Chapter *6.34*

März Kirmes

“Next time we start the Hanseatic League so I want you all to read Chapter 15.” Herr Ansbacher informed us.

“Bleh!” Steff allowed as we gathered up our books.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

We'd just sat through a double period of early Mittelalter trade and Herr Ansbacher has a knack of making even the most exciting subjects dull! That said, if I can decipher my notes, I now have a handle on what was being moved around and why. Who would've guessed that salt was so important and valuable?

“Come on Dilly Daydream, we're going to Pia's tonight remember?” Bern mentioned joining us.

“Er yeah.” Mr personality I'm not!

We had decided to cheat to save time so once we had all congregated at the school gates instead of heading towards Dernau we instead pointed the bikes towards the Altstadt train stop. Its not far and using the train up to Rech would save best part of forty minutes. There was method in going to the town stop, nearly everyone heads to the nearest stop, the one near the Roman Villa. With the bikes we might struggle to get on there so going the short distance to the town we cheat!

Sensible people try to avoid the ‘School' journeys but there were a couple of shoppers waiting when we got to the platform. The Express arrived before we had all dismounted and we hurried to get the bikes on board. I can imagine doing this at home in Warsop – not!


“Hi girls.”

“Hi Myleen.” We chorused.

“Not often you come with your Fahrrad.” Myleen grinned.

“We're going up to Pia's so we're saving time.” Brid explained.

“Ah, I see and beating the crowd too.”

The train was soon at Silverberg where the platform was swarming with students.

Not only had we got our motley collection of bikes installed but we'd commandeered seats as well! The big advantage then was that we were out of the way as everyone surged onto the train.

“Drew, you listening?” Connie waved her hand in front of my face.


“Geez! We were thinking of going to the Kirmes in Andernach on Saturday.” Nena explained.

“What is it?” Bernie enquired.

“Sort of like Karneval and a funfair all thrown together.” Anna told her before I could.

“Kewl, so there's like rides and stuff?”

“A few, mostly for the Kinder but there are lots of sideshows and such.” Pia filled in.

“So you up for it?” Connie asked.

“I guess.”

I swear that this lot can find something to do for any given day!

‘Die Nächste Halt ist Rech.'

“That's us!” Pia enthused.

We made our way to the bikes, arriving just as we pulled up at the village halt. It was a bit more involved getting the bikes off through the crowd of students by the doors but Myleen held the train so we didn't have to rush too much.

“Bye girls.”




It's not far from the Bahnhof to the Sebenschuh residence so we were soon stabling the herd of Kettler's, Schauff's and other two-wheeled hardware in their double garage.

“Some place.” Bern noted.

“I forgot you've not been before.” I observed as we walked round to the restaurant entrance.

The arrival of eight teenagers in any establishment generally causes some consternation and we were no less a distraction to the family already installed.

“Hi momma!” Pia greeted Frau Sebenschuh.

“Oh hi girls, go and sit, Pia go give your father a hand in the kitchen please.”


“Its your food so it won't hurt you.”

Pia went one way, the rest of us made our way to the corner table we usually used on our visits here.

“What do you reckon Bernie?” Nena asked.

“When you guys said it was a restaurant I was thinking like some cosy little place, this is immense!”

“You'll have to get the Weinkönigin to give you a tour of the cellars.” Anna suggested.

“Why me?”


“Well you're better at English for starters.” Con giggled.

“For the wein.” Nena answered Bern's question.

“Ot oh, looks like foods on its way.” Steff told us.

“Here we go girls,” Herr Sebenschuh stated, “Frikadellen und Pommes.”

Pia arrived balancing a bowl of salad on top of our plates.

“Enjoy ladies.”

“Danke Herr Sebenschuh.” I offered.

“No problem Gaby.”

The meal was pretty simple, I mean it was basically burger and chips but it was filling and the Frikadellen were home made, none of your frozen Birds Eye specials here! We all tucked in and made short work of the food on offer.

“Bernie's never been to the cellars.” Brid mentioned to Pia.


“Well its not like we have vineyards at home.” I pointed out.

“Why don't you take her Drew, we'll have our strudel in the tasting room.” Pia suggested.

“You wanna see Bern?”


“Come on then,” I got up, “see you guys in a few.”

To be honest there's not really that much to see, its all stainless steel casks and plastic tanks but the Sebenschuh's have set up a sort of history of wine display in one cellar. I think Bern was a bit disappointed that they don't tread the grapes anymore (well apart from stuff to entertain the grockles.). It took us about thirty minutes to go round and the others were already tucking into their dessert when we joined them.

“Hope you've saved some for us.”

“Nah we know you hate sweet stuff.” Anna grinned.

Bern nearly choked.


We sat ourselves down and Pia passed us generous portions of apple strudel.

“So what are you guys wearing to the dance?” Nena enquired.

“Mmmm, not sure,” Bern managed, “I haven't really got a posh frock.”

“I could lend you something,” Steff offered, “you're about my size.”

“Thanks, that'd be cool.”

“What about you Gabs?” Brid asked.


“Well duh.” Pia noted.

“Chino's and a jumper?” I offered.

“You are a comic.” Brid stated.

“Seriously Gabs, what're you gonna wear?” Connie queried.

“I like that blue dress you wore at Neue Jahr.” Pia opined.

“I have to wear a dress?”

“It's a dance.” Steff pointed out.

“Blue dress?”

“Yeah, she looked brill Bern.” Pia informed her.

“Might be a bit much for a school dance.” Anna suggested.

Any dress is a bit much! I wonder if I can get out of going?

“Shitza, I best head off.” Anna mentioned after her phone chimed.

“We'll come too.” I offered in an attempt at escape.

“You don't have to, I'll be okay on my own.”

“I've got homework to do.”

“Me too.” Bern agreed.

“I may as well ride down with you too.” Con stated.

Its not very far or very taxing, the ride from Rech to Dernau but coats and gloves were essential. The four of us glided down the trail, dynamos humming providing an eerie pool of light in front of us. It was pretty cool, we rode four abreast, the track is just wide enough, and chatted about nothing in particular until we reached Dernau.

“I can get Mum or Dad to run you up A.” I offered.

“Nah its okay, its not like I don't ride up most days anyway.”

“Up to you.”


Con peeled off at the bakery and with a final round of salutations Bern and I departed company from Anna just after.

“So what are you going to wear?” Bern asked as we arrived at Schloss Bond.

“A dress by the looks of things.”

“They're worse than Mad used to be.”

“They mean well.” I offered in my friends defence.

“If you say so.”

I didn't want to argue with her.

“So?” she enquired a second time, “what're you wearing then?”


“For a boy you have a lot of dresses.”

“Tell me about it.” I sighed.

“Well for my money I'd go with the pink, not too erm, revealing and its formal enough.”

“Not revealing she says, it hardly hides my boobs.”

“If you've got it flaunt it.”

“Nice advice for girls !”

“Lets face it Drew, with those bazongas you'll never pull off boy will you?”

“If I wear a sports bra…”

“You just crush your tits.” She pointed out, “you might as well go with the flow, everyone'll be expecting to see Gaby anyhow.”

“I guess.” I sighed deeply.


“You alright?”

“Yeah, just junior moving around.”

“Maybe you should mention it tomorrow.” I suggested.

“Maybe.” She agreed.

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