Chapter *7.26*


“Drittel platz…. der Ahr Alles Stern Garde!”

We erupted into a noisy hug fest before Hannah marched us up onto the stage for my second ‘podium' of the day.


The drive home was to say the least interesting. We had of course changed out of the Garde uniforms but someone had the idea that we'd all wear the wigs home so we made quite a bizarre sight when we trooped into 'Der Adler' for a celebratory meal.

"Well done everyone." Hannah started.

We all cheered.

"I think we should all give Gaby a special cheer for stepping into the breach at such a late date, we couldn't have done it without you."

I turned an interesting shade of pink and felt my temperature rise.

"For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow and so say all of us 'Ray!" my teammates spontaneously sang out.

Talk about not wanting to be there.

"Thanks Gab's." Pia gave me a hug.

"Er yeah."

Hannah had booked the meal in advance, a very German meal of Pork knuckles, potatoes and veg - enough on the plate to give most families a meal! Mind you, after today's exertions I was more than up for it and so it seems were the rest of the Garde.

It seemed like no one was in a hurry to get home, everyone wanted to extend the feeling of oneness the competition had engendered. When we did eventually clamber back onto our transport it was nearly ten o'clock and our driver had changed!

“Er Dad?”

“What time?” he sighed down the phone.

“We're just coming through Ahrbruck, twenty minutes?”

“Okay, I guess from the noise you won.”

“Nah, third but it's the best the All Stars have ever done.”

“Well I'd best get dressed if I'm picking you up.”

“See ya.” I closed my phone.

“So he's picking you up?” Pia checked.

“Yeah, thanks for the offer tho'.”

“Couldn't have our star walking the streets on her own could we.”


“So me and your Dad took some pictures while Angela and Roni sat in the shade.” Bern enthused as I cleaned the gunk off my face.




“What about them?”

“I can't go to school with these talons.”

“Why not? All the other girls do.”

“Bern, you're no help.”

“I was just saying, ooh!”


“Junior just kicked.”


“Here.” she grabbed my hand and put it on her distended tummy.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the baby kicked again a moment later.

“Oh my god, that is so weird.”

“You want to be on this side.” Bern mentioned.

“Does it hurt when it does that, ooh it did it again.”

“Not really, it feels a bit weird but not much different from when it's just moving.”

“So why's it kicking?”

“Getting comfortable I guess.”

I gave a full on yawn.

“Time for bed.”

“Said Zebedee.”

“In your own tonight Florence!” I giggled.

“A girl can try.” Bern pouted, “g'night, see you in the morning.”

I returned her goodnight peck.

“Nite Bern.”



“No skirt today?” Anna asked when I entered Thesing's.

“I tried.” Bern told the gallery.

She certainly tried and nearly got me but I snagged my shorts instead of the denim mini she tried tricking me into.

“Here you go Gab's.” Connie presented me with a coffee.

“Pia was just telling us about yesterday.” Steff supplied.

“She won the bike race too.” Bern slipped in.

“Next it'll be running for chancellor, Frau Merkel watch out!” Brid giggled.

“What can't Wunderfrau do?” Nena queried.

“Get any peace.” I moaned.

At school, thankfully, people had other stuff on their mind. Although Drew's connection to a lot of conversation was pretty solid.

“Hey Gab's, what do you think?” one of her classmates held up a Fuku, “neat huh?”

“Spot on.” I agreed. It irked that pretty much everyone now used Gaby instead of Drew but on the other hand they all think I'm a girl anyway.

Bum, I need to get on and sort my costume out, I would manage to get one of the more er, challenging characters wouldn't I?

School is just school, Bern was right about my new talons, most of the girls seem to have ornate nails although mine are a bit longer than most favour. Just how did I end up with such finger decorations? I am a boy after all.

The dance preparations were coming along nicely, Fr Dürst showed us the design for the tickets - I was well impressed, it looked quite professional. Con and the catering crew were well organised and Steffi had the guys doing carpentry building some of the decorations and of course the food stands. All in all we couldn't have hoped for better.


"So how's your costume Drew?" Brid enquired as we ambled back up the valley after school.

"Well I've not really started yet."

"I bet she'll blow everyone else away." Anna suggested.

"I wonder if Max will show up?" Nena mused.

"Yeah, I can't see him dressing as a girl." Steffi agreed.

"I do." I pointed out.

"Well duh!" Pia noted.

"So you think he'll blow it off?" Con asked.

"Yeah, no way will he do it." Bridget nodded.

I had to agree with them, no way would Max go for it, in retrospect I wouldn't either!


“Drew, there's a boy on the phone for you!” Jules sang up the stairs.


“Who is it?”

“Matts or something, sounds like a bit of a hunk.”

I couldn't for the life of me think who it was – and asking for me.

“Who'd he ask for?” I enquired as I reached my sisters departing back.

“Gab's.” she allowed before closing the door of the Gothic lair.



“Ye-es, who is this?”

“Oh sorry, it's Max, Max von Strechau?”

“I'm not going out with you! And how did you get my number?”

“Whoa! I asked Martin and I'm not ringing for a date, well not right now.” I could hear the grin in his voice.

“So what do you want?” I wasn't being that friendly was I?

“Well,” he started, “this dance thing.”

“Yeah? Oh I guess you're trying to swap or something.”

“Um, well, no – I mean I would, but like that wouldn't be fair.”

Huh? I might have to reconsider my opinion.

“So what do you want ?”

“Well like I was hoping that you could like help with my costume, I'll pay for it and everything.” He rattled off.

My smack was gobbed!


“Can you help with my costume?”

“Er why me?”

“Well you seem to know a lot about this stuff and I reckon I can trust you not to blab.”

That's me told.

“So like what am I supposed to do?”

“Well I haven't a clue what I need or where to get it and you do it all the time.”

Does he know about me? If he does, why hasn't he said anything?

“I mean you are the prettiest girl in school.” He went on.

“Whoa!” where did that come from?

“Er sorry Gab, but like everyone thinks so.”

“I'm not pretty.”

“If you say so. Will you help with the costume, I won't ask you out or anything, promise?” He was nearly begging.

Should I? Could I?


“I'll pay for everything.”

“I said yes.”

“You will? Kewl, when can we start? What do we do?”

We don't start anything, you start by getting yourself measured.”

“Measure.” He was obviously writing it down, “what else?”

“That's it for now, give me the numbers at school tomorrow.”

“School tomorrow. Right, that it?”

“For now.”

“You won't make me look like a pratt will you?”

It was tempting.

“Course not.”

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 03.10.09 © 2009

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