Chapter *6.35*

Baby School


I woke up thinking about it, the antenatal class that is.

‘Push Drew, deep breaths!'


I wasn't sure who my tormentor was but in my dream I was heavily pregnant.

‘I can't give birth I don't have a vagina!'

Geez it was all a bit graphic for me!

“Come on Drew, we'll be late again.”

“Er right, coming.” I called back down the stairs.

One weird dream but was it really so far fetched? The doc said I could get pregnant which is weird enough but quite how I'm not sure.

By the time I was washed and dressed my mind was focused on the here and now. Not that I was really looking forward to another day at Silverberg Gymnasium and the double period with Herr Viessner just before lunch.


“So you're wearing the pink Gabs?” Pia checked.

“I guess so.” I sighed.

“That's good, no one else has pink.” Anna mentioned.

Joy, the only boy and I get the pink!

“You wanna come tonight to try stuff Bernie?” Steff enquired.

“Erm, I can't tonight, we have Geburtsklasse this afternoon, tomorrow maybe?”

“Yeah, works for me, I'll sort some stuff out tonight.”

“Now that's settled, anyone want a gummi bear?” Brid offered.


“What's up Drew?” Bern asked as we locked the bikes up outside the clinic.


“You don't fool me Drew Bond, what's rattling inside that head of yours?”

“It'll be full of like pregnant women.”

“And your point?”

“Its sort of embarrassing.”

“Geez, its me that's preggers and no ones gonna take any notice, I bet there'll be some other blokes here.”

“I guess.”

“Don't be such a wet flannel, sugar!”

“What's up?”

“I broke a nail on this flippin' lock again.”

“Gis it here.”

I soon had the lock sorted and we headed on inside. Either we were late or everyone else was keen, the room for the birth class was already occupied by half a dozen couples chatting away animatedly.

“Ah, you must be Bernadette and I know Gaby of course, I'm Maria.”

“Erm hello, its just Bernie.”

“Well grab yourselves a couple of mats and we can get started.”


“And out.” Maria instructed to the accompaniment of a collective sigh from everyone in the room.

“Well done everyone, we'll call it a day there.”

“Gads, I feel like I've been through a mangle.”

“You're supposed to be the fit one.” Bern pointed out as we added our mats to the stack by the door.

“Its different muscles, those pelvic floor exercises felt weird.”

“You could do those?”

“Yeah, course.”

“I don't think men can usually.”

“Well I was doing something.”

“Come on let's get home, I'm starving.” Bern encouraged.

Of course the normal rules don't seem to apply to me so perhaps I was doing those pelvic exercises properly. Maybe I shouldn't make an issue of it, like definitely not!


‘ So we're going to Salcon in a few weeks.'

Just like Mad to rub it in. I've kinda missed going to the cons since we moved, I know there was that thing at Phantasialand but it wasn't the same as when I went with Mad to Dunstable, Sheffield or the one she mentioned, Salcon over in Manchester. There are some big cons in Germany, there's one in Essen at Easter but my chances of getting to one are about nil, what with racing and stuff.

‘We decided to do Bleach for Saturday and Negima on Sunday, it's a pity you aren't here, there're some cute costumes you coulda done.'

I bet there are too, aren't most of the characters in Negima schoolgirls?

‘How are you guys getting on, Bernie didn't say in her mail?'

She said as much to me, it's like difficult for her to open up to the guys after how they treated her.


Right then,

‘Hi Mad

Glad to hear that you're all well, yes I start racing again this weekend, it seems weird not having Cuckney tens to look forward to.

It doesn't look like I'll get a chance to go to a con this year unless there's one in the autumn when I've finished racing. I really miss doing the cons.

Bernie's fine, we're going to birth classes now, not that you can really tell she's expecting yet. It's pretty cool having her here, she gets on with the Germans well and she's picking up the lingo quicker than I did so schools not been a problem either.

Send some pics of you guys in your costumes,



I hit send; I was in a melancholy mood, maybe its seeing Venus in the night sky or perhaps its Mad's mail reminding me of home. Whatever, I broke my connection and crawled into bed.

The rest of the week was uneventful, the weather was grey, school was, well school and Mum left with the team to ride the Barcelona Classic. It'll be a whirlwind of racing and travel for Mum for the next few weeks with the Spring Classics and the build up to the various Nationals.

“And don't be late, I want to leave by five.”

“Yes Dad.”

Dad was less than pleased that I was going out to the Andernach Kirmes with the guys, what with our travelling to Nordhausen tonight for tomorrows race. Bern is staying with Goth Girl as there's not enough room in the bus as we're collecting Roni and her mum on the way. I guess I coulda dipped out altogether but like I said I'd go.


“Kewl, I've gotta have a go on that!” Bern exclaimed when she spotted the ‘Big' wheel.

“Lets get something to drink first, it was hot on that train.” I complained.

“We'll get no peace till we do.” Con sighed.

“Hot or cold?” Pia enquired.


“There's fresh juice over there.” Pia pointed across the square.

“That'll do.”

The place was fairly busy despite the fair not really being fully open so we had to queue for our drinks. I really don't know why I've come, I'll have to leave at like two to get home anything like early enough, not that I've got anything to pack, Dad made me do that last night.

“I said the Gallopers are working.” Nena repeated.

“We could do that first.” Con suggested.

“Come on then.”

“I'm still drinking.” I complained.

“Well shake a leg.” Steff instructed.

Shake a flippin' leg she says, it wasn't me who bought an extra large smoothie; I just get to finish it. I headed in the general direction of the merry go round, the girls were long gone!


I spent the next two hours seemingly one step behind them.

“Wait up guys!”

“Slow coach.” Bern noted.

“I'm gonna go home, Dad'll go mental if I'm late.”

“I'll come with you.” Bernie offered.

“There's no need, Goth Girl won't be home till six and we're supposed to leave by five at the latest, you might as well go home with Connie.”

“Yeah, you can come for tea if you like Bern, Anna's stopping off.”

“You twisted my arm Con, eech!”

“Junior?” I enquired.

“Yeah, must've got excited on the dodgems.”

“Well I'll head off then, see ya tomorrow night.”

“Luck with the race.”

“Viel Glück!” the others chorused.

“Cheers guys, see ya.”

I headed for the Bahnhof; it was only one thirty so I should get home plenty early enough. I checked the departure board; a northbound Rhein express was due in a few minutes so I dived in the shop for a Ritter bar to eat on the way home. The journey back to Dernau seemed to take forever even if it was only just over an hour.

“I'm back.” I announced.

“On your own?” Dad queried.

“Yeah, Bern's coming home with Con and Anna later.”

“Hmm, well its done now. I guess as you're here we can head off a bit earlier, get your kit and I'll ring the Grönberg's to let them know we'll be early.”

“Okay.” I agreed.


The team Vito was already packed with the bikes and stuff, Dad was manager, masseuse and mechanic this weekend, George was in Spain with the senior team. After a quick change I grabbed my kit bag from the end of the bed and joined Dad downstairs.

“All set?”

“As I'll ever be.”

“The Grönberg's are expecting us about four, Angela said she'll do us a quick snack.”

“Great, I'm starving now.”

“There's some crackers in the car.”

“Maybe not that starving.”

“Well come on then.”

We set off for Mettmann a little after two thirty in the end. Its not really that far and there's a couple of routes to choose from so of course Dad picked the wrong one for today! Still despite sitting in traffic jams around Köln for thirty minutes we turned into Roni's road only just after four.

“Hi Herr Bond, Drew.”

“Heya Roni. Ready to kick some butt?”

“You bet!”

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