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Part 46

Well my email from Britney was like a full on girls gossip session! It really did seem that I was only getting the significance of about a quarter of what she was saying, another chunk was devoted (I think) to what I assume was the current teen fashions of Grottoes! Apparently plaid (?) was out, short was in and don't you just hate those baggy pants! I was having a bit of a problem with the English translation so I got Bernie to decipher.

"I think plaid is what we call tartan,"


"Short is short I guess, " she continued

"What else"

"And I suppose she means trousers or jeans when she says pants, I'm sure it's not underwear unless she means boxers" Bernie concluded

"Er I think that's clear"

"What are you going to write back Drew?" Ally enquired

"Well I've decided to keep things neutral as regards my sex, so I guess I'll just tell her about the weekend."

Maddy raised her eyebrows at me.

"...No details, just sort of general," I concluded

"I think I'll do that with Dan too" Rhod enthused

So that's what I did. Of course I missed out my tantrums on Saturday but I told her about everything on Sunday. By the time we had all finished the emails it was time for one of Aunt Carol's infamous curries. A home made Madras, lamb for most of us and Rhod got his own veggie version, complete with my favourite Peshwari Nan. That woman spoils us kids rotten!

"While I remember Drew, Mum said for you to come to ours for tea on Wednesday nudge, nudge, wink, wink" Rhod advised me

Wednesday, it was sitting like cold porridge in my stomach.

"Ok I guess"

"What about your dress and stuff Drew?" Maddy asked

"I ah..." I shrugged my shoulders

"I know, I'll take them to school Wednesday and you can take them with you, I'm sure Sylv will help you get ready, right Rhod?"

"Sure, I think she's looking forward to it" Rhod replied

I just groaned.

"Hey Drew, in case I forget later, I got you something" Mad advised me

"I don't think I need anything else after the helmet"

"I won't give them you then!" she feigned hurt

"Okay, okay, I accept whatever it is" anything for a quiet life

"Here you are then!" a miraculous recovery! Mad passed me a small carrier bag while the others gathered round to see this treasure that was bestowed on me. I opened the bag and plunged my hand inside, retrieving a small box.

"Go on open it" Mad urged

I did the deed, which revealed three items. A pair of ear studs in the shape of 'Snoopy' and a silver neck chain.

"I got it engraved specially" Mad enthused

I inspected the plate on the chain more carefully, 'Gaby' was in script on one side and 'from all her friends' on the reverse.

"The chain is from all of us, I got you the earrings 'cos I thought they were cute!"

I was made up but I'm not sure why. Was it the emotion of the gifts, or that Gaby was not about to go away, well I don't know. Mad insisted I wear the studs, 'to see what they look like' and after that we ended up watching a video of 'Jumanji'.

At least on Tuesdays I got to do a time trial. I kinda hoped that my cheer squad would come out again, they seemed to spur me to great things. I didn't see the girls until chucking out time and then it was only their backs.

"Hey Drew you still lusting after Maddy?" Paul asked as he fell into step with me.

"I am not 'lusting' after her, we're just mates ok?" I replied a little too quickly

"If you say so. At least you're not as bad as Clive" he continued

"Who's he fancy then?"

"Mad's cousin, that's who" he stated

"Mad's cousin?" the penny dropped, "er which one?"

"Which one he says. Well I guess if you're looking at Mad you might miss her! That hot little Gaby, you know, who did that photo thing the other week!"

Shit, shit, shit!

"Oh I know," I hedged, "I didn't see much of her, I was off sick remember"

"Oh yeah" he affirmed, "well got to go, see you tomorrow Drew"

"Sure, see you tomorrow Paul!"

I was getting weirded

There was no Maddy to ride out with this week; at least I could ride at my own pace. John was there already when I arrived.

"Hi Dee, have a good time on Sunday?"

"Yes thanks"

"Sorry I had to rush off, I would have liked to meet your ole' man, number three tonight."


I went to get myself ready, I know she only did it once, but I was missing Mad's ministrations. I tried to think positive race type thoughts and I sort of drifted into race mode. I must have missed the guys when I rode through the village because when I passed the 'HQ' area Rhod, Ally, Mad and Bernie were there cheering me on. I felt better straight away and pedalled with more vigour.

Although shorter than the outward, the return leg seemed to drag forever but then there was what I was now calling Mad's corner, with all the guys cheering me. I gasped my number out at the finish but after the last week my time looked set to be fairly horrible.

"No personal this week young lady" John called across to me, "25.31"

"Thanks" well it was still pretty ok even if it wasn't a record.

My supporters club arrived just then.

"How'd it go D?" Rhod asked

"25.31 this week" I replied

"That's still good isn't it?" Bernie queried

"Well not too bad I 'spose"

We moved to 'my' bench so I could get dressed

"Drew Bond, no wonder they think you're a girl!" Ally stage whispered


She just rolled her eyes at me, "ears?"

I went to grab a lobe and found what she meant, I was still wearing Mad's present, the Snoopy studs.

"That means, oh no, I've had them in since last night, all day at school, I thought I was getting a few funny looks. And even Paul never said anything!" I fumbled to try and get the unfamiliar butterfly back off.

"Here, let me do it" Ally suggested.

She soon had them out.

"There you go, don't lose them, you should wear them tomorrow for the party"

All this time Rhod had been stifling his laughter but he had to let go and he did. Last week jumping up and down, this week hysterical laughter - we seemed to be putting on a weekly show for the other riders, much to my embarrassment.

We stopped in the village for chips, before riding back home. Rhod rode back with Ally and Bernie and I 'escorted' Maddy home.

When we got there she caught me completely off guard by landing a kiss on my cheek.

"What's that for? not that I mind" I stammered

"Just for being Drew!" she stated

"Well if that's what I get for being me, I'll keep on being me!"

"Cheeky!" she turned to go inside, "oh and don't forget your stuff tomorrow"

How could I forget! Sheesh.

When I got home, I got my shower and before I could collapse in front of the box, Jules grabbed me and towed me to her room.

"What's up?" sis

"You," she emphasised with a finger, "need some work tonight before tomorrow!"

"I thought that was what Sylv was doing?"

"Well she won't have long so I'm going to do some pre-Sylv stuff. You shaved this week?"

"What?" I replied stroking my non-existent whiskers.

"Legs and stuff stupid"

"Well not since Saturday and what other stuff do you mean?"

"Drew" she sighed, "pits and pubes. Go and do that now I'll get the other stuff ready"

So I plodded off to do as ordered by the Kommandant. I don't have much body hair yet so it didn't take long to shave under my arms and trim my little thatch.

"Good now lets do your toe nails"

"Do you have to!" I whined

"Of course, everyone else has painted nails, they'll help your disguise" She waggled her own cerise capped toes at me. Somehow the way she said that last sent alarm bells ringing.

"Anna and Charlie know it's me" I stated

"Yes but Kazza, Sonia and Kirsty don't"

I spazzed out

"I didn't know anyone else was going?" I was into panic mode

"Well dur! You didn't think it was just four of us did you? It is a party and your lucky because there's usually more like ten of us." Jules concluded

"I won't go!" I stated

"Don't be daft Drew. Nobody will find out and this'll be the last time right?"

"I guess." I paused in case another excuse came to mind, but there was none, " okay then, go on"

Big Sis!
Juliette waggled her painted toes at me

So I sat there while my sister painted my toenails a sort of glittery dark pink and then had to assist her picking 'my' underwear and accessories.

"Oh nearly forgot, you'll need this as it's a sleepover"

She launched that same sheer babydoll set I wore a few weeks ago to me.

"I can't wear this!"

"Why not? Look, you could pull it off anyhow but if you wear really girly stuff there is no way the others will twig. And anyway everyone else will be wearing much the same" she stated

I was defeated. At least this would be the last time.

Once back in my room I packed everything carefully inside two bags so no one would spot it at school, I found the chain and located my studs and gold hoops and put them in my wallet. Ready at last!

Maddy Bell 04.10.03 Secret
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