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Chapter *8*

A & E

There were lights flashing past overhead but I couldn't focus properly for some reason. And none of the sounds made sense either although they seemed pretty loud.

“We're losing her! ICU! Quick.”

“Nooo!” a woman's voice called.

“Drew!” another voice called from the other side.


I swung my head about or rather tried to – whoa that doesn't feel good and why is nothing moving?

“Lay still kiddo, the collar is just a precaution.” Mums voice was a bit jerky; I guess coz we were still moving.

I recognised the sounds as a hospital – lets face it I've visited several in the last year or so, lets see now – the broken collarbone, the accident on the Cuckney road – I guess that was the worst, and what with one thing and another I do seem to spend a fair time in the places. With my head fixed staring at the ceiling I could only listen to what was going on around me, I guess I must've been knocked out as I don't remember getting here – wherever here is.

“Okay Mrs Bond,” a voice addressed Mum, “we'll get the doctor to take a look as soon as possible.”


There was a swish of a curtain and some of the noise of A & E was shut out.


“I'm here kiddo.” Her face came into my narrow field of view.

“Er what happened, how did I get here?”

“Ambulance, it's a good job the local Red Cross were at the race. Do you remember what happened?”

“Well I remember sprinting for the line but the next thing I remember was just now when we came in here. Is my bike okay?”

Mum shook her head and smiled, “the bikes fine, maybe a few scratches and a bent wheel but your helmet took quite a knock, split in two. The medics don't think you've broken anything but we won't know till after you've had some x-rays. One things for sure, you'll have a few bruises.”

“So what happened, did I win?”

“Geez, he tries flying without a licence and frightening his mother half to death and he wants to know who won! Yes for the record you won.”

“Kewl, super Bond strikes again!” I exclaimed.

“You okay in there?” a girls voice enquired.

“Yes thanks nurse.” Mom replied

“I heard raised voices so I thought…”

“Sorry it was just Wonder Woman here celebrating.”

“Well if everything's okay?”

“We'll try to keep it down nurse.” Mum offered.

“Sure, the doctor won't be long, it's fairly quiet today.”

“Thanks nurse.”

The curtain closed again.

“So what happened Mum?”

“Well the lad you were sprinting with had a front blow-out and hit your back wheel, it all happened so fast but you must've been knocked off balance because you swerved and hit the barrier just after the line. It was pretty impressive I must say, you cleared the barrier and some spectators before you hit the tree.”


“Hardly, we thought you'd broken your neck.”

“Is that why I can't move?” an edge of fear creeping into my voice.

“They're pretty sure you're okay, you can't move because they've strapped you up just in case.”

My mood became somewhat more sober. Mum held my hand and I squeezed hers back. Things were starting to hurt a bit – I recognised the deep ache from past spills, yes I was gonna have a few bruises. Mum sat down still holding my hand. There was a lot of activity somewhere outside, someone was obviously in a bad way, I could hear crying and some urgency in the voices – by the fact I was lying here waiting I was obviously gonna be okay.

It seemed like forever but it was closer to thirty minutes before I was examined and shipped to x-ray. I was thoroughly irradiated and returned to ‘my' cubicle to await the results.

“Okay ladies,” the Doc started twenty minutes later. “No broken bones although you'll be sore for a few days, we'll get you some pain killers, we'll keep you in overnight, you took a nasty knock on the noggin after all and we'd rather be safe than sorry. We'll get you transferred to the ward shortly – I think you'll be in time for dinner. Then in the morning you can go home.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Mum allowed.

The Doc left us alone.

“I'd best call your Dad, you gonna be okay for a few minutes?”

“I'm not going anywhere.” I grinned back. I'd lost all the restraints but it was painful to move very much, I'd never get off the bed!

Mum went out to phone Dad leaving me to my thoughts . How'm I gonna get home? Its not like I can get a taxi and they won't provide transport. I'm gonna have to stop falling off bikes – it hurts too much! And what will I wear? My race kit is a bit knackered and I've not got any shoes either. I sighed and lay back to relax my aches. I could just see a clock through the partly open curtain, four thirty; I've been here for over three hours!

I'm sure it was only five minutes but it felt like Mum was gone much longer.

“Well that's all sorted.”


“Your Dads booking us into a hotel for the night then they'll come to see you and collect me. Caro has had to go back home but she sends her love and the rest of the team send their regards too.”

“I'll have to ring them.”

“Tomorrow, tonight you rest!”

“Bond?” a highly Scots accented voice enquired.

“That's us.”

“We've got the lassie a bed in paediatrics, best make a move before someone beats you to it.” The porter chuckled.

Mum gathered our meagre possessions and our little procession set off into the myriad corridors of what I now knew was Northampton General Hospital. The porter seemed to be having a conversation with himself, I couldn't understand half of it and from Mum's similar silence she was in a similar position. You could hear it before you arrived, paediatrics was housed in a new-ish building and the normal wards were noisy. Our entourage stopped in a side ward and I was helped onto a bed.

“There we are missy, get well soon.”

I could swear he winked at me; did he just call me missy? Before I could say anything we were joined by a youngish nurse.

“Okay, let's get you out of those togs and into bed, let me just get the screens.”

Janice, that's the nurse's name, was very efficient and soon Mum was stripping me of my ruined cycling kit in a modicum of privacy. It wasn't the easiest or most comfortable few minutes and I wasn't particularly pleased to find my bed ware would be one of those tie back nightdress things rather than pj's – still it was easy to put on at least.

“There we are, that's better now Drew eh.” Janice mentioned reopening the curtains and I got my first view proper of the ward.

Like I said, it was a side ward with just four beds, all of which were now occupied – well not physically, the occupants of the other three beds were not actually in the room but there were plenty of cards and stuff to show ownership.

“The others'll be back soon, dinner is on its way, would you like some Mrs Bond?”

“Er no, I'll eat later thanks.”

“You hungry poppet?” she directed the question to me.

My stomach rumbled in answer.

“We'll take that as yes then – I'll be back shortly, get yourself settled, there's a jug by the sink Mrs Bond if Drew's thirsty.”

“She's very cheerful.” Mum noted.



“S'pose. This sucks.” I sighed.

“Shit, as they say, happens.” Mum mentioned.

Mum busied herself with the water then we ended up just sat, well I was sort of reclining. At least I didn't smell as much now I was out of my race kit but I didn't think I was quite up to a shower.

“Come on you lot,” Janice chivvied, “there's a new inmate so behave.”

“Aw Jan!” a girls voice sort of mock moaned.

“Susan Barnes.” The nurse stated.

“Oh alright.”

“Ah Drew, meet your room mates. Susan, Kylie and hop along there is Tamsin. Girls this is Drew and her mum, she had a biking accident today so she's staying the night with us.”

Her? She? Nooooo!

“Hi Drew.” Tamsin grinned.

“Um hi.”

They think I'm a girl!


“Come on girls, Maggie will be here shortly with dinner.” In fact I could hear what I guessed was the food trolley approaching as she spoke.

“Mum! They think I'm a girl!” I sort of whispered to my parent.

Well I won't bore you with every detail but it seems I was on a girls ward, Mum did have a word with Janice but apparently there were no other beds to be had. Unless I fancied the geriatric wards, maybe not! All those old people. So I went with it – it was only one night after all. Tamsin had broke her leg falling off her horse, Kylie was recovering from having her appendix out and Susan was in for some sort of girl operation, you know, down there. Actually they were an all right bunch and we ended up playing Monopoly together after evening visiting.

The night was uneventful and I was given the all clear at morning rounds. Well I still hurt everywhere of course, a likelihood foreseen by Mum as she had somehow located a loose fitting sundress for my return home. It wasn't so much wearing a dress that was embarrassing, no, it had to be bright yellow with small pink flowers – you couldn't miss it!

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