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Part 77

Costumes R Us

I awoke more than a little confused. Where am I? Who's snoring? What am I wear... Aargh! I've got tits! I came fully awake and everything slotted into place. Obicon. I slumped back into my pillows and lay wondering what today would bring. The gentle snoring from the other bed stopped and I watched fascinated as Mad stretched, a smile covering her face and finally opened her eyes.

"Morning Mad"

"Hmm morning"

"You want the bathroom before I shower?"

"No, but don't be all day"

An hour later we were both dressed for the day and just organising ourselves when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Mad called


"Oh hang on a sec"

"I'll get it," I said opening the door to Aunt Carol who was not in a costume this morning.

"You girls ready for breakfast?"

"Can you just pin my wig in place Mum?"

After a bit of fussing she stepped back to reveal a totally transformed Mad. I am so used to seeing her blonde tresses that I was really surprised how the dark wig transformed her. She deftly fixed a headpiece in place and gave us a twirl.

"What do you think?"

Maddy as Evangeline

"Wow!" was all I could muster

"You'll do. Come on your Dad is waiting downstairs."

The Con doesn't open until ten but even at half eight there were plenty of 'players' in the corridors and lifts. We found Mr Peters already nursing a cup of coffee.

"There you are, I thought you'd got lost"

"I had to finish getting ready" Mad pouted

"And very nice you both look too"

"Thanks Dad"

"Thanks Mr Peters"

"How come you and Mum aren't in costume anyway?"

"We're not going to the Con until later, now go and get some breakfast."

"Come on Gab" Mad instructed tugging me in the direction of the buffet

I have to admit that rather than being concerned about being identified as a boy, I was more worried about my costume! We mingled with an assortment of strangely dressed individuals as we collected our repast but I had to admit, Maddy's efforts far exceeded some of these! We decided it was a good idea to stock up on the calories this morning as food in the Con would be thin on the ground and expensive. It was a good job is was a buffet! We eventually finished stuffing our faces and got our selves ready to leave.

"Okay girls, you've got your room key?" Aunt C asked

"Yes Mum" Mad dangled the key card

"Good, we won't be gone long, we should be back by about twelve"

"Where are you going?" Mad queried

"Just along to Tring and Ivinghoe"

"Your mother and I have some places we need to look at" Mr P finished

The look on both their faces indicated that that was all that would be said right now.

"You've got your phone?"

"Yes Mum"

"Okay Gaby"

"Yes Aunt Carol" I replied

"Okay we'll catch up with you later, have fun girls" Mr P suggested

"We will" Mad told her parents

We waved them off and returned to reception where a growing crowd of elves, wizards, Sailor Moons, robots and other characters waited for the Con to open.

"Have you got anywhere to put these" Mad indicated her phone and the room key.

"I've not got any pockets either" I told her, my money is in my sock"

I watched the cogs tick over in Mad's head for a moment

"I know, come on"

She dragged me into the ladies and into a cubicle

"Slip them into your pants" Mad urged


"Put them in your pants, we can't lose them there"

"You've got to be kidding?"

"Course not, I often do it with my house keys"

"Why can't you do it now then?"

"Well dur, I'm a bit exposed in this outfit and my purse is already there, no one will be able to tell under that skirt of yours"

"Hmm okay then but what if the phone rings, everyone will be looking at my ringing crotch!"

"I'll set it on vibrate, if it goes off you'll be the only one to know, we can always ring whoever it is back"

Mad reset her ringer and then I slipped the key card and phone down the front of my pants, over my faux vagina. That job sorted we left the cubicle and joined the now burgeoning crowd outside. The door was opened just before ten and we all surged into the hall. As we had already covered a lot of the stalls yesterday we just had a quick scoot round, running the photographic gauntlet again. I got caught for a picture with a girl in a Harry Potter outfit, how ironic; the boy is a girl and visa versa! Mad was in more demand in her more exposing costume; those thigh highs were turning me on so I guess that's why she was getting a lot of attention!

We joined a discussion group in a side room for a while, Maddy was enjoying herself but I was a bit bored.

"I'm just gonna go for a wander" I whispered to her

 Hermione Peters!

I went for a wander

"I'll come with you" she offered

"No you stay here, I'll be back before you finish here"


I returned to the main room and started a slow trawl around the stalls again.

"Cool outfit" a boy of about 16 commented as I passed him, "Hermione from HP right?"

"Thanks. Er yes" oh shite!

"James" he offered his hand.

"Er Gaby" I told him shaking his hand

"You look a bit lost Er Gaby" he mentioned, "you on your own?"

"It's just Gaby" I told him blushing, "my cousin is here with me, I'm just taking a break from the board we are at"

His face sank a bit, now I was certain, he was trying to hit on me!

"Maybe we can meet up later?" he suggested

"I'm not sure" I countered

"Are you going to the HP board later, of course you are in that costume, I'll see you there"

This is totally new territory for me and I'm pretty sure I don't like it! I beat a retreat back to where Maddy's board was finishing.

"Hiya Gab"

"Hi Mad, did you know there's a Harry Potter board later?"

"Yeah at two o'clock, I've heard a rumour that J.K.Rowling's gonna be there"


"You look a bit flustered?"

"Well I think I was just chatted up"

"What do you mean think?"

"Well okay," I allowed, "I was chatted up"

"Ooh tell me more?" Mad enthused grabbing my arm and steering me to a vacant windowsill. "What's his name? What's he like?"

"Mad!" I complained

"Come on Gab tell"

"Alright, his name is James, he's about 16 and he looks like a computer geek" I told her.

"Ooh an older man, Gaby Peters you sly vixen"

"Give over!" I implored

"Just mucking about Drew"

"Gaby!" I hissed

"Sorry Gaby. Come on let's get a drink"

We got our drinks and sat to watch a group of costumers re enact an episode from some anime series I've never heard of. It was just finishing when I felt an odd vibration down below, it took a moment before I realised it was Mad's phone. I manoeuvred it through my skirt so that it dropped into the folds of my cloak.

"Here, your phones ringing" I told Mad

"Cheers Gab, hello? ...Oh hi Mum...yeah great...yes she's o'clock? ...Oh right, see you then, bye"

"Are they back then?" I asked as she handed the phone back to me.

"No, about one Mum reckons but she said they'd meet us for the Harry Potter session"

"Damn James is gonna be there"

"We'll soon get rid of him"

"I hope so, he didn't want to take no for an answer"

"We'll see"

By the time we met the Peters senior outside the Potter room we were both posed out, Hermione's wand was I felt, starting to wilt!

"Okay you two?" Mr P asked

"Worn out!" I mentioned

"Everyone wants pictures" Mad mentioned

"Come on you three or we won't get seats" Aunt C mentioned.

We joined the hundred or so people already in the room and found seats off to one side. I don't think any one knew what to expect in this session, if the rumour mill was right it would be truly memorable! It started with the Chair, a pretty young woman who introduced herself as Clare Symmonds welcoming everyone and introducing the board. They started a discussion on the characterisations within the Potter books that went on for about ten minutes before a grinning Clare called a halt.

"Perhaps we should ask the author about that one John? Ladies and gentlemen please welcome our special guest this afternoon, J.K.Rowling!"

So the rumours were true! The room went wild as the millionaire author made her way to the dais.

"Thank you everyone" the room quieted

"It's so nice to see so many of you, and some in costume too, I can see three Harry's, a Ron, two Hagrid's and one Hermione! Well done. I want to start off by reading you an extract from 'The Goblet of Fire', then I will enlarge on what the board were discussing."

The room erupted into an excited hum. What a treat! J.K. read for all too short a time and afterwards joined the discussion until the supposed end of the session. Well it was the end but lot's of people wanted autographs and the writer was happy to oblige. I only had my crumpled programme but no way was I gonna miss this opportunity so I joined the queue with Mad. I got my autograph and waited for Mad.

"Excuse me" it was Clare.

"Oh hi"

"We, that is I was wondering if you'd mind coming and doing some photo's with Miss Rowling?"

Is the Pope Catholic?


"If you don't mind"

"Wow! Of course I will, wait till Mad finds out"

"What's your name?"

"Gaby, Gaby Peters" I excitedly told her

"Well Gaby can you meet us in the garden in fifteen minutes, I'll tell the security to let you through"

"Wow, yeah sure" I told her

She left to be replaced by Mad.

"What was that about?"

"You'll never guess" I told her as we walked to where her parents were waiting.

"No I won't so what was it?" she asked

"They want me to have my picture taken with Miss Rowling!"

"Did I hear right?" Aunt Carol asked

"Yep, in the garden in," I checked my watch, "ten minutes!" I enthused.

"You're not winding us up Gaby?" Mr P asked

"No of course not, Clare Symmonds from the session came and asked me"

It was clear they were all three a sceptical but we walked through to the door that led to the garden where we were met by two bulky security types.

"My niece Gaby here has been asked to do some photos" Aunt Carol mentioned to them.

"Gaby Peters?"

I nodded.

"Clare said to expect you, go on through they are down in the rose garden"

"Can we go to?" Aunt C enquired

"I don't see why not, George?" he addressed his colleague

"That should be okay" George replied.

Our little party made our way to where we could see Clare and Miss Rowling along with the girl I met earlier dressed as a pretty convincing Harry and the boy in a Ron costume.

"Ah there you are Gaby!"

"This is my cousin Maddy and her parents" I introduced my 'family'

"Nice to meet you all, we won't keep Gaby long"

"No bother, take as long as you need, I'm sure the girls won't mind"

Well I can't really remember exactly how the next twenty minutes really went. The three of us in HP costumes joined J.K. for one on one and group portraits much to our delight. At the end of the photo taking we had a chat with our hero (heroine?) and were each presented with a signed copy of 'The Goblet of Fire', I was on cloud nine!

"You jammy thing Gaby Peters" Mad mentioned as we rejoined the throng in the hall.

"Yeah well!" I allowed

The Peters senior left us to have another look around; Mad and I found a corner to sit in.

"Hi Gaby, I missed you in the Potter session" James mentioned

"Oh hi James, this is my cousin Maddy"

"Hi Maddy"

"I was with Mad and my Aunt and Uncle"

"Great session yeah?"

"Er yeah"

"You girls entering the costume competitions tonight?"

"Try keeping us away!" Mad stated

"I'll see you later then"

"Later" I allowed

James left with more than one glance back.

"He's cute!" Mad stated

"So's Kermit the frog and he's a green puppet!"

"Gab!" she admonished

"Well I prefer girls remember" I told her

"Hmm me too" she whispered in my ear, I just rolled my eyes up.

This evening's entertainment was in two parts; a meal followed by the costume competitions and skits all taking place in the main hall. A lot of the younger attendees took the non-food option, it was mostly families, stall holders and old (er) Obiconites that we joined later for dinner. We had all changed into our 'evening' outfits, Dad Peters was a Tom Baker Dr Who, Aunt Carol was a pretty good Padme from Star Wars and of course Mad and I had our Chii outfits on.

The meal was nothing great but adequate. We finished eating just after seven and then the hall was cleared to allow the non-foodies in and the competitions to commence. It was great fun, Mad and I did our little playlet and with so many other skimpy outfits on display, I didn't feel so silly in my short dress and stockings.

Chii light Chii dark

I think we went down reasonably well, and I was quite relaxed until I saw James down in front giving me the thumbs up. It occurred to me then that he would be able to see up my dress from down there! I coloured up and was only too glad to leave the little stage.

Well this outfit must be lucky or something, we were voted best anime, a punter's choice with a small ten pounds each stipend. Aunt Carol was the big winner though taking best costume overall, she looked just so cool! Wow what a day!

After the costume competitions a local Goth Rock band 'Hand of Oberon', took the stage and the party took off. Mad's parents retired to the bar at about eleven leaving us two 'girls' to party. James sought us out and tried to dance with us but he was worse than me! However I mellowed towards him, he was actually pretty good fun to be with as long as he didn't try the luvvy dovey stuff. I think Mad leaning over and giving me a long snog put him off on that level but the three of us sort of hung until the band finished just after twelve.

"See you tomorrow" James stated as he got out of the lift on the third floor.

"Yeah, later" Mad agreed

We almost fell into our room after I retrieved the key from my underwear.

"What a day!" I exclaimed collapsing onto my bed.

"I told you it would be fun"

"You didn't mention J.K.Rowling"

"Well I have to keep some surprises for you" she mentioned avoiding my swat aimed at her behind.

"Look Mad, I know I wasn't that keen to dress up as Gaby again but thanks for convincing me, today wouldn't have been half as good if I'd been dressed as a boy"

"Well I don't think you'd have had James lusting after you anyway" she chortled.

We quickly changed into our Pj's and collapsed into our beds, well my bed anyway! We snuggled up and were soon out like a candle.

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