school outfitters, dressed as a girl to buy a girls school uniform! Yes I'm confused. Maddy wasn't helping either, even in the car she was calling me Gaby!

"Right young lady, we've got your tie, skirt and blouse, we need to get you shoes, socks and underwear too. That's how I ended up back in the shoe store being served by Sarah again.

"Did the dance go ok?"

"Er yes thanks, the shoes were really comfortable"

"Well what can we do for you today Gaby"

"I er have to get some school shoes?"

"Size five wasn't it?"

"Er yes"

"Right then over here"

Sarah soon had me kitted out with a pair of what she called 'Mary Jane' Kickers much like those worn by lots of my female schoolmates.

"Bye Gaby"

"Bye Sarah"

Time was getting on by the time we got back to Warsop so Mrs Johnson dropped me, Maddy and my new uniform straight off at home.

"Now don't forget Drew, I'll pick you up here in the morning and take you to the studio in Worksop. They're expecting us and will do your makeup for the shoot, just be ready in the uniform at eight thirty ok?"

"Yes miss"

"Ok then I'll see you in the morning."

"Lets see you with it all on then Drew" Maddy dictated

"Okay then, I best try it all together"

 I was quickly dressed in the uniform and presented myself before Maddy.

"Kewl, I got something for you in Mansfield, here" she gave me a small paper packet.

"What is it?"

"A pair of gold hoops, here let me put them in for you"

"Ok I guess"

She soon had the tiny gold 'sleepers' in my ears then stood back.

"You know, if I didn't know I'd think you were a girl!"

"Golly, is that the time?"

"Yeah, oh blast I need to get ready for the ten!"

"Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow perhaps"

"Well you might see Gaby I 'spose"


"Bye Mad, and thanks for helping today"

"No sweat Drew, bye" and with that she was gone.

So Gaby rides again!
 "Gee that really helps my ego" I replied sarcastically
Jules was at Charlie's for tea and Dad was late so I grabbed a sandwich, quickly changed into my skin suit and dived out to the ten. I was signing on before I remembered the makeup and earrings! I was cooked again, I could hardly claim to be a guy wearing eyeliner and earrings could I?

Maddy Bell 26.03.03

Copyright (c) 2003

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