Chapter *6.39*


“Nice jim jams.” Bern mentioned.

“Hmm.” I offered by way of reply.

“Those socks really set them off.”

“Haven't you got a cauldron to stir somewhere?” I mentioned taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Cauldrons are just so passé, I prefer a wok these days.”

Flippin' comic!

“So what's the plan for today?”


“You really are blonde some times, we like have this week off.”

Oops forgot about that.

“Yeah, I was just testing to see if you remembered. I said I'd help at the bakery this afternoon, to like makeup for not working yesterday.”

“You fancy going to Ahrweiler this morning, there's something I want to get mum.”

“Could do I suppose, its not snowing still?”

“Nah, it said on the news there might be more later but it looks to be melting a bit.”

“Give us twenty minutes then, we can catch the eight thirty Express.”

I headed back up to my eyrie and after a wash and brush up I dressed to go out, my jeans were still AWOL so I dragged on a pair of cargos and laced myself into my walking boots.

“Come on D or we'll miss the train.”

“Keep your hair on.” I mentioned pulling my jacket on.

“I meant to ask, how did it go on Saturday?”

“The Kirmes?”

“Well like that and after.”

“After you left we did a few of the shops.”


"And what, we did some shopping then came back home."

"Oh," I sighed, "I thought you might have done something more exciting."

"Like what?"

"Well I ended up with blue hair on one trip."

"Sometimes Drew Bond you just amaze me!"

"So what did you do at Connie's?"

"What is this, 20 questions?"

"Sorry, I was just kinda interested."

"Trains coming!" Bern broke into a run for the platform with me on her heels.

The Express got there seconds before us, Myleen had the door open by the time we got to it.

"Morning girls, off shopping?"

"Hi Myleen, yeah but only to Ahrweiler." I volunteered.

"Getting ready for the Ostertanz eh?"

"Nah, Bern wants something for her mum."

"You are going to the dance?"

"Yeah." I admitted.

"Ah customers, see you later girls."

"Yeah, bye Myleen."


We got off at Altstadt and were soon in the town centre.

"So where to?"

"Erm I don't remember which road it is but there's like a book shop."

Not much help really, there's a bookstore on both main shopping streets and another in the square. We made our way to the nearest one; they sell toys, stationery and some books.

"So what are we looking for?"

"Well I saw like a tourist guide for the valley, I was gonna make like a scrapbook thing so mum could see all the places I tell her about."


The first shop, Bekkermanns, had nothing even halfway touristy so after a quick mooch we moved on. I like shopping in Ahrweiler, even if it is a bit touristy most of the shops are small local business's so like the wool shop sells candles, the shoe shop next to Bekkermanns has a sideline in wrought iron stuff! It does make shopping more interesting even if you can't find everything you want in one store.

The bookshop in the square is a bit more with it but even then we couldn't find a tourist guide.

“Lets look in the tourist office.” I suggested.

“I hadn't thought of that, you are good for something!”

“I resemble that remark!” I chortled.

We headed to the tourist information office, which is in the Alt Rathaus next to the church.

“A ha!”

“You found it?”

“Yeah, I didn't think it'd be that much though.”

“How much?”


“Seems a bit steep, tell you what, we'll go along to Buchman and Schmidt see if they are any cheaper. At least we know we can get it here.”

“Yeah, that's two good ideas in row.”

“Geez, you'd think I was blonde or something, oh I just remembered, I am.”

Bern broke into a giggle fit which set me off, the woman in the tourist shop started giving us funny looks so I just about dragged Bernie outside. We headed down towards the Brücktor stopping to look in a shop here and there.

Buchman and Schmidt is more like places like Borders back in England, lots of books covering pretty much any subject. It took a few minutes searching but we eventually found the shelves with all the tourist guides and local interest books and guides.

“They got it?”

“Yeah, oh it's the same price.” Bernie sighed.

“But I've got a discount card!” I almost sang, “ten percent off.”

“So that's, what, €7.20 ish, I guess I won't get it cheaper anywhere else.”

“Probably not.” I agreed.

“Can I borrow your discount card then pretty please?”

“I'd best pay, I can get my new manga at the same time.”

I took Bern's book and headed to the counter.

“Hi Gab's”

“Er hi Sophie could I get this and you mailed to say part two of Karin has come in?”

“Sure, I'll just get it for you.”

“They know you here?” Bern asked.

“Uh huh, Sophie is involved with the Weinkönigin stuff so like she knows me from that too.”

“As Gaby?”

“Er yeah.” I admitted.

“Ah here we go, Karin volume two and I have Negima volume eight here too, it just came this morning. You want it today?”

“Might as well.”


Sophie scanned in my purchases and swiped my card.

“What's the damage?”

“Twenty six and ninety.”

I pulled three tens from my wallet and passed them over.

“So, three euro and ten.”


“So are you and your friend going to the Ostertanz?”

Why does everyone want me to go to this damned dance?

“Yeah, everyone else seems to be.”

“Well the Weinkönigin generally does and someone as cute as you will probably need some blister cream on Thursday!”

Deep joy!

“I hope not, I'm racing at the weekend.”

“We'll see.”

“What now?” I asked as we returned to the street.

“Dunno, Its only half ten.”

“Well what about getting a sandwich or something, we could go and sit by the river to eat it.”

“Sounds good to me.”

There's a bakery a couple of doors along from Buchman and Schmidt so we made our way there. Rather than a sandwich we both decided to go for a slice of pizza and a hot chocolate, there is still quite a bit of snow out there after all!

“Ooh they have some nice stuff in here.” Bern mentioned pausing to look in the window of the jewellers that nestles below Brücktor.

“I guess.” My interest in that sort of stuff starts and finishes with a watch.

“Lets go in.”

“If you like.”

“You could sound a bit more enthusiastic.” Bern mentioned as we entered the place.


“Hello Gaby, what brings you here today?”

“Er Bern wanted to look round Herr Viessner.”

“Geez do you know everyone in town?” Bern hissed.

“No, sorry, Bern this is Herr Viessner, the head of the Round Table, you know like in raising money. Herr Viessner, this is Bernie, my Freund von England.”

“Nice to meet you Bernie, if you want anything I'll extend Gaby's discount to you. I take it you are both going to the Ostertanz?”

“That's good of you Herr Viessner, yup, I'm looking forward to it.” Bern replied before I could even gather my thoughts.

“Well I'll leave you ladies to browse.”

“Danke.” I offered.

We left ten minutes later with cooling cocoa, congealing pizza and with Bern having bought a Swarovski crystal pendant and matching earrings, even with discount they cost nearly fifty euros! We went through the gate and crossed the road to the river.

“There's a bench down there.” I pointed out the sitzplatz a few metres along the bank.

“Okay, so this is like the same river that's at Dernau?”

“Well duh! I thought I was the dumb blonde.”

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