Chapter *8.34*

Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann

“I'm sure it is.”

“No way, why would she be here?”

“Same reason as us? And I'm sure that tall one called her ‘ladyship'.”

“I'm not convinced.”

“Watch out, the others are coming back!” the first voice hissed.

It wasn't the voices that woke me from my sleep, rather a subtle temperature difference across my legs.

“Look at sleeping beauty.” Steff chuckled.

“And to think she's only interested in bikes.” Pia sighed.

“Am not!” I mentioned sitting up and propping my sunnies on the top of my head.

“What'd those girls want?” Connie asked as she passed me a cold bottle of Sprite ®.

“No idea, I only just woke up when you got here.”

“You need to do your back.” Pia suggested.

She was probably right, I was starting to redden in the less tanned areas and I so do not want to get burnt.

“What time is it?”

“Nearly twelve.” Con told me.

“Hmm.” I sighed.

“Hark at her ladyship!” Pia chortled.


“Yes you.”

“Well sit down you plebs, you're keeping the sun from my august body.”

“Certainly madam.” Steff dipped in a faux curtsey; well it's not easy in a string bikini.

“So what did I miss?”

“Not much, there's a couple of lads from school here.” Pia advised.

“Only Freddy and Ralf.” Steff supplied, saving me asking – not that I'm bothered.

I plonked my bottle on the grass before retrieving my book, The Complete Hitchhikers Guide – A Trilogy in Five Parts.

“You still reading that?” Con enquired.

“Its good, you should try it.”

“Maybe if it was in German.”

I hadn't even noticed that I was reading a book printed in English, I guess I've become pretty much bilingual. Not that my German is perfect, not by a long way no sirree, but like Sophia down at the wedding, I doubt many natives would call me on it.

“Excuses, I have to read your German books.”

She blew a raspberry.

I turned over and made myself comfortable.

“You should undo your top Gabs.” Steff opined.

“Whatever.” I shrugged.

“I'll do it.” Pia stated.

There was a sudden feeling of release and moving flesh and I barely stopped myself from revealing everything by rolling over.


“My pleasure.” Pia pretty much snorted in amusement.

“Piasena Sebenschuh, you are so bad!” Con observed.

“No fun in being good.”

“You need more cream Gab.” Steff advised.


“Ow! That's cold!”

“Well lie still before I think of dripping it somewhere else.” She teased.

“Give the bottle here, best do her feet too, can't be getting burnt tootsies.” Con suggested.

At least Con warmed the lotion up before dribbling it down the soles of my feet.

“You want food?” Pia enquired some time later.


“Well you'll have to come with then.”


Well I nearly exposed myself having forgotten that my top was undone. I dug out Jules' sarong and wrapped it around my waist.

“Your tan is coming on nicely.”

“Better than the patchwork look eh?”

“You need more exposure when you're not riding.” P suggested.

“Not likely.”

We had by now reached the fast food stall that I must admit had been wafting pleasant smells across the Lido for some time. There was a bit of a queue so I spent the wait checking out the scenery around the main pool. Plenty of splashing going on still, the waterslide was attracting quite a bit of attention and noise then away from the water the volleyball courts were all fully occupied too.

“So princess, what's your poison?” Pia asked.


“Wakey wakey Gabs, food remember.”

“Erm, hotdog?”

“Anything on?”

“The works please.”

“Yes your highness.”

“So that's, one frikadel, two hotdogs, one with everything and a schnitzel.” Pia placed our order while I continued scanning the playground.

There was something weird going on and I couldn't quite place it, sort of like I was being watched but I couldn't actually see anyone looking our way even.

“What you looking for?”

“Dunno, it just feels like someone's watching us.”

“Creepy, here, you take the ‘dogs, I'll bring the rest.”

I took the proffered comestibles and waited while P did the paying bit.

Some girls were having a conversation which moved to whispers as we passed.

‘I'm telling you Jen, it's her.”

‘What about the other one?'

“Probably a maid or something.'

“Who do you reckon they were talking about?” Pia asked.

“No idea, maybe they're reading a magazine or something.”

“Gott, I thought you'd gone to Bonn to fetch it.” Con joked taking her hotdog from me.

“There was a queue.” Pia mentioned.

“You guys noticed anything funny, like someone watching us?” I asked between mouthfuls of sausage.

“Not in particular.” Steff shrugged.

“Well her ladyship here thinks someone's watching her.” Pia told the others.


“Well it's true.”

“You make me sound paranoid.”

“Anyone fancy volleyball in a bit?” Con enquired changing the subject.

“Have to let this go down first.” I opined.

“We'll have to wait for a court.” Steff observed.

“Maybe not,” Con started, “Freddy said he'd hold their court for us if we wanted so who's in?”

I guess it'll be better for me than just laying in the sun.

“I'm in.”

“Great!” she enthused.

“So like who are we playing?” I asked Con again as we walked over to where I could see the Strech's, Freddy and Ralf.

“There'll be someone.”

I'm sure there will.

“Hi Con, Gabs,” Ralf was the first to spot us, “only you two?”

“The others weren't bothered.” Con sighed.

“Well I'm jiggered.” Freddy told us.

“We can't just play against Ralf.” I pointed out.

“How about me an' Gabs versus Connie and Ralf?” I know that voice.

“How long've you been here?”

“All day.” Max admitted.

“You could've said hello.”

“You looked like you didn't want company.”

Was Max my ‘stalker'?

“We playing or having a domestic?” Ralf interrupted.

“Ralf!” we both complained.

“I was just saying.” He stepped back defensively.

“Come on Gab's, you and Max me and Ralfie boy.”

“whatever.” I sighed.

Now don't run away with the idea that I'm this uber sportsman, I'm pretty nifty on a bike but decidedly mediocre at pretty much everything else and volleyball is no different. You might have seen the pro's on the telly or the serious on the beach – scrub those images from your mind as none of us are particularly gifted and the nearest to a spike I can manage is getting the ball over the net. Still we had fun, even if this non contact sport became a little too touchy once or twice.

“So you guys straight home?” Max enquired as he and his buds joined us as we returned to our now in shadow campsite.

“Guess so.” I shrugged.

“Hi Max, guys, how was the game?” Steff enquired.

“A right laugh, you should've come.” Con advised the sluggards.

“Do you guys fancy getting a pizza or something before we head home?” Max offered.

“Fine by me.” Pia noted.

“Okay I guess.” I agreed.

“That's settled then, we'll go and get changed, meet you ladies outside in fifteen?”

“Twenty.” Steff made a counter offer.

“Twenty it is.” Max agreed for his half of our enlarged group.

The boys headed off to the changing rooms.

“Gabriella von Strechau has a certain ring to it.” Pia teased.

“Does not!” I snapped making a lunge for her.

“Me thinks she doth protest too much.” Pia grinned as she dodged my movement.

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 08.06.11 © 2011

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