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The Bond Family
  • Andrew aka Drew aka Gaby (and Dee!)- is the main character in the ongoing Gaby series. He takes after his Mums side of the family and by some quirk of fate looks very much like his friend Madeline! Here he is off to a race

    and now she is ready to go to 'Sylvia's' salon in part 21.

  • Juliette aka Julie aka Jules - Drew's older sister. Somehow she gets involved in several of his escapades.

  • Mum - Drew's mum, Jenny, is a pro cyclist who lives in Germany while the rest of the family live in England.

  • Dad - Drew's dad Dave, is a bit eccentric but supports his family in all their pursuits including his wife's career in Europe.

  • Gran - lives in Cheshire and often acts as confidant.
  • Drews Best Mates

  • Madeline Peters aka Maddy aka Mad - is probably Drew's best friend. She is always at the centre of things and was the catalyst for several adventures.

  • Bernadette Rose aka Bernie - one of the infamous gang of five.

  • Alison Lacey aka Ally - is the third girl in the gang.

  • Rhodrii Morgan aka Rhod aka Phillipa aka Pippa - the other victim of the girls plans!

  • Paul Burgin - shares some of Drew's hobbies and is usually found with...

  • Clive Jones - his sidekick who has a crush on Gaby! If only he knew it was really his mate not Maddy's cousin! Things just seem to get worse as time goes by, they say love is blind and Clive just seems to prove it!
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