Chapter *9.07*

Great Boob Cup

The evening had been great, catching up with Mum's exploits, spending time with her – even if I did do it in a long frock and heels. All good things come to an end and this particular good thing ended on the drive home when it hit me that I hadn't given my stricken friend in England a single thought all evening. By the time I stumbled in my heels up to my den I was into major guilt trip mode – I hadn't even picked up my handy to go out – well it wouldn't fit in my bag to be honest , but still.

When I checked there was a message waiting from Mad;

‘S nd ovr yr file 2nite. Will tk 2 hosp 2moro, hugs Mad'.

It was timed mid evening which would have given me plenty of time but here I am at nearly eleven with it not even started – sugar.I kicked off my heels and booted up the computer then spent ten minutes finding my web cam, which had of course dropped into the tangle of wires under my desk, grrr!

I eventually hit the send button at nearly two o'clock of the AM; as soon as I got the confirmation screen up I shut the machine down and collapsed onto my bed.

“Drew? You awake kiddo?” The sound of Mum's voice at my door just about broke through my fuzzy thought processes.

“Hmm, wassup?” I managed, cracking an eye open.

“Time to get up.”


“Come on shake a leg.” She persisted.


It was only when I crashed onto the floor that I realised that I'd fallen asleep without undressing, the skirts of my frock having tied me up Egyptian mummy style during a fitful night's sleep.

Mum reappeared, “ What the hell was…are you alright?”

“I think so.” I allowed as I unwrapped myself.

“Why did you go to bed fully dressed?”

“I was doing the message for Helen, I guess I just fell asleep when I finished.”

“Come on, shower, breakfast, I'll drop you at school, I've got to go into Apollinaris anyway.”


Mum headed back downstairs and I started to divest myself of my glad rags pausing only to drop a quick text to Connie.

Refreshed from the shower I checked the weather – even in summer the weather can be a bit changeable but the sky was blue, the birds singing and jeans aren't an option. I debated wearing a dress or skirt again but once a week is still once too many so I found a pair of shorts. I felt pretty exposed once I had them on though, I nearly went for jeans instead but last night's tights gave me an idea.

It felt a bit weird at first, nothing really around my legs but the erm, security I guess of having more than just the shorts on. Several layers on top for temperature control, trainers on my feet and I was set.

Interesting look.” Mum noted when I finally made it downstairs.

“Thought I'd air my legs a bit.”

“In tights?”

“I can take them off it gets too warm.”

“I'll do your hair while you eat your toast.”

“Hmm.” I kind of agreed from around my cup.

“So, did you finish your tape thing?”

“Yeah, Mad's gonna take it with her when she visits Helen later.”

The brushing and tugging around my head was quite soothing and I was nearly purring by the time Mum had finished. It felt a bit weird , but what the hey.

“There we go, should be a bit cooler than all that mop hanging round your head.”


“Come on then or you will be late.”

It was only when I spotted my reflection in the car window that I discovered what Mum had been up to, whilst my fringe still framed my face the rest of my locks were plaited into a pair of French braids tied off with a couple of bits of narrow , yellow ribbon – no idea where she found that. It looked okay I guess, a bit formal but it kinda worked.

The Ahr Gymnasium whilst not having a uniform does have a dress code and Frau Boxberg is pretty strict with it. Today I think her patience will be tried. Let me just say that my shorts came to about mid thigh but the vast majority on display this morning barely covered the wearer's bums and a lot of those didn't have the 'armour' of hose.

"Nice look , Princess." Anna offered as I climbed out of the Saab.

"Hi , Frau Bond." Con offered.

"Morning , girls," Mum replied, "three thirty Gaby."

"Yes , Mum." I sighed slipping my sunnies onto my head.

"Bye , Princess."


"Bye , Mum."

Mum pulled away and I turned on Anna, " You've got Mum doing it now!"

"Doing what?" Steff asked.

"Calling me Princess."

"Well sorree for living!" Anna huffed.

"Girls!" Con shushed us with her hands, "Boxxie!"

"Nice to see at least some of you are dressed for school today, how's your friend getting along Fraulein Bond?"

"Better, Miss, they're waking her up today."

"That's good news, Marguerite Braun! A moment please!" the head stalked off towards where the hapless victim was leaving the 'Angels' to themselves.

"Hey that's good news about Helen." Pia opined.

"Uh huh, Mad's going to see her later."

"Who did your hair?" Brid enquired circling me, "suits you."

"Wasn't my choice, Mum did it."

"Very sophisticated." Nena agreed.

Having dealt with the Braun girl, the addition of a borrowed hockey skirt would at least keep the vice squad at bay; Sylvie Boxberg returned her attention to where her school's prettiest pupil was joking about with her friends.

Except of course a) she didn't know of her status and b) she of course was a he – possibly. Yes it might be Anna who ruled the roost in the group but whether she knows it or not it's the tiny blonde who acts as the catalyst.

Even at their first meeting the child exuded something that had you wanting to be in her presence and presented at best as the girliest tomboy you'd ever see. Just over a year on and she'd bloomed into a beauty whom half the faculty let alone the students were in lust with! To make matters worse she, you could never refer to such a creature as he, has recently started dressing in more feminine attire.

The tones of first bell broke into her thoughts, the stampede of the region's youth sweeping the object of her musing from sight.


“Hey , Gabs.”

“Oh hi, Mart.”

“Mind if I sit?”

Drew looked around; a free period in the library was not his usual habit but an essay for Herr Ansbacher in history which was due in after lunch had altered things somewhat.

“Guess so.”

Martin settled himself opposite before speaking again.


“Now what?”

“Erm have you like heard from Bernie lately?”

Bernie, sugar, he had hardly given his pregnant friend a thought since the weekend what with the stuff with Helen. Had there been a letter this week? He couldn't remember.

“Not this week.”

“Oh.” He paused a moment before continuing, “You do write to her, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Could you um include a note from me next time?”

“I could but why not send it yourself?”

It's hard enough writing to her in gaol as it is let alone if you end up playing gooseberry.

“I um don't have the address and anyway I'm not sure it's allowed.”

“Course it's allowed you dipstick! Give me your pad.” Drew dug through his handbag and extracted his address book, “ Here we go.”

Herr Ansbacher's essay wasn't any closer to being finished; instead the rest of the period was spent drafting a letter to Bern.


The tights and three layers on top disappeared by lunch time as the temperature continued to rise.

“Have I got mayo on my nose or something?”

“Clear as a baby's bottom!” Steff supplied.

“So like why does everyone keep looking at me?”

“Gaby Bond, people are always looking at you.” Nena stated.

“And that's when you haven't got your melons on display!” Anna giggled.

“Anna!” Con censured.

I reckon I could have beaten the 0-100 of a Ferrari with the speed I turned red.

“Now look what you've done,” Pia sighed, “Gab , she was only joking.”

“She said mmmelons.”

“Jealousy, Gabs, I'd rather have yours than her fried eggs.” Brid opined.

I managed to pry my hands from where they had flown at Anna's comment.

“Melons?” that's all I need, another flippin' nick name, Princess Gaby Melons.

“So okay I do pad,” Anna allowed, “and yes I am jealous.”

“Anyway, I think mine are bigger.” Con suggested.

“Nah Steff's are gigantic!” Brid put in.

“No fair, Miss Grapefruit.” Steff riposted.

“I've got a tape.” Anna offered.

And so the Great Boob Cup competition was inaugurated, there was no opt out and no prize but for the sake of your curiosity I'll give you the result.


chest in/cm

Cup size






















So there you have it, by my reckoning Steff and Con are not much different and I'm well down the scale.

“It's because you're so slim, Gabs,” Brid noted, “makes you look bigger.”

I so did not want this conversation!

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 28.09.11 © 2011

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