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Chapter *34*

Gaby Chan!


"We have a new transfer student today," the sensei Miss Hibari announced when 2-B settled down, "I hope you will make her welcome."

"Hai!" echoed around the classroom.

"Enter please Bond san."

A small girl opened the door and slipped inside. There was a bit of a murmur as the students appraised their new classmate.


The little blonde figure made her way to the front of the class and stood next to Miss Hibari's desk. From her slippered feet to her pigtails she was the epitome of Japanese girlhood. Only the colour of her hair broke the illusion that the Fuku and short skirt engendered.

"Mushi Mushi! My name is Bond Gaby, I come from England, nice to meet you all, konichi wa!"

"Konichi wa Gaby san, please sit next to Mimi Chan in row three."

Gab made her way to the vacant seat, geez meeting new schoolmates is always nerve racking!

Miss Hibari went through a couple of notices before prep time then 2-B became a maelstrom of teen enquiries as most of the girls gathered about Gaby's desk. Gab fended the questions as best she could - no she didn't have a boyfriend, she was Pisces, blood type O, she hadn't joined any clubs yet and she liked Teriyaki. ‘ People really ought to print a card with all that stuff on for situations like this' she mused as first period math started.


“Gaby Chan, you coming to the canteen?”

“Oh sure Mimi Chan, I need to speak with Sensei first though.”

“Okay we'll wait for you in the corridor.”

Gaby finished stowing her books before making her way to Sensei's desk.

“Um Sensei?”

“Gaby Chan, what can I help you with?”

“Um I was just wondering sensei, what I'm doing here?”

“You don't know?”

“Sorry sensei!”

Gaby's pigtails jiggled as she shook her head.

“It's not for me to say, but I'm sure the girls will have some idea.”

“Thank you Sensei.”

This was all a bit weird.


“So which clubs will you join Gaby Chan?” Yuna asked.

“Not karate!” Rina giggled.

“I was only asking.” Yuna looked a bit peeved.

Gaby didn't really know what to make of her classmates. There was Mimi who seemed to be something of a bookworm, the Kurima twins, Rina and Yuna, the tall girl Yuki Imeda and Hazumu Osaragi who seemed to have a far away look in her eyes. Of course there were more in class but she found herself sat up on the roof with these five.

“Well?” Yuna pressed.

“I was thinking maybe the cheer leaders?” Gab proffered.

“That's a bit lame.” Yuki stated, “you should do photography with me.”

“Yuki Chan has a big portfolio!” Mimi grinned.

“We always need members in the gardening club too.” Hazuma added.

“Erm I'll have to think about it.” Gaby offered hoping to close the subject.

“Hmm don't you think Kobayakawa – Kun is cool?” Mimi sighed as a tall dark haired boy walked past.

“He's just a motor head, they say his father used to race motorbikes.” Yuki supplied, “now Rando….”

“Give up Yuki Chan, you'll only get Minori mad at you again.” Rina advised her friend.

“Um I have a question?” Gaby started.

“What about?” Yuna asked.

“Well it's sort of um, strange.”

“Yes?” Hazumu encouraged.

“Well sensei thought you might know why I'm here.”

“Ha! Well that's easy.” Rina grinned.

“It is?”

“Of course Drew Kun, its because you dressed as my sister for the convention.”




Drew nearly jumped out of his skin.



He flailed an arm towards the bedside table eventually connecting with the offending bit of electronica, his phone.

“Mushi Mushi.”

“Drew? That you?”

“Huh? Mum?”

“Geez kiddo, it's like trying to wake the dead, I've been ringing for fifteen minutes.”

“I was um asleep, what time is it?”

“Time you were up young man, seven thirty nearly.”

“Okay. So why are you ringing my mobile?”

“Because we couldn't get through on the house phone, we'd best go back Dave, heaven knows what's going on there. Where's your sister Drew?”

“In bed? How should I know? I mean I'm in bed trying to sleep.”

“Don't take that tone with me young man.”

“Listen to your mother.” Dads voice chimed in.

“Whatever. You want me to check on Jules?”

“No. Well yes actually.”

“Hang on then.”

He crawled out of bed and pulled a hoody over his pj's before heading downstairs.

“Drew – you still there?”

“Yes Mum, I'm at Jules room now.”


He knocked on the door, “Jools!”

Silence was the loud reply, not even a grunt.


“Hang on Mum.”

He pushed the door open and peered into the Goth girl's gloomy room.

“Well is she there?”

“Not unless she's hiding in the cupboard.” Drew advised.

“Just wait until we get home, that little madam is gonna so wish she'd..” the tirade was cut off by the signal failing. Just as well Drew thought to himself, the Dark One could get it direct later.


Now he was up it was pointless thinking of going back to bed even if it was still dark outside, he returned to his eerie though to get togged up for training. At least today it was only a turbo session, the wind and rain outside didn't sound very inviting. With Jools gone AWOL he was on his own, the olds wouldn't be back until tomorrow night, Dad had arranged a romantic weekend in some Austrian castle for their anniversary. Why Mum was checking up on them at this unearthly hour though…

In short measure he was in the garage where his bike was already set up on the trainer, he pulled a bottle of energy drink from the small fridge and clambered aboard. The rear tyre was soon humming away to itself and after a ten minute warm up he upped the pace until the drone reached a critical point and the noise level dropped. It's mindless stuff, riding the turbo, usually he'd stick his Discman on but he wasn't in the mood this morning. Instead he let his mind wander a bit as his legs pistoned up and down at a steady twenty-five miles per hour.

‘ What was that dream about?' this always frustrated him, remembering something of a dream but not the crucial bit that made sense of it. There was something about starting a new school and there were some cute girls there but why was he in the dream as Gaby? And why was it in Japan? Hmm maybe I need to cut back on reading all this manga.

‘And just where was Goth Gurl? She could be a bit reckless with her time keeping sometimes but this was a first, not getting home at all.'

The computer rolled over another kilometer and he raised the pace to thirty for a minute before easing back to the original speed. He was supposed to do five of these sprint / rest sets this morning but he missed the third set as his concentration lapsed to thoughts of the rest of the day. To make up for it he did a double length effort on the last set after which it was a ten-minute wind down to end the session.

After showering and getting dressed for work – still a couple of hours away – he booted up the computer with the intention of writing a few mails to the gang in England.


“Drew, a word please?”

“Sure Frau Thesing, what's up?”

“Well you know the Weinachtsmarkt is soon?”

“The market thing in Ahrweiler? Connie mentioned it.”

“Yes, well we'd like you two to run it this year, Herr Thesing will set it up with you of course but then you girls will be in charge.”

It sounded pretty cool, according to Con we'd get paid for selling a few buns from a shed thing and get some tips. The market was on for three weekends at the start of December, the Christmas market season.


“We're trusting you to be responsible in this, you are both coming up to fifteen after all.”


“Well anyway I've got your uniforms so I need you to try it on after work today.”


Its not like I rush home or anything is it? But uniforms? Drew shrugged his shoulders, probably some sweatshirt with a logo on it.


They have got to be kidding! I looked at the hanger again, if they think I'm wearing that they've got another think coming. It's most likely okay – if you're a girl! So okay, I've worn similar stuff like for the Wine Queen stuff and I've worn a good deal less to the cons! But this, this what did she call it, dirndl that was it, well it's not something I want to wear at all let alone in front of people that I might even know!

“Come on Gabs, lets see.” Connie called through the door.

‘I'll just quit, then I won't have to wear it, yeah that sounds like a plan'



Well in the end I did put the damned outfit on. Talk about feeling a pratt! There is just no way I'm wearing that again, all those petticoats and that frilly blouse – well there was more lace than they make in Nottingham on it!


The house was in darkness – which was not a good sign. Either Jules was doing the total Goth thing or she hadn't come home yet. The answer machine was flashing though.

‘You have six new messages, message one. Beep…. Jules, Drew, pick up the phone will you….Beep…. message two… come on you pair, one of you must be up….Beep…message three…i'll ring again later…Beep…message four… Drew, you there? Its Jules, ring me on my mobile as soon as you can…Beep… message five…damn!……Beep…message six…this is Remagen Krankenzentrum, we are trying to contact Frau Bond, please ring reception on **********.'

Sugar! Why does the hospital want Mum? Best ring Jules too. I tabbed to the Dark Ones number and hit dial, after a moment it came up with the out of service signal, flipping heck Jules, what are you playing at?

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