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Part 48
Girls will be Girls

"Hi Jules, Hi Gaby!" Anna enthused as we crossed the threshold.

"Hi Anna" Jules replied

"Er thanks for inviting me" I offered

"No sweat. You both look terrific" Anna continued, "everyone else is here, so come on through"

I sheepishly followed my sister into the lounge where the others were sat talking over a Madonna CD. I felt a little overdressed what with my hair up and the sandals, they were wearing much more casual stuff.

"Hi everyone" Jules greeted them, "this is my cousin Gaby" she introduced me. Why am I everyone's cousin?

"Hi Gaby" the brunette replied, " I'm Karen but everyone calls me Kazza"

"Hi Kazza nice to meet you"

"Hey what about us?" the blonde called.

"Sorry, Gaby that's Kirsty and that's Sonia and"

"Hi Gab, we've already met Kaz" Charlie cut in.

"Gabs lives in Worksop, she's got a Baker day* tomorrow" Jules filled them in on my cover story.

"You staying over then Gab?" Sonia asked

"I guess so, Jules said to bring my stuff" I replied with more confidence than I felt

"We'll get ready then" Kirsty announced jumping up

"Race you to the bathroom" Charlie called as she headed for the door

After they had gone Anna who was already dressed had us sit.

"Wow Gaby you look really hot" she started

"Thanks I think Anna"

"Well you do, doesn't she Jules?"

"Yeah, pretty cute and when did you get that ring at the top Gaby"

"Sylv's idea tonight"

"Ooh lets see" coo-d Anna who came to have a look, "those Snoopy's are pretty cute too" she stated

"Gab, your mums going to kill you when she finds out" Jules stated

"Well you only live once." I replied

"Did you do your hair Gaby?" Anna pursued

"No Sylv did, and my makeup, I'm not very good at it am I Jules?"

"She doesn't get much chance her mum and dad are pretty strict" Jules filled in while Anna giggled.

The others rejoined us, now wearing much dressier stuff. Charlie had lilac trousers and a single shoulder top, Kazza had a short skirt, gypsy top and boots, Sonia was in black trousers and top and Kirsty was wearing a white mini dress. To me at least we looked all dressed up with no place to go.

"Everyone ready?" Anna asked

"Yeah!" everyone but me replied

"Come on then" Anna instructed.

"Where are we going?" I whispered to Jules

"There's a disco down at the 'Miner's', we always go"

"But you have to be eighteen!" I stated

"So! No one's stopped us yet, just remember you were born in 1984 if anyone asks"

"But I don't look anything like eighteen" I went on

"You're right, looking like that you can easily pass for twenty!" my sister told me

"Come on you two" Charlie grabbed my arm and pulled me along.

Rather than give you the blow by blow, here's the highlights. We got to the 'Miners Arms' just before eight and the seven of us grabbed a corner table and Kazza went and bought a round of drinks, Jules told her I'd have rum and coke like her. A table of giggling girls always attracts male attention and soon there were several lad's eyeing us up. I was not comfortable at all, the others just whispered and giggled and I sort of had to join in.

The disco started at eight thirty by which time we were on our second drink. Things got a bit blurry from then on, I know I started dancing with the others, but ended up dancing with a lad named Dean who I recognised as being in the sixth form.

"Having fun" Jules asked as I slumped on the seat

"S'okay I 'spose" I was feeling the drink somewhat

"We'll leave about ten, sit here if you don't feel well" she instructed as she left to join the others.

She spoke to her friends motioning toward me; I made a feeble wave back as they looked over.

"You ok Drew?" it was Charlie asking

"Shush! Not really, I feel sick" I had to reply

"We'll be going back to Anna's soon, do you want some water or something?"

"Yes please Charlie"

She returned with a glass that I sipped while the others had a last bop.

"Jules told us you don't normally drink Gaby" Kirsty stated

"Never get the chance" I replied

"Well we'll soon get you trained" Sonia added

I just groaned.

We walked back to Anna's via the chippy, I scragged a couple of Jules chips, I really couldn't face a whole bag. It was nearly eleven when we got back inside the house. I was a bit mashed and didn't realise that I was being addressed.

"Oh sure Anna" whatever!

"Come on then, I know just the outfit" she enthused.

Anna dragged me up to her room and in my semi conscious state managed to get me stripped and redressed. I was too far gone to argue or be much help, bit what I saw in the mirror really surprised me. Anna had me dressed in a white mini dress with a cut out at the waist and a wide belt and had somehow got me into a pair of white over-knee boots!

"Wow you look terrific Gaby" Kaz stated

"I could fancy you myself" Kirsty joined in

I just grinned drunkenly

"Hands off you two" Jules instructed, "I told her olds I'd keep her out of trouble"

"Spoilsport!" Sonia added

"Can I sit down, please?" I whined

"Next to me" Anna motioned

Anna dressed me up
I grinned drunkenly at the others
Well I can't really remember much after that. The others started on a bottle of cider and I fell asleep.

How did I end up in this?
"Get up Drew" Jules power whispered in my ear, " time to get going"

"Errrm" I stretched

"Come on, we have to get home and changed so we can get you to school"

"My head hurts"

"Serves you right, now come on!" she urged

"I got up to find myself wearing Jules babydoll, how did I end up in this? Last thing I remember was playing spin the bottle I think!

"Come on get yourself dressed"

Well to cut a long story short, we walked the mile and a half home and Jules had me in the downstairs shower by seven thirty. The shower brought me round and I realised I still sported breasts. Well after a quick panic I found the right bottle and returned myself to Drew. What a night!

"Drew come and get your breakfast" Jules called

"Coming" I shouted and quickly wished I hadn't as my head still hurt.

"Here let's get those earrings out" Jules offered

At least dad was already off to work.

"I can't get the top one open, you'll have to leave it in for now" she stated after pulling at my ear for a bit.

I was still too far out of it to make much input.

"You look terrible Drew" Maddy stated

"Gee thanks, I love you too" I murmured back

"So what did you do then?" Bernie asked

"We went to the 'Miners' disco" I told them

"Is that all?" Ally queried

"There was some other stuff back at Anna's place but I was pretty well past it by then"

"You lightweight!" Mad exclaimed

"We were drinking a fair bit" I replied in my defence

"Hey Drew you ok?" Rhod asked joining us

"Just about, thanks"

"This guy really looked like top totty last night after mum had finished with her" he told the others

"Did not!" I offered

"You did Drew, you been drinking?"

"You can tell?"

"You look like mum does when she's been clubbing" he replied

"Thanks!" that was not reassuring.

It was after lunch before I felt anything like myself then I remembered Dad's last words last night. I hoped Jules could come up with a good story cos I sure couldn't!

"Ok you two, no bullshit, what was going on last night"

I begged Jules with my eyes and for once she took the hint.

"It's all my fault Dad. Anna saw Drew dressed up a few weeks ago and decided she liked her, I mean him. So I suggested she invite Drew to one of her parties."

"One of your all girl nights?" Dad queried

"Yeah, so she asked him before we went away but he wiggled out of that one. Then we sort of tricked him into going last night and Sylv agreed to help"

"So you tricked your brother into dressing up as a girl to go to one of your drinking parties" dad stated

"We don't drink!" Jules refuted Dads assertion

"Don't you backchat me young lady, I was a teenager once and I bet you were drinking last night"

"Okay, we were drinking, but not much, honest"

"Hmm" he didn't sound convinced, "and you Drew, went along with all this?"

"Well I didn't want to at first, but I thought it might be fun"

"And was it?"

"Er, I think so, apart from the headache"

Dad rolled his eyes

"Kid's!" he sat and watched us both fidget for a few minutes, I knew we were in deep do-do.

"By rights Juliette you should be severely punished, I trust you to look after your brother not lead him astray,"

"Yes Dad" she murmured

"You are grounded for a month with no pocket money" he stated

"Yes Dad" Jules replied quietly.

"And even though you were led astray you're not getting off Scot free Drew"

"No Dad"

"I know you went to the 'Miners' last night, one of the foremen recognised Juliette so it stands to reason you were there too."

"Yes Dad" I admitted

"You could have gotten the owner into deep trouble underage drinking"

"Yes Dad"

"I need to speak to your mother about your punishment, she seems to have a better handle on you young man. In the mean time you are grounded,"

I started to protest " what about training?"

"You are grounded, except for training and going to races for two weeks"

"But the guys are coming here on Monday!"

"Okay, I know it's your turn, it wouldn't be fair on them to cancel. You can do Monday but that's it" he stated

"That's not fair" Jules whined

"You young lady are old enough to act responsibly, you can take your punishment or I could increase it?"

"Okay Dad" she backed down.

Once up in my room I rang Maddy on my mobile.

"So you got grounded too?"

"Yeah, but Monday is still on, Dad said it was only fair on you lot"

"Does that mean you can't race too?"

"No, but I have to go straight there and back"

"That's pretty shitty" she stated

"Yeah but I didn't have to go"

"I guess not, but we did sort of encourage you"

"It's only two weeks, I'm more concerned about what Mum will say"

"Drew! Give me that phone! Now!" Dad was pissed!

"See you tomorrow Mad"

"Bye Drew"

And so I lost my phone too.

Maddy Bell 08.10.03 Secret
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