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Out & about in the Ahrtal



Some of you have expressed an interest in seeing the area where the Bond clan currently live, Dernau in the Ahrtal which is in the Eifel region just to the south of Bonn, Germany.

Well when Miss Bell came to visit at the beginning of the month it seemed like the perfect opportunity for her to take a few snaps for you. I'll post some more another day but for now welcome to my world!

Click on the pic for a larger version and hover over for some narrative!

You can't escape the wine production in Dernau The streets are narrow We sometimes hang out here opposite the Spar I live over there My house is just hidden behind the yellow house The vines are grown right in town They recently started a through service from Dernau to Bonn, its just arrived. The trains are at least modern Up to 8 departures a day! It's a bit of a one platform town This is the Weinfesthalle where a lot of social evemts take place It's only a single line a lot of the way up the valley This is Ahrweiler the Christmas market was shut the day we were there Ahrweiler high street Thats Con behind me The road to Singen This is the alternative route Bad Bodendorf memorial garden It's to do with a wartime camp place in Remagen The Linz - Kripp ferry It literally takes a couple of minutes to cross

The pictures are all genuine taken December 2011