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Drew & Jules

  • Katia Pinger aka Kat - is the daughter of one of Jenny Bond's team mates and becomes a firm friend of Drew / Gaby.

  • Maria Pinger - is Kat's mum and Jenny's team mate in Germany.

  • Anna aka Pinkie- Juliettes best friend in the world except perhaps for Charlie. Her sisters prank left her with this rather fetching (not!) pink hair do!

  • Charlotte aka Charlie - who might just be Jules even bestest friend!

  • Sarah - is the assistant at the shoe store that Drew keeps finding himself in. She mistakes him for a girl the first time and still doesn't know the truth!
  • Other Characters

  • Mrs Peters - Maddy's mum and Gaby's Aunt Carol. She becomes a co conspirator during the school episode.

  • Mr Woods - is the Headmaster of the gangs school and instigated the school brochure incident.

  • Mrs Johnston - teacher at the school who takes Drew shopping for Gaby's uniform.

  • Mrs Jenkins - is the senior teller at the bank where Gaby opened her account in part 15. She becomes a firm friend of Gaby.

  • Sylvia - is actually Rhod's mum but everyone calls her Sylv. She owns the salon where Drew got his first waxing!
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