Chapter *7.16*

Gab's Idea


“ Miss Bond, Miss Oldberg, can you please stay after class please. ” Frau Dürst requested.

“ What've we done now? ” I muttered under my breath.

“ Yes Miss. ” Steff replied.

“ Yes Frau Dürst.” I added.

The bell sounded and everyone got ready to leave for their first class.

“ I ' ll wait outside for you. ” Bern offered.

“ Best not Bern, dunno how long this ' ll take. ”

“ Okay, see you in IT then. ”

She set off; Marty was waiting for us and the pair of them set off.

“ This shouldn't take long, ” Frau Dürst, advised, “oh and congratulations on last Sunday Drew, very impressive, I knew you raced but not how good you are.”

“ Erm thanks Miss. ” I allowed turning a very deep shade of embarrassed.

“ Right to business, I have a favour to ask of you both. ”

“Favour ? ” Steff repeated.

“ I was wondering if you ' d be interested in helping with the Whit dance, I stupidly volunteered to organise it and I thought I could do with some assistants. ”

“ Why us? ” I enquired.

“ Well all the boys would be mucking about and the rest of the class seem to look to you two. ”

“ They do? ” we both chorused.

“ Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you, but yes, as they say, die wort am die Stra b e ist Bond und Oldberg. ”

“ Geez. ”

“ I don ' t need an answer right away, tomorrow would be fine, think about it for me please? ”

“ Sure. ” Steff agreed, I just kinda nodded.

“ Well you ' d best get to IT, you don ' t want to be too late. ”


“So what?”

“Well duh, Frau D ü rst?” Bern queried.

“Oh that.”

“Sometimes Drew you can be so obtuse.”

I concentrated on the screen, why anyone would want to use PowerPoint is beyond me, it sucks!

“Do I have to drag it out of you?”

“She wants me an Steff to help with the Whit dance, oh shitza!”

“Miss Bond!” Herr Diebels admonished from across the room.

“Er sorry.”

There were a few titters around the room at my outburst.

“So you gonna do it?”

“What?” I was trying to concentrate, tongue out, my attention on moving a text box around the slide.


“The dance? Dunno its coming into the racing season proper.”

“Remember it's the ante natal class tomorrow.”

“I thought it was Wednesday? Ah ha!”

“Not this week.”

“Oh alright, there done.”

“Lets see then.”

“So you guys gonna do it?” Con enquired as we pedalled home.

“Well I'm up for it.” Steff told us, “Drew?”

“I guess.”

“Kewl!” Bern exclaimed.

Dunno about that but like how much can there be to do?

“You decided girls?” Frau Dürst enquired when we arrived at registration.

“Count us in.” Steff advised.


“Yeah me too.” I agreed.

“Fantastiche! Well we need to get things rolling, can you meet me at the Lehrer Wohnzimmer at lunch break, bring your lunches and we can eat and start planning.”

Oh joy, I wanted to finish my Math's homework.

“That okay Drew?”

“Er sure, just thinking.”

“Fine so I'll see you two Damen at twelve.”

“Yes miss.” Steff agreed.

We headed to our shared desk and I slumped into my seat.

“What's up Gab's? I thought you wanted to do the dance.” Steff asked.

“I do, but I was gonna to finish my homework at lunchtime.”


“How'd you guess?”

“I was going to do the same, we'll have to do it at morning break.”

An idea hit me.

“Maybe we could borrow someone's notes.”

“Good idea but it needs to be someone good at math's.”

“Max!” we both agreed.

Why does it have to be Max? Too late, Steff was already getting his attention.

“Maxie?” she purred across the aisle, “you fancy helping a couple of maidens in distress?”

“Steff!” I hissed.

“Eh?” for all his front Max wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

“Can me an' Gabs borrow your notes for the math's homework?”

This is embarrassing.

He was catching on a bit faster now.

“What's in it for me?”

“That's not very charitable.”

“You don't get rich on charity, so?”

“How about a dance with the Königin at the Whit fest.”

“Done!” he replied straight away.

“Hey don't I get a say in this?”

“No, you get your homework finished.” Steff mentioned.

“I'll let you have them at lunch.”

“We have stuff to do at lunch,” Steff told him, “can you make it morning recess?”

“I guess so.”

“Quiet please, Bond?” Frau Dürst started the register.

“Yes Miss.”

Just you wait Steffi Oldberg; I'll get you for this.



“So girls, any ideas for a theme?”

“Heimatfest? Gabs looks good in a dirndl.” Steff giggled.

“I do not.”

“You do, doesn't she miss?”

“I have to agree with Steffi Drew, you have any ideas?”

Two against one.

“Erm,” hmm why not, “how about Cosplay?”

“Might've guessed.” Steff sighed.

“What is Cosplay?” Frau Dürst asked.

“You dress up as characters from Manga, you know the Japanese comics?”

“It is quite good fun.” Steffi admitted.

“Sounds interesting.”

“Do you have internet on your laptop miss?”


“I'll show you, some of us did it at my old school in England.”

Frau Dürst passed her laptop over to me.”

“They have conventions and everything miss, we went to one at Phantasialand last year.” Steff mentioned.

I tapped away for a minute or so before Mad's Flickr page popped up on the screen.

“Here we are.” I spun the machine around to show the others.

“This was at your school?”

“Uh huh, that's Herr Wood the headmaster.” I pointed at the picture.

“You have a Zwillingschwester, the girl in white?”

“White? Er that's me, the other one is my cousin Mad.”

“Look there's Bernie and your sister, not sure who the others are.” Steff put in.

“The blonde one is Ally and the other one is Rrr-Em, Mfanwy that is.”

Frau Dürst raised an eyebrow, “I take it there are boys costumes in these ‘mangos'?”

“Manga miss, hang on a sec.” I flicked to another album, “here we go, this was a proper convention in Manchester me an' Mad went to with my tante.”

“Some of the costumes are a bit riskant.” She noted.

“We could theme it on one series eh Drew?” Steff suggested.

“I guess so, can you imagine hundreds of Sailor Moons Steff?”

“Hmm, maybe not.” She agreed.

“What about each registration room having a theme?” we were on a roll now.

“So like we pick half a dozen themes that everyone in that class has to costume from?”

“Yeah so maybe we get Yubisaki, another gets Bleach and maybe Chibi Vampire or Card Captor.” I enthused.

“We'd have to draw lots or something.” Steff mused.

“Then everyone in each group gets a different character to play.” I was thinking aloud.

“Can you imagine Max dressed up as Sailor Moon?”

“Now that I'd pay to see!”

“Girls, calm down a bit.”

“Sorry miss.” I allowed.

“You've got some good ideas here, I need to run it past Frau Boxberg but I'm happy to go with it. Bookmark that page for me Drew so I can show the Head, can you jot me a few of these comic names down Drew?”

“Sure miss.” I'd already done the bookmark so I started to scribble down a few of my favourite titles.

to be continued....

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