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Part 12
After Party

Well things spiralled down a bit until the limo turned up to collect us. I was getting myself into a fugue, Rhod was still feeling queasy, and even the girls were feeling the pace a bit!

True to her word, when we got back to the Peters' there was pizza and drinks and stuff waiting for us.

"How did it go girls?"

"Great mum, it was so cool. Me and Gabs got the prize for best paired costumes, the guys got best group and you'll never guess what"

"There's more than that?"

"Oh yes Mrs Peters"

"Yeah mum, Gaby won best costume out of the whole dance!"

"Gaby you must be really pleased"

"Yes Mrs Peters"

"Come on then dig in, there's plenty here and there's more pizza if you want. Are Drew and Rhod coming?"

"They said they might come but we didn't see them when we left school"

"Ok, we'll leave you to it then."

"Thanks mum"

"Yeah thanks Mrs Peters"

Mad's mum left us to the food and drink and a recovering Rhod and a less paranoid Drew joined the others.

"I'm glad that's over Drew, I just never, ever want to wear a dress again!"

"It's alright for you, I'm going to have to"

"What do you mean?"

"Well Mad entered me as 'Gaby Thomas'"


"Well the cheque for best costume is made out to 'Gaby Thomas'"

"Can't one of the girls get it cashed for you?"

"I don't think so, I'm going to have to be Gaby to get the cash"

"Sorry Drew but I didn't think anything like this would happen"

"That's alright Mad"

"I'll try to help bro"

"Thanks Jules, it would be a shame to lose 100"

"No kidding"

"Heck how are me and Rhod going to get changed with your parents here Mad?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that"

I started to panic a bit.

"Well I reckon if I just change into my jeans and stuff I can get the makeup and stuff off at home no problem. If mum sees me I can just say it was for the party." Rhod told us.

"Can't you do the same Drew?" Ally asked

"Mum will want to pick us up from here and your mum will be around, I'm sunk"

"Look I know," Bernie put in. "if you and Jules come over to mine, you could change and get picked up from there"

"But we shouldn't be walking around this time of night"

"We don't have to, we can get a taxi, mum gave me the money, we can drop Rhod off on the way and your mum can collect you from my house. We can tell Mrs Peters that you're both staying over with me before going home to Cuckney tomorrow"

"What about Ally?"

"I'm staying over with Mad, dads picking me up in the morning"

"Sounds like a good plan to me" Jules agreed, "you can put your jeans and sweatshirt on here like Rhod and we can clean you up at Bernie's"

"Ok then let's do it"

Us two guys changed into our boy's stuff, but with our made up faces and hairpieces we still looked like a couple of girls. If Mrs Peters noticed anything odd when she saw us out to the taxi she didn't let on.

Bernie had a key so we didn't need to wake her parents, which was just as well. We had about fifteen minutes before mum fetched us, so while Bernie cleaned my nails, Jules removed my makeup and wig. It was a relief to once again look in a mirror to see Drew rather than Gaby. Mum turned up and we left Bernie at the door and got in the car.

Mum gave me a couple of funny looks as we set off but I ignored them.

"You all have a good time?"

"Yeah, me and the girls one a prize" Jules told her

"What about you Drew?"

"No I guess my costume wasn't that good" I lied

"This really cute friend of Maddy won best costume"

"Did you take pictures?"

"Yes, but I think I might have messed up the one of Drew"

"That'll be a pity. Well I guess if you all had a good time that fine, you can tell me more tomorrow"

We got home and I went straight up to bed, stripped and got under the duvet, I was asleep in minutes. 

When I went to the bathroom next morning, I realised what mum had been looking at last night, I still had the crystal studs in my ears. I quickly took them out and hoped I'd get away with it. My toenails were still painted too so I repeated Tuesday's episode with Jules and this time she didn't hesitate in helping out.

At long last it was the Easter break!

Maddy Bell 15.02.03
Copyright 2003

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