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Part 64

Hermione !

I was still eating breakfast when Mum and Jules left for the day, they were off to Leeds and I'm off to the Peters'! I decided to walk over to Maddy's and I thought I'd box clever, I usually ended up having to 'borrow' underwear for these dressing up sessions, but today I was already wearing 'Gaby' knickers. Well its embarrassing borrowing underwear!

"Hi Drew" Mrs Peters greeted me a short while later.

"Hi Mrs P, I've come for a costume fitting" I pointlessly told her

"That daughter of mine was at it all day yesterday, I can't wait to see what she comes up with" she informed me

"Is that you Drew?" Maddy called from the dining room

"Morning Mad" I greeted her

"I'll leave you two to it then" Mrs P advised

"Hi Drew, I hope you like them" Mad answered my greeting

There were several piles of clothing on the table, which I took to be our costumes.

"Okay then Drew, this is what I thought we'd do. On Friday you can wear your HP outfit and I'll wear this Sailor Moon one. On Saturday you get to do Sailor Moon and I'll be Evangeline." She indicated each costume in turn.

I wasn't going to get through this easily was I?

"Why don't we both do Sailor Moon together?" I had to ask

"I've only got one pair of boots" she advised

"Well I could borrow that pair I got for Jules at Easter" I offered. I'd feel more comfortable if we were doing the short skirt bit together.

"Kewl! Yeah that would be great." Mad enthused, "I'll swap round then. Then on Saturday evening for the contest we'll wear our Chii costumes"

The thought of wearing that get up again didn't fill me with joy!

"Then on Sunday I've got an excellent costume for me and yours is quite restrained by comparison" she finished

"Deep joy" I intoned, "lets get on with it then" I suggested

"Well we shouldn't need to put on the Chii outfits, I've let yours out a bit so you can have a bit of cleavage"

"Just what I need" I replied sarcastically


"Sorry, go on. Lets get this done with"

"Well your Harry Potter outfit is all normal stuff so you don't need to put that on"

"What is it?" I asked

"Just school uniform and a gown thing"

"Okay. What do I need to try on?"

"The Sailor Moon, do you prefer the white or the yellow?"

"Yellow I think"

"Come on then get stripped, you'd best borrow some suitable undies though"

"No need, I had some at home, I'm already wearing them"

"Drew Bond, I do believe you like wearing them" she teased

"I do not! I just thought it would be easier to do this" I explained

"Well you'll need a bra"

"I never thought of that," I admitted

"You start stripping and I'll fetch one"

She was out of the door in a flash. I started to take my shirt off then realised I was on display. It was only a cat looking in but I pulled the curtains to and as a result I was still be-trousered when Mad got back.

"Come on Drew, we'll be here all day" she chided

"Okay, okay!"

I was quickly down to my knickers and Mad helped me put on the bra, stuffing it with socks for now.

"We'll use your falsies when we go but this will do for now" Mad advised.

I pulled the yellow top on and followed it with the navy skirt with its net underskirt. There were no sleeves on the top but Mad handed me what looked like long yellow gloves but without the hand bit! I pulled the white boots on and Mad fussed for a bit.

Drew is Sailor Moon!
The Sailor Moon outfit exposed more than I hoped!.

"Hmm, with some make up and a wig you'll look pretty good"

"If you say so"

I was feeling a bit exposed, I'd forgotten how a short skirt would feel, I mean this felt nothing like the tennis skirt the other week what with it's net petticoats and drop waist.

"Come on Drew, a bit more enthusiasm" Mad sounded a bit put out

"Sorry, but I vowed I wasn't going to be Gaby again"

"Well your not. You're Drew wearing a costume" she stated

"If you say so" I allowed, what's this other mystery costume then?"

"It's a sort of Final Fantasy outfit" she informed me, you only really need to try the skirt on"

"Another skirt" I whined

"It's just a plain one" she pouted

"Go on then, let's get it over and done with"

I was soon down to my underwear and pulling on another ridiculously short skirt. At least this one was straight cut, although the two side splits made sure that it was just as prone to underwear exposure!

"What do I wear with this?" I asked

"This and this" Mad waved two garments at me

"Let's do it all then" I sighed.

short skirt
How did I get conned into this?

Soon I had on a hooded t-shirt and a coat style garment which at least made me happier about the skirt! I felt a little ridiculous wearing this getup and trainers but that wasn't going to be a problem.

"You'll do. With my black sandals and tights you'll look brill!" she enthused

There was a knock on the door

"Can I come in?" Bernie asked

"Come in B" Maddy encouraged

Why me?

"Oh hi Gab, didn't know you were here" Bernie stated

"Didn't think you were around this morning?" Mad queried

"I wasn't" Bernie mentioned sitting herself down, "but had to go to my Nan's, something about the gas, anyway I like that skirt Gaby"

"I'm not that keen" I indicated the side splits

"Yeah but the coat covers you pretty well Drew" Mad mentioned

"I guess"

"What else are you wearing?" Bernie asked

So Mad went through all of our costumes in turn to the ooh's and aah's of Bernie

"Let's see you as Harry Potter then Drew" Bernie suggested.

"Erm, I've got a confession to make"

I didn't like the sound of this

"Go on" I encouraged with dread

"Well I thought that instead of Harry you could be another character, there'll be loads of Harry's"

"Phew! So I get to be Ron then, or Draco" I sighed with relief

"Well no" Mad hedged

"Who then?" it clicked as I said it, "oh no, you don't mean, you do mean"

"Well I thought you'd be a good Hermione" Mad told us

Bernie was having trouble containing her laughter

"Ma-ad," I whined, "why can't I be Harry? I mean, just one day"

"Please Drew, you'll look really ace, I promise" Mad advised whilst fluttering her lashes at me.

I threw my hands in the air.

"Okay, okay, I'll be Her-me-one" I gave in

"Hermione!" the two girls chorused.

"Lunch!" Mrs P called, "and open those curtains!"

I did the honours with the drapes and the three of us joined Mad's Mum at the garden table for an impromptu buffet lunch.

"Nice outfit Gaby, is that for Obicon? Mrs P asked

I'd forgotten what I was wearing.

"Er yes Mrs P" I mumbled

"I've told you before Gaby, it's Aunt Carol"

"Yes Auntie" I murmured

I just wanted to crawl in a hole! Mad and Bernie were in hysterics.

"Stop it you two, that's no way to treat a friend" she admonished

"Sorry Drew, it was just the look on your face" Bernie explained

I sulked through the rest of lunch and exited as soon as I could to get changed back into my own stuff. When I rejoined the others I was somewhat happier and more comfortable, not physically, the skirt was quite comfortable really. No I was mentally more at ease.

"What do you guys want to do this afternoon?" I asked

"Dunno" Mad replied

"You got any ideas Drew?" Bernie followed on

"Not really, go for a walk?"

"Where to?" Bernie asked

Aunt Carol must have overheard the conversation, because she made a suggestion.

"If you three are bored, you can come into Worksop with me, I need to go to the bank and then Sainsbury's (do a web search!), I could do with a hand"

We looked at each other, Bernie shrugged her shoulders, I made a non-committal nod and Mad answered for us.

"Okay I guess"

"Well if you're coming be ready in five minutes"

The girls rushed inside to do whatever girls do on these occasions, I went around to the front of the Peters Pile to wait by the car. Ha! One big advantage to being Drew! The others took ten minutes to arrive, late as you might expect, and we all piled into the car.

There are two ways from Warsop to Worksop; Aunt C took the quieter road that comes out virtually in the High Street.

"Okay kids, I've got to go to the bank and post office so be back here at three please" Mrs P instructed

"Yes Mum" Maddy replied as we walked into the town.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Lets have a look in 'The Willow Garden'" Bernie suggested

"Yeah, there's something I want to show you in there Bern" Mad enthused

"Erm, where or what is the 'Willow Garden'?" I asked

"Oh you'll like it Drew, come on" Bernie ordered

So I tagged along behind the girls as they negotiated the way across the town and out over the canal. 'The Willow Garden' turned out to be a cross between a clothing store, novelty shop and Ikea! I suppose most reasonable size towns have a similar shop serving the curious like us and the 'alternative' market.

"Come on Drew" Maddy admonished as I hovered on the threshold of the heavily scented interior.

I followed the others through the front shop and up a flight of stairs to the 'boutique'. I now knew where all the local Goths shop! The place was packed with everything a Goth could want, lots of velvet, net and lace all in regulation black with a good selection of studded belts and accessories too. The girls went through into a second room where instead of black a cacophony of colour greeted us. A full rainbow of colours, lots of tie-dye, more velvets, Chinese style patterns on silk, Indian cottons - you get the picture?

"Ah brill, they've still got it" Maddy exclaimed leading the way to a rack of multi coloured velvets. She pulled out a hanger and held it up to herself.

"What do you think?" she asked

The top was in cherry red, a sort of laced bodice with a ruffled neckline and net sleeves.

"It's a bit..." I started

"Kewl!" Bernie stated

"And there's a matching skirt too" Mad told us

"The tops good but it needs a black skirt" Bernie advised

"What do you reckon Drew?"

"'S'okay I guess"

"Show a bit of enthusiasm" Maddy chivvied

Well much as I tried, after my morning I couldn't get up much enthusiasm and after the girls started working through the racks I found a chair and sat this particular shopping experience out. Long ago I worked out that these sessions rarely resulted in a purchase and this one was no different. I always feel guilty at not spending anything but the girls seem to have no such hang ups.

"Come on Drew, we've just got time to look in Smiths (WH - books, music and stationery)" Bernie mentioned.

As if it was me who just spent best part of an hour not buying anything at 'The Willow Garden'! Well after browsing the magazines for ten minutes we returned to a waiting Mrs P at the car.

"Come on then, we'll get a drink at Sainsbury's" Aunt C suggested

After a short restaurant visit we did the supermarket bit as Maddy's Mum did the weekly shop. A stop for petrol on the way out and we headed back home to Warsop. Although I was invited for tea I decided to head on home to eat with the family.

"Hello?" Mum called up the stairwell

"Hi Mum" I returned

"Where's your Dad?" she asked as I poked my head over the banister

"He said he was going to get some charcoal for the barbecue"

Mum rolled her eyes, "I guess we're having charred meat for dinner then"

"I guess" I sighed. We both knew that whilst Dad could manage a reasonable meal on the stove, get the barby out and any skill went west!

"Have a good day Drew?" Mum asked

"Okay I guess, how did your shopping go?"

"Fine but the traffic around Leeds was horrendous, loads of roadwork's everywhere"

By now we were in the kitchen, Mum putting the kettle on for tea.

"Where's Jules?"

"I dropped her at Charlie's, she'll be back for dinner though"

Dad returned and soon the smell of the grill started to permeate Bond Acres. Jules and our burnt food turned up simultaneously. We had chiselled and joked our way through the main course before I realised that Jules was playing with her hair more than usual.

"Jules, you've got your ears pierced" I stated

"God, you and Dad are so slow" Jules mentioned

"I thought it was about time I let her get them done," Mum supplied, "particularly as you've got yours done Drew"

We spent the rest of the evening talking and just generally hanging out as a family - I went to bed with warm feelings rolling round inside and looking forward to going to Gran's in Nantwich tomorrow.

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