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Part 47
Sylv 2, Drew 0

The trilling of my phone woke me thirty minutes before my alarm.

"Drew, your up!" Maddy squealed in my ear

"No I'm not, you woke me up!" I stated

"Oh sorry, well anyway, can you meet me at home this morning, I've got loads of stuff for home ec as well as your dress"

"I guess, eight ok?"

"Fine, see you then" there was a squelchy noise on the phone before she finished, "bye!"

"Yeah, bye Mad"

I sat looking at the phone. Had she really just done what I thought? Nah!

The one big advantage to picking the stuff up from the Peters place was that I could stow it safely before I got to school. And I got to walk Mad to school, I know it's a bit of a cliché but I'm an old fashioned guy at heart, besides which I gained a bit of kudos at school by having a girlfriend!

"Well break a leg Drew" Mad stated when we got to school

"Yeah I 'spose"

"Oh come on Drew, it'll be fun and you can tell us mere girls what goes on at one of Anna's little do's"

"I guess"

She grabbed me again and I got another smacker, this time on the lips. I was still stood there in shock amidst the whistles and catcalling as she retreated with a

"Bye Drew!"

Well I managed to get through the rest of the day without incident and I met up with Rhod after the final bell to walk to 'Sylv's'.

"Ah there you boys are" Sylv greeted us

"Hi mum"

"Er hi Sylv"

"Okay Rhod, can you go and start the tea, me and Gaby will be about an hour"

"Sure mum"

Rhod disappeared and Sylv turned her attentions to me.

"Okay Drew, let's get a good look at you."

She spent a couple of minutes inspecting me, hands, face, hair, then a check of my legs.

"First thing is to get you clean and 'ladylike'. Go use the shop shower and afterwards put your breast forms and gaff on, ten minutes and put the robe on that's in there."

I did as she bid except for the breast forms, which I was not confident in fitting myself. When I emerged in the fluffy robe I asked Sylv to do the honours of 'breasting' me. That done she had me sit in one of the salon chairs.

"Okay young lady. I'll do your nails first, then we'll put your hair up and lastly do your makeup okay?"

"I guess so"

"Where's your dress? We want to match your nails eh?"

"It's in the bag"

"Girls today! Get it out and hung up so it's not all screwed up and creased" she directed

That done I returned to the chair where my nails soon replicated the bubblegum pink of 'my' dress. With that done Sylv started on my mop. A lot of hairgrips, spray and 'tousling' later my hair was now 'up' with a few 'tendrils' framing my face. At least when I saw the 'new' me this time I didn't scream! I really did look kind of cute! I tried to imagine Mad with her hair like this, I liked!

"Okay Gaby, lets get your face sorted out" she stated brandishing a pair of tweezers

"What are you doing with those?"

"Tidying up your brows of course" she stated matter of factly

"Oh no, they're only just growing back from last time!" I stated vehemently

"It's just a few strays, Gaby, if you are going to pass tonight you need to be reasonably groomed. You do want to pass don't you?"

"Of course I do"

She twirled the tweezers at me with a questioning look.

"Okay, but only tidying right?"

"Whatever madam wishes" Sylv replied as she descended on me.

Sylv 1 Drew 0

I'm sure they weren't that unruly but she worked on my brows for several minutes before stepping back.

"That's better, let's get you made up like the young lady you are supposed to be. How are you getting there?"

"Well Dad's taking Jules and picking me up from here on the way"

"He knows about this?"

"Well not as such, and done up like this he'll never guess either"

"If you say" she stated

With practised speed I soon had my 'not there' 'less is more' makeup on. Then it was into my underwear, some lacy stuff that Jules gave me, and into my dress.

I looked quite sophisticated!

"You can't wear those on your feet" Sylv stated looking at my usual girls flats, "hang on I've got just the thing"

She returned in short order with a pair of strappy sandals with about a 5cm heel.

"Get these on" she instructed

I was a bit tottery in the heels, last time I wore heels was at Easter but they were quite comfy.

"Quite the young lady now, just the finishing touches. Have you got any jewellery?"

"Just a chain and a couple of pairs of earrings, in my wallet there."

Sylv retrieved the wallet and I extracted my jewels.

"Oh I didn't realise you had pierced ears Gaby"

"Er yes, the result of one of Maddy's games"

"Lets have a look...hmmm"

I didn't like the sound of that.

"Do you trust me Drew?"

"Er, I think so"

"Will you run with me on this, if it'll help tonight?"


"I'll just pop these in for you, these Snoopy's are so cute"

I couldn't see what she was up to as she was in front of the mirror; there was more tugging than I recalled when Maddy put them in.


"Sorry Gaby, just a mo"

She sprayed the offending ear then the other.

"That's one, now the other one" she stated, stepping back I could now see what the fiddling had been with.

"You've pierced my ears again! I can't believe you did that!"

"You did say to go ahead" Sylv answered, " and look I've put one at the top of your left ear too, all the girls are getting it done"

Sylv 2, Drew 0

"But I'm not a girl" I whined

"Could have fooled me" I jumped at Rhod's voice, "you look well hot Gaby"

"Thanks I think"

"Dinners ready mum" Rhod told us

"We'll be right there eh Gaby?"

"Yes Sylv" I sighed

"Here, spray some of this on" she passed me a bottle of perfume, "and keep it with you to 'freshen up' later. Take the lipstick and eyeshadow too - Jules can do any fixing up then."

"Thanks for doing this Sylv" I offered

"My pleasure Gaby, now come on lets eat before that sister of yours gets here"

Sylv was just retouching my lipstick when Jules knocked on the door, Rhod let her in.

I could hear the exchange through the open door.

"I've just popped in to get Drew, is he ready?"

"No, go on in"

"Hi Sylv, Rhod said Drew wasn't ready yet"

"No he's not, I just had to finish this young lady first"

I turned and smiled at Jules

"Oh hi" Jules mentioned, did a double take then, "Drew? Gaby? Is that you in there?"

"Sure is sis" I stated

"But, but.." she waved her hands about"

"I thought she should at least look a bit older for tonight" Sylv interjected, "go on off with you, have a good time!"

With that she ushered us out side to the waiting car.

Dad didn't even look round as we got in the back.

"Okay girls, ready?"

"Yes Dad, this is Dee" Jules stated

"Hi Dee, you look nice"

How he could tell as I was sat behind him was beyond me. I put my best girly voice on

"Thanks for the lift D.Mr Bond"

That did cause him to look round.


I was caught!

"Yes Dad" I replied dejectedly, some disguise

"What's this all about? No I don't think I want to know. We'll talk about this tomorrow. Both of you"

"Yes Dad" we chorused

We were at Anna's house now.

"Go on"

Jules got out and I made to follow her.


"Yes Dad?"

"Just be careful son"

"I will Dad"

I joined Jules on the pavement; Dad waited until we were inside the house before driving off.

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