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Drew starts this saga not long before his thirteenth birthday which was on February 25th 2002. His sister is two years his senior and her birthday is on the 24th August.

Jenny Bond, Drew's mum, is a professional cyclist. Before she married and had the kid's she rode internationally a few times and many pundits thought she could go all the way, Olympics etc. She never really stopped riding but it's only the last couple of years that she's got serious again. Drew hero worship's his mum and now that she rides for the 'Apollinaris' squad in Germany it's got worse! Drew has told you about some of her rides, it's not always so easy as he found out on a team training session.

However at the moment she's happy enough even if she does miss her kids and husband. As Drew keeps on about her team car, I thought you guys ought to see it so here's a picture of Jenny and the car that Drew took in Germany at half term.

Jenny Car It's a Mercedes A170D for you techno's and Jenny nominally shares it with Maria Pinger, although as often as not Maria uses her own car.

I know it might seem a little contrived, the way Drew never seems to meet any lad's but it's just the roll of the dice. Honest!

Apart from his cycling, Drew has a few other hobbies. He enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, his favourite author is currently Terry Pratchett with his Discworld series. As far as music goes, it's skater rock mostly. Like most kids these days he plays the games consoles when he gets a chance but he's not really into computers.


At school he manages to stay in the upper 10% in most classes but his pet hates are currently French, RE and chemistry. His best subjects are history and geography, you might notice he keeps giving you little snippets.

Juliette, Drew's sister, doesn't have any particular view of 'Gaby'. On one hand she encouraged the deception for the Easter dance but it's starting to get a bit weird. I mean Drew had to 'be' her sister for their stay in Germany, how weird is that. And no one as far as she know's has seen through Gaby, that is just so freaky! Still he is her little brother and she'll stand his corner however things turnout.

Dave, is just bemused by the whole thing. When his wife, that's Jenny, told him about some of what has been going on he couldn't believe it. It didn't particularly bother him as long as it doesn't get out of hand, but perhaps it already has! The lad seems to be getting on with things and it seems like all his friends are supporting him. Better this dressing business than go off the rails like his second cousin did last year, drugs, theft, yeah we'll stick to cross dressing thank you!

Dad works near Mansfield, he's a department manager in a timber wholesalers, not a great career but it pays well enough! Given the choice, he'd have Jenny home tomorrow but he's content to let her follow her dream, it's not for ever after all. The kids are for the most part well behaved, although Juliette can get a bit wild. Even Drew's friends are all good kids, those girls seem to have a king size crush on the kid, all three of 'em!

Drew in the Nurburgring Erlebnis

But back to Drew, some of you may wonder how come no one has realised that he's a boy at his Tuesday night races. Well he's a bit of a late developer in 'that' department and combined with the lycra(r) shorts and the pad inside them he has the same profile as a girl in the same kit. Gaby jeans So it's a case of you see what you want to see, especially as he's turned up with makeup on and wearing earrings! Oh and his voice hasn't broken yet either!

In these days of computers and the web you probably think that the guys are a bit impoverished as only Maddy has regular access to a PC. Well that's not strictly true, Rhod does have an internet connection at home and the others including Drew do have PC's, they are just not online by parental edict! And anyway they have web access at school during their IT lessons and in the school library, so they really are part of the 80% of the UK population who have regular computer access so don't feel too sorry for them!

I know some of you would like to know more about the social setting. Well Drew and the gang are part of what in the UK we call 'middle class', in other words, they are in various states of well off, their parents are teachers and other professionals, senior managers etc and live in private housing. The area they live in however is part of what was the Nottinghamshire coal field so with the closure of most of the mines the region became quite depressed and even over ten years later jobs are not easy to come by.

This predominently rural area has never been that attractive to immigrants, so the racial mix is about 99% white, only the staff of the Indian and Chinese restaurants adding a bit of diversity! Although Warsop is where the school and shops are, the guys don't all strictly live in the town. Drew lives in Church Warsop near Maddy, the school is between them and the town just to the north of Warsop proper.

Before you all flood me with an obvious mistake when Jenny gets her yellow jersey, yes I know Apollinaris is spelt wrong on her jersey - it is intentional, the guy doing the jersey is always making mistakes!

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