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Part 78

Wheelie Nice

I awoke to Mad's light snore coming from somewhere very close, in fact from on my chest! What happened last night?

"Hmm morning Drew" Mad purred snuggling into my breasts.

"Erm Mad?"

"What?" she replied sleepily

"I er think we should get up?"

"'S too early"

"Well I'm getting up" I told her easing out from under her

"Spoilsport" Mad mumbled

By the time I had finished my morning ablutions my bedmate was up and sorting today's costumes out. I silently thanked god for not giving me Mad's pink and frilly confection, my outfit could even be passed off as normal street wear if I remember correctly.

"There you are, here's your costume," Mad handed me a pile of stuff, "get dressed while I'm showering then you can help me with mine"


I quickly spotted a problem, no tights! I'm sure Mad said I'd be wearing black tights with this silly little skirt.

"Mad?" I called through the bathroom door


"Where are my tights?"

"What do you want tights for?"

"My costume?"

There was a loud thump.


"You all right?"

"Yeah, look just get everything else on and I'll sort it out in a minute"


I don't know where Mad gets this stuff! My underwear for today was all black lace, and instead of a normal bra I had a sort of cross between a bra and a corset! I was still trying to work out how to put it on when Mad came back into the main room.

"I thought you'd be dressed by now"

"How do you put this thing on?"

"Come here" she instructed.

"Why can't I wear a normal bra?" I asked as she hooked the garment together up my back.

"This bustier will give you a better shape," she stated, "there you go"

"If you say so"

"Now what was it about tights?"

"There's no tights here"

"Oh I just forgot to get them out, hang on," she shuffled in her case, "oh bum!"


"I've picked up the wrong things"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I've brought stockings instead of tights"

"You're kidding right?"

"Sorry Drew"

And things were going so well.

 Matrix Gaby

The stockings were supposed to be a temporary measure.

"Look put the stockings on for now, use my suspender belt from last night, then we'll see if we can get some tights before the Con starts."

I wasn't a happy bunny but it seemed a reasonable idea. Ten minutes later I was done bar makeup and feeling pretty exposed! Mad meanwhile had got her costume on; I laced the bodice up and helped her pin her pink net cape in place.

"Wow you look hot in that"

"You don't look so bad yourself, let me get my wig on and I'll do your makeup"

Mad was applying eyeliner when a rap at the door signalled parental presence.

"Hang on Mum"

Mad went and undid the door to let Aunt Carol in.

"Morning girls"

"Morning" we both echoed

"You just about ready?"

"Just finishing Gab's makeup" Mad returned to her task

Aunt Carol looked around the room and quickly spotted that only one bed had been occupied. Images of these two kids having sex flashed through her mind. Would they? Have they? 'The kids are acting normally so maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. A talk with Maddy is in order, but it can wait until we get home'

"Well you both look very nice"


"Now remember, you need to pack after breakfast, we have to check out before we go to the Con"

"Yes Mum" Mad confirmed

"Come on then, let's eat"

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday and then it was back up to the room to pack. By the time we rejoined Mr & Mrs Peters in the reception area it was quarter to ten.

"Lets get the bags in the car girls, then we can go straight in to the Con" Mr P stated

Aunt C sorted the checkout while we took the cases out to the Peters car. The morning was already bright and warm and I revelled in the sun on my face. We returned to where this morning's crowd were now filtering into the hall and joined Aunt Carol. Once inside we split up agreeing to meet up at twelve.

We had been in the hall for twenty minutes and having our photo's taken for the third time already when Mad started.

"Oh! I forgot. We were going to get you some tights after brekkie"

 Stunning Mad

Mad looked stunning!

"I forgot too"

"Do you want to see if one of the costume stalls have any?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I've got these on now, I'll live"

"Cool" Mad gave me a hug.

We did a panel on European anime and Mad more than me had our photos taken. I mean in that outfit she looked stunning, I still couldn't get over what a difference the black wig made!

"You two look brill again"

"Oh hi James" Mad greeted him

"It's all Mad's work, I just get to wear some of them" I told him

"Well you still look hot" he stated

That's just what I need, a boy thinking I'm hot and hitting on me!

"Give over James, you're embarrassing her" Mad admonished

"Sorry Gab"

"'S okay"

"Well anyway, I've got to leave in a few minutes, my train leaves at twelve thirty"

"That's a pity, you're missing the whole afternoon session" Mad mentioned

"Look, here's my address and email, maybe we can meet at another con or something" he suggested

"You never know" Mad replied taking the proffered bit of paper. I was relieved when Mad didn't offer a reciprocal exchange.

"Have a good trip" I offered

"Thanks Gab, it's been a really good weekend"

"Bye James" Mad concluded

"Bye girls, see ya!" and with that he was gone.

"Give me my purse Gab"

"Here you go" I retrieved it from the pocket in my coat.

She put the note in side.

"You're keeping it?"

"Why not, he's pretty cute, I might be interested if we break up"

I rolled my eyes skyward.

"Come on let's get a drink"

We rejoined the parental units and we all watched some anime that was running in one of the side rooms. Another board on 'Anime in popular culture' was pretty good and it was nearly three o'clock.

"One last look round and we ought to get off, meet us in reception at four okay" Mr P advised

"Okay Dad"

We both had our eye on things to buy and so we started on our shopping. We mooched along, Mad bought some stage makeup and other bits and pieces, I got myself a couple of t-shirts and a poster of that blonde geezer from Buffy for Jules.

"Excuse me" it was Clare from the organisers

"Oh hi" I mentioned

"It's your cousin I want today" she smiled

"Me?" Mad queried

"Yes, you've won today's prize for best costume"

I've never seen Mad act quite like this before, jumping up and down like a five-year-old.

"Can we get an official picture?" Clare asked


We followed her to the portrait booth; the photographer was the guy who took the pictures with J.K.Rowling yesterday. While he was arranging Mad, Clare spoke to me.

"You enjoyed yourselves?"

"Yeah it's been great"

"Give me your address and I'll send you a copy of Maddy's picture and your J.K. picture"


"I'm sure there'll be loads on the web soon too"

"Yeah, loads of people have taken our pictures this weekend"

We exchanged the information and Mad rejoined us.

"Ooh, nearly forgot, here you are Maddy, it's not much but we're on a tight budget"

"Thanks Clare"

"Maybe see you two at the next one"

"Yeah maybe" Mad agreed

"Bye girls"

"Bye Clare"

We made our way back to the stall where Clare had found us.

"Clare's going to send us copies of your picture and mine from yesterday"

"Brill! Come on I've still got some money burning a hole in my purse!"

We joined Mad's parents about five minutes late.

"Looks like you two have bought the place up" Mr P observed

"Not really. Guess what? I won today's best costume!" Mad enthused

 I forgot to put my jacket on

I was a bit embarrased going into the restaurant like this!
"Well done, you two've had quite a weekend haven't you" Aunt Carol mentioned.

"You girls getting changed?" Mad's Dad asked

"I need to but I didn't think Gab needed to"

"I'll live I guess" I agreed

We finally left Dunstable just after four thirty and headed back north to Nottinghamshire. We stopped half way back to eat, none of us had eaten since breakfast and I for one was famished! I felt a bit uncomfortable going into the Harvester in this outfit, to make matters worse, I forgot to put the long jacket on, as it was so warm. I got some funny looks, I mean you don't usually see girls my age wearing stockings and mini skirt.

After eating it didn't take long to get back to Warsop, it was just before eight as we arrived.

"I'll drop you straight home Drew okay?"

"Thanks Mr Peters, thanks for taking me, I've had a really good time"

"A pleasure Drew, it wouldn't have been the same without you"

'Certainly not,' Mrs Peters thought to herself, 'I need to have that chat with Madeline later.'

"You got everything?" Mad asked

"Think so" I replied as I stood on the drive with my bags, "see you tomorrow"

"Bye" Mad waved as they drove off

"Nice legs!" a lad shouted out as he rode his BMX past.

Damn! I hurried up to the house and went inside.

"Hi!" I called out

"Cute outfit!" Jules mentioned from the front room

"Drew?" Dad turned his attention from the telly, "what are you wearing?"

"It's my costume from the Con"

He just shook his head; "did you have a good time? It looks like you've spent up"

"It was brill" I started.

Well you already know what I did so I'll not repeat it all again here. I told them all about going to Whipsnade, the boards, meeting J.K.Rowling, the photos, winning the costume prize, the party afterwards and then today's events. Jules was a bit green over my signed Harry Potter but the poster softened her attitude a fair bit, she seems to have a thing for that geezer. I picked Dad up a book at Whipsnade and he was chuffed with 'Walks Through Britains Past'. By the time I finished it was well after nine.

"How did Mum get on"

"Second" Jules stated


"There was about a tyre width in it she said" Dad advised, "she'll call sometime tomorrow"

"I think I'll go up to bed, I'm shattered"

"G'night Drew"

"'Night Dad, 'night Jules"

I took my stuff up to my room and started to undress. Bum! She's done it to me again! The remover is at the Peters; I'm stuck with these damn breasts again.



"Can you come up a moment?"

She joined me in my room.

"What's up? Oh don't tell, she's done it to you again hasn't she?"

I nodded, "can I borrow something to sleep in and can you er undo this bra thing?" I lifted my hoody to show her.

"That's gorgeous Drew, hang on I'll find you some pj's"


"Ooh that's better," I said rubbing my ribs a few minutes later

"I must be the only girl whose brother wears nicer underwear than she does!"

"Thanks Jules, don't tell Dad eh?


I put Jules pyjamas on and collapsed into my bed.

I awoke to a rapping at the front door. I got up and looked out to see who could be knocking at this time, sod it's half nine! It was a delivery van, I opened the window.

"Won't be a minute!" I called down to the driver

I made my way down to the front door and opened it to the driver.

"Just one miss" he handed me his delivery sheet, "sign and print on number four please"

I did as requested and passed his sheet back.

"There you go, I'll pop it inside for you" he hefted the box and slid it into the hallway.

"Thanks" I told him

"No problem" and he was off.

Who'd be sending us a big box like this? I looked for a label, the address indicated it was for me! Ah well lets have a look. I dragged the box into the kitchen and started to open it.

"Who was that?" Jules asked joining me

"Delivery man"

"What is it?"

"Give us a chance," I finally got the top open, "oh wow, it's my wheels!"

"Oh" Jules was clearly disappointed

"Hang on there's a packet for you too" I passed it over to her.

She carefully opened the package.

"Cool! Thanks Mum" she shook out what even I thought was a gorgeous dress. There was a card inside, of course it's Jules birthday in a couple of weeks time. Jules disappeared upstairs to try on her dress.

I concentrated on getting my new wheels out of the box. This is so cool! I'll get Dad to sort out the cassette when he gets home; Mum had supplied tyres and tubes fitted. I checked the box for a note but instead found another packet addressed to me. I ripped it open to reveal an Apollinaris team strip the same as I had borrowed from Mum, there was a note inside.

'Dear Drew,

Hope you like the wheels. I thought you'd like your own strip, you looked good in it the other week!
See you soon


"Drew you look so cute sat there!" Jules stated.

"Give over, wow!" Jules new dress was stunning, "that's something else!"

"Thanks sis" she said giving a twirl.

I suppose you'd like to know what it looked like? Well it's sort of white with sequins all over it in a sort of rainbow pattern; I'll get you a picture some time.

"What're you doing today Gab?"

"Getting back to being me again! Ooh, I'd better get Mad to bring the remover over"

"Mad?...can you come over?...I need the remover...okay, I'll see you later"

"She coming?" Jules asked

"Yeah, she's got a doctors appointment this morning, but she'll be over afterwards"

"The gang are coming over this morning, shit they'll be here in about ten minutes! Drew you'll have to be Gaby, some of the girls still don't know"

"Jules!" I complained

"Come on, let's get you dressed!"

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