Chapter *7.21*


As you might surmise the Pfingstentanz and the whole Cosplay thing was the talk of year 11 for the rest of the day. Most people seemed to think it was a great idea and felt pretty chuffed that my suggestion was so universally accepted.

I just wish that I'd not drawn one of the female characters especially one who dresses so er girly. For those of you who don't know the series it's about a family of vampires where the main protagonist, Karen Maaka doesn't suck blood but produces the stuff to excess. My character, Anju, is her younger sister who tries to keep big sis out of trouble. Unluckily for me I've drawn one of the few characters who don't wear 'normal' clothes, it should be fun to see how Max goes on as his character, Tachibana, is also usually seen wearing very girly costumes.

To be honest it succeeded in one thing, my distraction from what I was wearing. I only remembered on the walk to the biology lab when Fabien asked me where I got the tights. No one really took any notice otherwise, why should they, I'm just a girl in a skirt, aren't I?

By Tuesday my side was somewhat less tender and I was a little relieved that my usual jeans and baggy top were back in play.

The rest of the week was pretty unremarkable, antenatal class with Bern, training, homework, stuff for the dance - well you get the drift. Mum was indoors when we got home on Thursday.

"Hiya kids."

"Hi Mum, how'd it go?"

Sometimes it feels like we are rotating in different orbits around our home sun, we get to share some time but so often it's difficult to relate to each other's worlds.

"Tina won in Edam, I told you when I rang didn't I?"

"I don't remember."

In truth I think I spent most of the call reliving my own exploits on Saturday, she coulda told me anything!

"How is the leg?"

"Still a bit sore, Denmark?" I pressed.

"It was a bit close but your ole Mum won."

"Way to go Mrs. B!" Bernie exclaimed.

"Team Bond strikes again!" I added.

"So how are you now Bernie?" Mum enquired.

"Better, I was just a bit depressed last week."

"Well you know you can chat if you want, has your Mum sorted out when you go home?"

"She's not said, but I think it'll be on the 26th or 27th ."

"That's the weekend of the Pfingstentanz?"

"Yup, the dance is on the Saturday." I supplied.

"I shall be racing in Bavaria that weekend." Mum noted.

"So what did you do in Hamburg?"

"Well it was actually in a place called Stade just the other side of the river. It was a fitness event for seniors."

"Boring." I stated.

"It pays for your dresses and bikes." Mum mentioned.

"But oldies…"

The look I got stopped me from continuing.

"So, who fancies eating out tonight?" Mum asked.

"Is the Pope Catholic?"

"Yes please Auntie Jen."

"Right, get yourselves ready, we'll go as soon as Jules gets here."

"Where're we going?"

"What do you guys fancy?"

"Schnitzel?" I offered.

Mum and Bern both rolled their eyes.

In the end we decided on a visit to Am Anker at Kripp by the Linz ferry.

"And dress decent." Mum called after me.

"Yes Mum." I sighed.

"So," Mum started, "how's the dance coming on?"


"More than okay Auntie Jen, everyone is dead impressed." Bern informed us.

"They've not said anything to me."

"Don't want to give you a big head." Dad suggested.

"Max von Strechau drew Tachibana." Bern enthused.

"Who or what is Tachibana?" Jules enquired.

"From Chibi Vampire, she's this half human half vampire girl who works with Karen and Kenta."

"Uh huh." Dad allowed.

"The poor sod." Jules snickered.

"No one would swap either." Bern gloated.

"You're keeping quiet kiddo,” Mum mentioned.

"I guess."

"l bet he's got a girl character too." Jules hypothesised .

"So what if I have." I snapped.

"Keep your hair on."

"So I take it you landed a character with costume issues." Mum surmised.

"Kinda." I admitted.

"Gabs character wears like these uber girly dresses and stuff."

Dad raised an eyebrow.

"Well its not like you've never worn a dress is it?" Jules pointed out looking at my present attire.

So okay I'm wearing a dress, it's not like I wanted to but Mum said smart and like my boy wardrobe is somewhat lacking and anyway, I've not worn this for like ages. What am I wearing? You'll remember it, I got it in Meadowhell that time, the orange velvet number. It still fits but maybe a bit too well in some places!

I was saved from further conversation on the matter by the arrival of dessert.



"Same time as last week Gabs?"

"I guess."

"You sure your legs okay." Pia asked for the sixth time today.

"Yeah, its only a bruise."

"See you later then, tschuss."


To be honest I coulda done without it but I promised and they were expecting me and I've no real reason for dipping out.

I caught up to the others before dismounting and pushing the Schauff alongside my friends.

"I shall miss all this." Bern sighed.

"What, School?" Connie enquired.

"Kind of but I meant hanging with you guys."

"Stop it, you'll give us a complex." Anna giggled.

“Surely its no so bad in England?” Steff asked.

“It didn't use to be, before the Bond's moved we had some great times. It just wasn't the same after Rhod and Drew left, its like they were the glue that held our little group together.”

“Get on with ya!” I put in.

“It's true, after you moved it just wasn't the same.”

“Well things certainly seem to happen around our Gab's that's for sure.” Anna allowed.


“Life's never dull with Fraulein Bond around.” Connie added.

“Remember me?” I complained.

“The look on your face Gabs!” Anna giggled.

“See you tomorrow, tschuss.” Steffi mounted up and headed off.

“Bye Steff.” Bern replied.

“I need to get home and do my homework before Herr Sebenschuh picks me up.”



“Hi girls!” Hannah greeted us.

“Abend.” I allowed.

“Go get changed P, come on Gabee, I've got Margot's stuff in the office.”

Shitza, I'd forgotten about that. I sighed to myself and followed her down the corridor.

“Thanks for doing this Gab I thought we were going to have to scratch from the competition, I couldn't believe it when Pia said you'd fill in, I don't suppose you'd consider joining us on a more permanent basis?”

Geez this woman's got verbal diarrhea!

We reached the office and Hannah retrieved a hanger from behind the door.

“Here we go, yes I think Margot is a little taller but not by much, you alright dressing yourself? Of course you are, well I'll leave you to change, I'll pop back in a few to finish you off, I'd best go and see what the others are getting up to.”

She never seems to draw a breath.

‘Did I really sign up for this?' I looked at the outfit on the hanger, ‘that is just sooo saccharinely sweet. What the hell am I getting into?'

In the back of my mind I vaguely remember seeing the girls up at Adenau the other week and recognised this as what they were wearing. I can hardly back out now can I so I shut the door and stripped off down to my undies. The ‘uniform' consisted of a white sleeveless leotard, a short white pleated skirt, a red and white military style jacket topped off with a bizarre trihorn hat.

“Oh Gabs, I forgot you'll need these too.” Hannah mentioned after surprising me from my musing.

“Er thanks.”

I took the boots and packet of tights off of her and she slipped back out.

‘Gott im himmel!'


I quickly dressed myself, I felt a right plonker, what if someone sees me?

Hannah came back as I slipped my feet into the boots.

“Ah gut, it fits well.” She fussed a little with the jacket and straightened my skirt. “Gut, lets get your perücke und hat sorted, sit yourself on the stool.”

I did as requested and she moved behind me and started undoing my ponytail.

“Your hair is nearly the same colour as the perücke.” She stated.

“Er yeah.”

She fussed around for a minute then pulled something over my head before tugging the wig into place. The really weird thing is that the wig comprises mostly of two braids which fall to about the bottom of my shoulder blades, which felt way strange and combined with a deep fringe – I'm sure I look weird.

“We wont bother with makeup tonight, I'll just pin your hat on.”

“Thanks.” I allowed.

Five minutes later and I was faced with nine other girls dressed in this weird parody of a uniform.

“Right ladies, we'll take it from the top.”

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 17.09.09 © 2009

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