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Some of you showed some interest in where I live, so here are a few pictures around home. I'll put some more up when I get a chance.

  • View of Warsop looking south - I've put in the main points for you! The park is opposite the school, next to the church, which is where we catch the bus.

    Warsop and

  • The Carrs - this is our excuse for a park!

  • The Church - this is why it's called Church Warsop, the thing in front is the War Memorial.

  • Going home - that's me on the way home from the Tuesday Ten

  • Creswell Crags - This is the lake, there are caves all along the cliffs.
  • Round about

  • Cuckney village - The Chequers and the church

  • Cuckney again - the church and get the sign!

  • Cuckney 10 - the start!

  • Signpost - just by the ten finish.
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