Chapter *7.20*

Cos I Said

“How bad is it?”

“The wheel's had it so that's a new rim, the frame looks okay so I think its just the gear hanger that's bent, I can get a replacement one when I go to Bonn tomorrow.” Dad advised.

I think I came off worse than the bike, this morning I'm well stiff.

“You going to Thesing's today?”

“Yeah, Steffi and Bernie are coming later to work on the dance stuff.”

“How's the side?”

“Sore, the bruise is lovely.”

“No bikinis for a couple of weeks then.”


“Just kidding, seriously though tell me if there's any swelling.”

“Yes Dad.”

“Don't be back too late, school in the morning.”

“As if I could forget.”

“Have fun.”

Bern was still in bed, we didn't get home till after midnight from Mettmann and she was asleep before we got to Düsseldorf. I wheeled my trusty Schauff outside and set off to work. My hip complained a bit at first but the pain subsided to a dull throb by the time I arrived at the bakery.


“Hi Gab's, what's the occasion? You never willingly wear a dress.”

“This.” I hitched up the hem of my borrowed frock, I raided Jules closet this morning.

“Ow, how did you get that?” Con enquired.

“Lets just say I had an argument with some railings at the race.”

“And the railings won.” She noted, “So no spectacular win then.”

“Who says?”

“Well you crashed.”

“So? As it happens I did win.”

“Geez there's no stopping the Bond Radrennen machine is there?”

I just gave her a stupid grin by way of reply.

“I need to get changed I suppose.”



“Do we need all that?” Steffi asked.

“It'll give them a bit of background.” I mentioned.

“You think most of them will be bothered?”

I shrugged, maybe Steff was right, perhaps I'm getting a bit geeky with all this.

“What about condensing it a bit.” Con suggested.

“That'd work.” Steff agreed.

“I'll do that then.” Bern volunteered.

“Cheers Bern, so what else is there Steff, you were making notes.”

“Character profiles.”


“Background notes.”

“Check.” Bernie put in.

“Stuff for the hall.”

“I've spoken to Dad, he says he'll help but we really need to use the school kitchens.” Con told us.

“We can talk to Frau Dürst about that tomorrow.” I stated.

“Its all quite easy to make, I got some stuff off the web yesterday and Dad has a cook book with some Japanese food in it too.”

“We'll have to get supplies.” Steff noted.



I went to pull on my ‘school' jeans, shitza! My hip is well and truly on fire still, although it didn't bleed on Saturday by last night the bruising had broken the skin leaving me with what looks and feels like a light graze. Jeans just aren't gonna work and trackies aren't allowed.

“You coming Gab's?” Bern called up to my eyrie.

“If I can find something to wear.”

“What are you on about?

“My hip still hurts.” I complained.

“Well do what you did over the weekend.”

“Wear a skirt?”



“Well it won't kill you, its either that or skip school.”

I considered that option for a moment; Mum'd kill me so that left option B.

“Alright, I guess it's the skirt option then.” I sighed, after all everyone thinks I'm a girl anyway.



“Geez Drew, I didn't expect you to go so er…”

“Girly?” I ventured.

Nor had I intended to, the truth of the matter was that after trying on all of my small collection of skirts, this was the one that caused least discomfort. The fact that it barely reached mid thigh and just screamed girly girl was at this point not in the equation. So okay it wasn't my first choice but there again I would've chosen jeans.

“Yup, girly is certainly it, what's that on your leg?”


“On your thigh, ew it's a scab!”

“Well duh!”

“You can't go to school like that, its gross.”

“So what do you suggest, its either this skirt or skive.”

“Wait here.”

She disappeared so I stuck another bagel in the toaster.


I managed to catch the split bagel before it jumped to the floor.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

I put it on the breadboard ready to butter.

“Ta da!” Bern announced behind me.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, “Bern!”

“Here you go Miss Bond.”


“Opaques, they'll hide your scabby leg and they'll look cool with that skirt.”

I finished buttering the onion bagel and took a bite before moving to the table. Geez, you wear one bit of feminine apparel for practicality and end up fully dressed.

“Do I have to?” I got out around my brekkie.

“Yes unless you want to get a new nickname.”

“Like” it might be worth it.


“I dunno what that is but it sounds disgusting.” I admitted.

“Martin told it me, its something like scabby girl.”

I grabbed the tights and went to the downstairs loo to put them on. I'd expected just plain black but these were a sort of dark red, claret I think you call it and had like a diamond pattern woven into them. There was no way I could really wear trainers in this outfit so I detoured to my room to find the Skechers Biker flats that Con convinced me to buy a while back.

“Woo, looking good girlfriend!” Bern noted when I rejoined her.


“Come on then, I thought you had to be at school early this morning.”




I was glad Bern insisted I wear tights, I'd forgotten how breezy it can be wearing a skirt on a bike, especially a short one that insisted on showing rather too much to anyone who happened to be looking.

“So what's with the skirt Gab?” Pia enquired.

“Its er a bit more comfortable than jeans at the moment.”

“That's usually the case.” She noted.

“She fell off her bike on Saturday.” Steffi supplied.

“You are hurt?” Pia asked.

“A bit bruised.” I admitted.

“You're still okay for the Gardetanz?”

Do I sense a note of panic?

“Yeah, I'm just a bit sore at the minute.”

“Phew, you had me worried there.”




School was a nightmare. You'd think I'd got two heads or something instead of a skirt and tights.

“Hey Max, your girlfriend's got legs.” Ralf called across the room.

“Looking good Gab's.” Maxi von Strechau mentioned when I arrived in the form room.

I gave him a withering look.

“Woo! Touch-eee!” Freddy grinned.

“Von Strechau!” Frau Dürst admonished which in turn got a few sniggers from my other classmates.

As if I wasn't feeling a bit exposed and self conscious enough. Oh I know what you are all thinking, you've worn more revealing outfits, even swimsuits , well its true but they were in a different context and I am fifteen now not some naive little thirteen year old. I was brought back to the present by Frau Dürst's voice.

“So its only four weeks until the Pfingstentanz and this year Miss Bond and Miss Oldberg are helping to organize it.” She paused. “Our theme this year is Japanisch Lebhaftigkeit and the girls have already done a lot of preparation for us. As you know the dance is a costume event and this year we want to see everyone taking part so each class has been given a comic to er, what is the term Gaby?”

“Cosplay miss.”

“Danke, yes Cosplay. We have drawn, “she had to read the title from our crib card, “Chibi Vampire which the girls advise me has plenty of scope for some fun. To spice things up a bit my team thought it would be fun if everyone drew a character to play, it could be boring if everyone chose the same and each class will be expected to do a short scene from the comic.”

“Boring!” Max moaned.

“Well I think we have our first volunteer to choose, Herr Strechau.” Frau Dürst held the bowl with the character slips in front of my nemesis.

With ill grace he reached and took a slip.

Frau Dürst went around the room and we each pulled a card.

“Hey this is a girl!” Max complained.

“Well it looks like we shall see you in einer Kleid then.” Frau Dürst chuckled.

“Can't I swap with someone?”

“Anyone want to swap with Max?”

By the lack of response it was clear that no one else had issues with their character – well I do but at least Anju Maaka doesn't wear revealing outfits.

Steff was quite chuffed to get Calera Marker, Martin had Kenta Usui oh and Max drew the delightful Tachibana! One of the girls had selected Ren Maaka so von Strechau and myself wouldn't be the only ones cross-dressing. Despite who I was to play it was quite exciting to be cosplaying again.

“Right, now that's settled you can start on your costumes, I'm sure Gaby and Steffi will be happy to help out.”

to be continued....

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