Chapter *8.11*


That's one thing the contents of the bag were not designed for, guys!

"Er thanks."

"Lets have a shufti, I didn't see what we bought." Steff hinted.

Now lets get this right, I know its kinda normal to share these things but when it's a particularly racy and lacy set of lingerie in a particularly pink shade of pink - my face just about matched in seconds flat.

"We just need to find her a man now." Brid opined.

"I don't think our Prinzessin needs much help." Con stated.

"Ooh spill!" Pia enthused.

"Co-on!" I moaned.

"Hush Gabs, go on Con." Steff added.

"Well," she started, "from what I've heard the current Weinkönigin has more than a few admirers at school."

"Don't leave us hanging." Anna threw in.

"I am here."

"Don't you want to know who's got the hots for you?" Steff asked.

"Only so I can steer clear, they're obviously deranged."

To be honest relationships of any kind are something I guess I've been sidestepping. Not only that but I'm no longer even sure who I do fancy - I'll admit that I used to really have the hots for Maddy but pubescent lust has been tempered by distance and other events. It doesn't mean I don't love her but it's more of a close friend type of thing rather than potential mate - much like Bernie.

My thoughts were broken by a high-pitched squeal from Brid.

"No way!"

"I'm telling you," Con grinned, "his sister was telling her friend in the Bäckerei last week."

"That's verging on a stalker." Pia stated.

"Marcus Blusen, who'd have thought it!" Anna allowed.

“Die nächste halt ist Dernau…ausfahrt am rechts.”


The on train announcement turned the discussion of my non-existent love life into a flurry of repacking and goodbyes as the Express coasted into the station.

“Bye guys.”

“Bye Gabs, good luck tomorrow.” Pia offered as the Dernau contingent alighted.

Myleen gave us a wave as she signalled the driver and the train was once more on its way.

“Tomorrow?” Anna enquired.

“Race in Bremen – we're driving up tonight,” I glanced at my watch, “sugar, Dad's gonna kill me! See ya later guys.” I took off like a blue arsed fly leaving Anna and Con looking bemused.

“There you are.” Dad pointed out the obvious, “You all packed?”

“Yep, just need to change.”

“Just get your stuff, we're already late and Roni'll be waiting at Dusseldorf for us.”

“But Dad…”

“Go.” He insisted.

Given the trouble I've been causing with the wedding I didn't think antagonising him would be too good an idea. Its not like it's a major thing except my cropped jeans and pink cami scream girl – not a look I want Josh to see later. I dashed upstairs and swapped model cars for racing strip, grabbing a fleece to slip on later.

Dad was already out in the car when I got downstairs so I got to lock up before joining him in the car.


“As I ever am.”

For the second time today we headed out through Esch then onto the autobahn to take us north. Luckily the traffic around Köln on a Saturday evening is fairly light so we made good time up to Düsseldorf to pick up Roni and her mum. We pulled up on the east side of the station where a bike, several bags and two women were waiting.

“Sorry we're late, madam here was out shopping.” Dad explained getting out to load up.


“Hi Drew or is it Gaby again?” Roni enquired.

“Someone wouldn't let me get changed.” I offered.

“From where I'm stood all I see is Gaby.” She noted.

“You gonna sit in the back Drew, I need to talk with Angela.” Dad pretty much instructed.


I climbed out and stretched.

“Yup, girl alright.” Ron stated.


“You looked at yourself, ballerina shoes and capri's are not exactly boy clothes even if we ignore your chest.”

“Cheers – not.”

“It wasn't a criticism, I wish I looked half as hot as you do.”

“You two getting in?” Dad prompted.

I slid into the back seat beside my teamy and was barely belted up before Dad set the Saab into the traffic.

“So,” Roni continued, “what were you shopping for?”

“I needed some new erm under things.”

“Tell her why.” Dad threw back.

Roni raised an eyebrow and her mum turned in her seat to hear the explanation.

“I've been invited to a wedding next week.”

“Not just any wedding,” Dad interrupted, “nope, this one gets an invite to the biggest society wedding of the year.”

“The Saxe Coburg wedding?” Angela queried.

“The same.” he agreed.

“Oh my god, that's so cool Gab, but why the new undies?” Roni enquired.

“I um get to stay with the brides family.” I admitted.

“Kewl! Just wait until I tell the girls at school.” Ron enthused.

Just great.

“So, what are you wearing?”

That set the topic of conversation for much of the drive north, Roni's enthusiasm for and about German society was pretty much the mirror of my own. Not that I could resist relating the episode in the dress shop this morning, that had her addressing me as ‘Prinzessin' for the rest of the journey.

It was close to ten when we arrived at our accommodation, a small family run pension on the outskirts of Bremen. The four of us trouped inside to find Greta, Tali, Josh and Gret's Dad drinking coffee.

“Hi Mr Bond, where's Drew like?” Josh enquired.

“Evening Josh, girls, Dieter.” Dad replied in kind, “Sonja not come?”

“Bit tired after the drive Dave, she's having a lie down.”

Josh was looking a bit confused.

“What's with the outfit Drew?” Tali asked.

“Drew?” Josh goldfished.

“Present.” I allowed, “Dad wouldn't let me get changed before we left.”

Clearly Josh needed some further explanation.

“So how's it going?” I continued in little used English.

“Betta since I've been on the team, but like why are you dressed like totty man?”

Where to start?

“Drew, you getting the bags?” Dad called over.

“Er sure.”

“I'll give you a hand man.” Josh offered.


We headed outside, Dad and Dieter already had the bikes off the car.

“So what likes the crack with the togs?”

“Well, erm it's a long story.”

“Youse not one of them pooftas?”

“Its nothing like that.”

“I'm glad about that, me mams hairdresser was like bent as a three pound note, kept making passes at me. So what's the deal, not still that play thing?”

“It's a bit more complicated, oh shit!”

“Woz up?”

“My kit bag, its not here.”

“Like a team bag?”

“Yeah, that's Roni's,” I pointed in the back of the car, “I put mine over, oh sugar I didn't, with all the rushing I left it in the hall.”

“All youse kit?”

I nodded, “I'm like dead meat, Dad's gonna kill me.”

“Why am I going to commit murder?” Dad enquired from behind me.

“My kit's still at home.” I admitted as I started to tear up.

“Drew Bond, you really are the limit! Get inside, can you give me a hand Josh?”

“Why aye.”

I scuttled inside and the waterworks burst.

“What's up?” Tali asked full of concern.

“Sniff, left my, sniff, kit at, sniff, home.”

She pulled me into a hug.

“Hey-ay, calm down liebchen, we'll sort something out, girls?”

The others who had been hovering joined the hugging and I was steered towards the room Tali and Gret were sharing.

“Mr Bond, is there like something I'm missing like?” Josh asked as they carried the bags into their digs.

“Sorry Josh, I'd forgotten you weren't in the loop.”

“I'm sure Drew didn't leave his stuff on purpose.”

Dave sighed, “I'm probably partly to blame, I was rushing her out of the door and now I think about it she got straight in the car after locking up.”


Dave paused in thought before replying.

“Look Josh, this isn't public knowledge and I'm trusting you to keep your own counsel on this, the girls know but we'd prefer not to make Drew a sideshow.”

“I guess.”

“Without going into too much detail Gaby, Drew has a medical condition, it's all rather personal in nature but, I guess there's no easy way to put this,”

“He's a girl isn't he?” Josh interrupted.

to be continued....

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