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Part 111

What's up Doc?

"I thought it was you earlier" a somehow familiar voice stated


"James? From Obicon?"

"Hi Jimmy" Mad opened

"Er hi James"

"Cool outfits"

"So who are we then? And no checking our tags" Mad demanded

"Well Gaby looks like erm what's his name, don't tell me. From Dual. That's it Kazuni!"

"Kazuki" Mad corrected

"So you must be the commander guy," James informed her

"Hmmm, let you off. His name's Ken. So who are you supposed to be?"

"You can't guess?" He looked expectantly at us.

"That one in Scooby Doo" I suggested

"Scraggy or something?" Mad offered

"The other one, Fred I think it is"

"That's me, the leader of Mystery Inc." James grinned

"It's different I suppose" I allowed

"Hey you are looking at Derby's cosplay king! So what're you girls up to?"

"Food?" Mad suggested

"You not eating here?" he asked

"Nah! Gaby fancies pizza, there's a takeaway just up the road" Mad advised him

Blame me Mad; a bowl of soup would do me.

"Sounds good. Mind if I join you?"

"Gab?" Maddy asked


"Brill, two minutes? I need to dump this stuff" he waved a carrier bag aloft.

"I think he fancies you" Mad informed me as we watched him head towards the lifts.

"Can't we split now?"

"Don't be such a minge. He's quite sweet"

"On me" I huffed, "if he's so great you can have him, with my pleasure!"

True to his word he was only gone a couple of minutes.

"So where's this pizza place then?"

We set off towards the arcade with James keeping up a constant barrage of questions. It must have rained this afternoon, as there were quit a few puddles.

"You're not into Furries are you?"

"No way!" Mad replied

"What're they?" I asked

"You know," James explained, "those animal costumes? We call 'em Furries because"

"They're furry." Mad finished, "they are so sad, no imagination"

"My thoughts exactly" James agreed. "That the pizza place over there?"

"Well duh! It says 'Sunrise Pizza'!" I mentioned sidestepping a puddle

"Look at that posh cow!" a girls voice exclaimed loudly

"Right little la-de-da!"

I glanced over at the bunch of girls and couple of lads hanging around outside the Spar shop.

"Ignore them" Mad hissed, "Keep going"

"Yeah you Blondie, stuck up bitch" the first girl called out again

"She must be like a rabbit with you two eh?" one of the boys called out

Suddenly the girl was in my face! I pulled up short. Shit! I'm in trouble now.

"Too good for us eh!" she spat

"Leave her alone" James tried to insert himself between us.

"What's it to you Joe 90?" one of the lads demanded. This was getting a bit ugly! Some more of the group came over and started jeering.

"Not talking tramp?" the girl tried to shove me again

Mad, I realised was still wearing her 'Ken' wig and outfit and was as petrified as me

"Pick on someone your own size" James told my attacker

"Pick on someone your own size' she mimicked

"Come on Gaby" Mad mumbled

"Oo-ooh! Its called Gaby," one of the other girls shouted.

James was trying to shield Mad and me but there was only one of him and about a dozen of them. This was not looking good and I was on the verge of wetting myself.

"Coppers!" someone shouted. It was like an explosion of bodies. Most of the gang took off in various directions leaving the three of us pressed against the back of a bus shelter. A police car did pass us as we stood there but it kept straight on, it was pure coincidence, but I can live with that.

"You okay?" James asked

"Just about" I allowed

"Let's get out of here," Mad urged

I was still shaking like a leaf when we got back to the hotel pizza less.

"You girls still hungry?" James asked

"I've sort of lost my appetite," I mentioned

"Me too" Mad agreed, "we ought to go and change"

"See you later then?" James queried

"Okay, thanks James" Mad gave him a quick peck on the cheek

"Yeah thanks," I agreed

"Later then girls"

"What was all that about Mad?" I asked when we got back to room 213

"Dunno, I was nearly wetting myself"

"You were? What about me?" I demanded, "It's all your fault!"

"Look I'm sorry Drew. I never thought something like that would happen."

"You never do" I spat, "you can keep your stupid costumes, I'm changing and going home"

"Drew, you can't!"

"One good reason"

"Well your Dad's in Cheshire"

"So? I've got keys"

"What about getting there?"

"I'll get a taxi" I huffed stepping out of the skirt I'd been wearing all day. "Where're my clothes?"

"We didn't bring any extra's just the costumes"

"So I'll wear this teacher bloke costume" I went to the wardrobe and started checking the contents, "where is it?"

"That middle one"

"But that's a dress" I whined, "I thought you said it was a man?"

"It is but, he erm, he has to dress as a woman?"

"Maa-ad!" I complained

"Sorry Drew" she really did sound it this time. I collapsed onto my bed and she came over and held me, "I'm sorry Drew, really I am. I didn't mean for any of this to happen."

I sat and Mad cuddled me for I don't know how long. I finally got a grip and calmed down.

"Look, I'll ring Mum, she can fetch us" Mad offered

"She won't be very happy"

"She won't mind, she'll understand" Mad started looking for her phone.

"Don't ring her Mad, I'll stay"

"You sure?"

"I said so didn't I? And I could do with something to eat"

Mad hugged me again

"Okay lets get ready to parteee!"

You remember our Chii costumes? I wish I didn't! At least Mad was wearing the knicker exposing 'light costume this time, not that the 'dark outfit covers very much! I let Mad do my makeup and hair before watching a bit of the National Lottery programme while she did her own.

"You ready?"

"I guess so"

"Come on then you, lets go kick some furry bums!"

Saturday night - party time and Ayacon follows the usual formula. We joined all the other assorted cos fans in the main room and unlike last time down at Dunstable, there were a LOT of animal costumes. The crowd were fairly partisan, cheering and jeering as themed groups did skits and paraded on the stage. We took our turn and got a good response, I was nervous as hell but I was buzzing a bit by the time we were back in the crowd. We watched the rest of the 'show', no prizes for us this time which was a bit disappointing but the events of earlier on were almost forgotten and I was finally relaxing again.

"Not seen James" Mad mentioned

"Well we know he's not a Furry"

"That's true"

"I'm hungry now"

"The restaurant's still open, we could get something in there I s'pose"

"Yeah okay" I agreed

Ten minutes later and we were sat in the quiet of the dining room perusing the menu. Some of this stuff is well expensive!

"I'm just gonna have soup I think" Mad told me

"Hmm, I think it's the 'Moat Burger' for me"

"I'll nick some of your chips then"

We ordered and sat sipping our cokes while we waited

"Do you mind if I join you?" a tall girl asked approaching us

"Er do we know you?" Mad asked

I checked her out; she was quite pretty, shoulder length brown hair and dressed like you see the Japanese schoolgirls in the Manga's. You know short skirt, baggy socks and one of those sailor style blouse things.

"It's me"

Hang on, that voice.


"Bum! How did you guess?"

"Your voice" I replied. She looked a bit like James but not that much.

"Is that really you?" Mad asked

"Can I sit?"

"Oh sure" I shuffled along the seat to make room

The 'girl' sat and sighed, "This stuffs uncomfortable," 'she' mentioned as she tried to adjust her skirt.

"You look really good, how much makeup have you got on?" Mad enquired

"Not much, it's a mask"

"No way!" I exclaimed

"Yep, one hundred percent not me." He lifted the hair up on one side and showed us the odd looking ear. "See?"

"That is so cool, it must have cost a bomb," Mad stated

"I've only borrowed it" James told us, "My uncle runs a costume shop," he explained

"It's so realistic" Mad seemed awed

"You eating?" I asked James

"Might as well" our waitress was on the ball and Jim soon had some pasta thing ordered.

"Can you eat okay in that?"

"Yeah, it's a bugger to put on though, you have to use this latex glue stuff but it's pretty good when it's finished huh?"

"Sure is," I agreed

Just then Mad's soup and my burger turned up so conversation was cut somewhat as we started to eat.

"So why the girl costume?" Mad asked between mouthfuls of soup.

"Most of the best costumes are for girls" James sighed, "it's not like I want to be a girl or anything, it's just a costume"

"Yeah" I agreed looking at Mad

"I don't know how you girls manage to wear this stuff all the time" he plucked at his 'school' uniform.

"You get used to it" Mad told him, "don't you Gab?"

"I suppose," I allowed

"I feel so exposed" he told us

I knew how he felt! For once I was actually glad that Mad and Aunt C had insisted I go totally Gaby for the weekend, not just boobs but that pant thing too. At least the 'real' me was all covered if a bit uncomfortable. We finished our meal, three girls chatting and eating, nothing odd there. Other than the fact that two of them were boys of course.

"So are you both okay after earlier?" James enquired as we headed back towards the sounds of the Con.

"Gab was pretty shaken up, weren't you?"

"You could say that"

"She was all for going home" Mad finished

"I'm glad you didn't, who would I have had to eat with?" James mentioned winking at me.

We partied fairly late but about eleven the day's events caught up with me, so Mad and I made our excuses and left the mini skirted James talking to a ninja.

"Four o'clock?.... yeah we're fine, how's Dad? we've still got some left," Mad rolled her eyes, "yeah okay Mum, we're just getting ready to go for breakfast...bye, see you later" she put the phone down. "Four o'clock"

"Yeah I heard. Can we eat now?"


Only I could end up as a crossdressing teacher!

"Don't you ever stop eating?"

"Nope, I'm a growing boy"

"Come on then"

Mad looked pretty cute this morning, her version of Japanese schoolgirl was similar to what James was wearing last night but her natural shape gave it an extra dimension! For my part I was wearing a fitted mini dress, dark red with some creamy coloured bits that emphasised my 'bits'. That wig again and it felt like a ton of makeup had transformed me into Hibiki Amawa, the cross dressing teacher. There must be a law against that.

The restaurant was bustling with headless Furries, Sailor Moon's and so on, I felt quite normal.


"It's James" Mad noted waving to him.

We walked over and joined him

"Couldn't handle being a girl huh?" Mad mentioned

"Nah, I thought I'd leave the bra's to you, they look so much better on the real thing"

If only he knew!

"Aren't you a bit big for a Hobbit?" I asked taking in his outfit

"Not all Hobbits are short, I'll have you know. So let me see, Oriental woman and a schoolgirl. Nah you've got me this time"

"Think about it while we get some food" Mad grinned

We got up and joined the crowd around the buffet breakfast. It was a case of every man, well girl for herself but after a few minutes between us we had a reasonable repast organised.

"Got it yet?" Mad asked plonking herself down

"I can't think of anything"

"I'll give you a clue, Gaby's a teacher"


He continued to puzzle over it while I made short work of my breakfast.

"Nope you've got me this time"

A smirking Mad dangled a strawberry from her breakfast.


"No, strawberry"

"No, no idea"

"Strawberry Eggs?"

"I My Me! That's cheating though, Gaby's a girl and the teacher is supposed to be a man, Harry or something"

"Hibiki" I offered

"That's it" James agreed.

The rest of Ayacon was somewhat less action filled than last night. The three of us pretty much stayed together most of the day. James knew a few other attendees and we had a good time. We took in a couple of boards, some Japanese comic artist and a thing about non Japanese Manga and Anime. Mad bought various bits and pieces and I lightened my wal- er purse a bit by buying some DVD's and stuff.

James left about three, he was catching a train back to Derby from Sheffield at four. We did exchange addresses and stuff this time; it had been good with him around. Aunt Carol was a few minutes late, once again I'd be travelling in costume, at least I look something like adult, I briefly felt sorry for Mad in her schoolgirl outfit, but not for long!

"Hiya kids"

"Hi Mum"

"Hi" I allowed

"Well don't you look nice Gaby?"

"Er thanks"

"So I take it you girls have had a good time?"

As you might imagine, the drive back to Warsop was filled with the weekends 'adventure', if that's the word. Mrs P was annoyed by the incident at the shops; I just wanted to forget it. I ended up remaining Hibiki until after tea; Mr P was doing something with the upstairs bathroom when we got back. Boy was I glad when I finally emerged once more as myself! Dad stopped to pick me up on their way home just after six, Jules seemed pretty happy for once but Dad wasn't quite his usual self.

Another week of school! Nothing exciting to tell you really. Monday night we all went to Ally's for tea and caught up on the weekend. Of course Mad had loads of pics from the Con, the others claimed they didn't recognise me, I was 'too convincing', right! Tuesday has now fallen into a pattern, as soon as school ends I get changed into 'Gaby' and do the cheer thing. Rhod, or should I say Mfanwy is on my team, he makes a far better girl than I do but I think Miss C suspects something.

That brings us to Wednesday. I've been dreading this all week, time for the test results. Dad picked me up straight from school and I waited nervously next to an equally nervous Dad in Dr Sanwari's waiting room.

"Andrew Bond?" the receptionist called


"Room 5 please"

Dad and I traipsed round the corridor to Dr Sanwari's, knocked and went in.

"Ah Drew, how are you this week?"

"Okay thanks Doctor"

"No fainting this week then?"

"No Doctor"

"He's not been riding so much this week," Dad added

"Well I have to say, the tests we had done are a little inconclusive." He paused as he pulled a sheet out of the pile that makes up my medical file. "The good news is that we haven't found anything serious. It's not Glandular Fever"

"That's a relief" Dad sighed

"You are however quite anaemic"

"What's that?" I asked

"Basically Drew, your iron levels are low"

"It can be fixed?" I enquired

"Yes, I'll give you a prescription for some iron tablets. What really concerns me though is that if I didn't know, I'd say these results were for a girl having her period" the Doc went on.

"What do you mean Doctor?" Dad queried

"Well apart from the iron levels, some of your sons hormone levels are not what I'd expect. In particular his testosterone levels are exceedingly low."

"How low is low?" Dad asked

"Well actually almost none" the Doc frowned

"And that's bad?" I put in

"Well Drew, your body should be producing some testosterone by now, it's what makes your body develop properly into a man. The fact we can't detect any increase over the normal background level explains why puberty is not as far advanced as I would expect" Dr Sanwari explained.

"Sugar" I allowed

"I was a late developer," Dad volunteered

"Well I think we should do some more tests, just to be on the safe side. It might be that as you say, Drew is late to develop but it is unusual to have such a small trace. If need be we can put you on a course of hormones to kick start things. I'll take some more blood now and we'll get to the bottom of this eh Drew?"

"Okay" I allowed

"Don't worry young man, we'll get you sorted"

Of course after that conversation, worry was uppermost in my thoughts! It wasn't helped when the woman in the chemist's mentioned to Dad that 'it's a difficult time isn't it, my eldest daughter still has to take these every month' as she labelled and bagged my prescription. I was even getting pills that girls take! Worried? No, petrified is more like it!

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