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Chapter 9

Cheer Parade


‘Dear diary, first the good news! Mum's going home! Apparently the doctors reckon Mum can go home at the weekend. Dad says that Mum is looking a bit better again, more like her old self although it could be months before she's back to her old self. It sounds like they think she'll be okay, you can't imagine how good that feels!

Having had a chance to think about it all, I think Mum was a lot sicker at Christmas than she let on, I'll have to ask Jules to see what she thinks. I'm just glad that she's still going to be around.

We went to some horse-breeding place today, which was okay, I guess, not really my thing. On Friday we are due to go to some cave place, Brit says there's a bunch of other stuff there too so that sounds quite good. I did manage to get a short ride in when we got back, wouldn't have minded a longer ride but it was getting dark. Maybe I can get out for longer tomorrow.

We've spent most of tonight watching telly, there was a Buffy double bill then I watched SG-1 while the others used the attic room for a Karaoke session – the only one who can sing is Jules. And I don't think that Sheryl Crow would be too impressed with Goth girls' renditions not from what I heard! Well I suppose that just about wraps it up for today, we've got cheer practice tomorrow, damn, I might not get out on the bike after all.'

“You coming today or what?”


“Come on Drew, school today remember?”

“What time is it?”

“Seven thirty”

“Urgh” I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my head. Ouch! These boobs really dig in when you lay on them like that.

Jules was being annoying, all cheerfulness and humming some indeterminate tune.

I gave up quickly and hit the shower. How do girls put up with having breasts all the time? They're always in the way, especially in the shower, when I've worn them before it's only been for a few days max. It's a week now and it was never fun but its getting to be less of a joke every day, they're starting to feel like they are part of me.

Do you really want to hear about school? I don't really want to relive it! The only 'good' thing up to now is that my dress design has been okayed so tonight Brit and me are going to Harrisonburg mall with Rhod and Sandy to get the materials. Why couldn't Brit do something more interesting instead of Home Economics? Well that and no one has mentioned my nails, how embarrassing would that be? My attention was abruptly brought back to the present by Miss C's voice.

“Gaby Bond, are you listening?”

“Er sorry Miss”

The others giggled at my embarrassment.

“Care to share with us?” it was more demand than question.

“I was er thinking about my Home Ec. Project Miss.” More giggles.

“Well Miss Bond do you think you could maybe think about why you are here?”

“Yes Miss Cowlishaw” If the floor could swallow me I'd jump in.

“Right girls, now we have Miss Bonds attention, for today we are just going to show Miss Bell our current routine as we agreed and next time we'll start tuning our performance okay?”

“Yes Miss”

With only five of us, Miss C helped with the warm ups, she had on her trackies and was looking quite buff!

“So you okay Gaby?”

“Yes Miss” I got the short straw and was paired with her for the deep stretches.

“Sorry for shouting just now, you were miles away”

“Sorry I wasn't paying attention.”

“How are things at home?”

“Better Miss, Mums going home at the weekend, Dad says she looks much better.”

“That's excellent, how about at the Walters? Things okay there?”

“You mean apart from being Gaby 24/7? Okay I guess”

“I was going to ask you about that, how are you coping with that?”

“Well I don't know how girls cope with boobs all the time, they're always getting in the way”

“I suppose we learn to manage as they grow, you have had them thrust upon you”

“Sorry Miss, I didn't mean to be so personal”

“That's alright Drew. Let me know if things get difficult at all.”

“Yes Miss”

“Okay girls, let's show Miss Bell what you can do, Jessica can you get the music?”

I think we all felt a bit self conscious on that first run through, the next two were much better, not our competition display but not too shabby.

“Well done” Miss Bell stated clapping us as we all stood in various states of oxygen deprivation.

“I don't think I can help too much Miss Cowlishaw, you've done an excellent job with the girls. I'll run over the tape later and see what we can do.”

I hadn't noticed the camcorder she waved. she filmed us? Fluffs and all?

My hopes of getting a bike ride in today were finally totally quashed when we exited Augusta High to find Sandy and Brit waiting in Sandy's old Volvo. I really had been hoping to change before we left, shopping in my cheer kit was not something I wanted to do! So much for not changing to save time.

“You guys coming?” Brit called as we walked over.

“I don't suppose we are going home first?” I enquired.

“You are so slow sometimes Gab, we can't waste mall time!”

“But I'm not exactly dressed for it Brit.” I moaned.

“Neither am I” Rhod agreed.

“Well get changed in the car then, just get in” Brit instructed.

“Hi Sandy”

“Hi Gab, cute outfit”

Rhod piled in behind me.

“Okay Sand, let's hit the gas!” Brit encouraged.

Well at least Volvo's don't do the tyre squealing stuff but Sandy is no slouch behind the wheel. With apparent practised ease, Rhod pulled on a long denim skirt and soon had a western style shirt on over his cheer outfit. Why didn't I think of something like that instead of jeans? I pulled my jeans up but if I tucked the built in skirt inside it looked awful and it didn't work over the top either. Damn! Once again I cursed the one-piece cheer outfit. I pulled my jeans off again; at least I could wear my thick jumper.

“We'll stock up on groceries while we're out Em” Sandy called back.

“I hope we can get decent tea then”

“I haven't had a decent cup since I got here either, no offence Brit.”

“Well it tastes alright to me” Brit countered.

“Yeah but you drink that Sarsaspirella stuff”

“So? How you can drink what was it? Buttercup and Bourbon”

“Dandelion and Burdock. That's different, it's got some taste at least”

“What's dandelion and Burdock?” Sandy enquired.

“English soda, sort of like fruity root beer” Brit advised her.

“I like root beer” Sandy told us.

“Mad had that at that truck stop place” I mentioned.

“Tasted like antiseptic when I had a sip” Rhod, well I suppose Em really replied.

Our conversation about hot and cold beverages had taken us all the way to the Mall car park. I wasn't looking forward to this at all. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before grabbing my bag and following a rapidly departing group of jeans clad girls. This really is sooo embarrassing, at least I've got tights on but the damn skirt just won't stay put.

“Hurry up Gab” Em encouraged.

Can't I just crawl in a hole? It's probably not true but it feels like everyone is looking at me. In fact I'm sure a good percentage are looking at me. Sandy seemed to know where she was going and I just followed.

“Erm Brit?”

“Uh huh?”

“Urm, who's paying for this stuff?”

“Usually the student”

“Well I'm not spending too much” I sighed.

“It's alright, we can get something nice, Mom said I have to pay, to apologise for Sunday.”


“Gab, just go with it” Brit told me, “don't look a gift thingy in the wotsit as you Brit's say.”

“Ooh I love this” Sandy enthused.

Well I know I'm ‘sposed to wear it but I'm sorry, I can't get that enthusiastic about material.

“That will make a great lining Gab” Brit added.


“Guys!” Em exclaimed.

“What you found girl?”

My mate proudly held up the swatch.

“How about this?” Rhod went on, “it'll go just perfect with that lining”

Rhod, what's happened to you? You were never Mr Macho but as Em you are just so, so, urgh sweet! Such a complete girly girl!

Half an hour later and we finally left the haberdashers, Brit somewhat the poorer and me clutching several metres of cloth. (I measured it all in metric but the shop sells in yards and stuff so I hope I got the conversions right!) Then there was a bag of assorted threads; pins, needles and other stuff needed to make the damned dress.

“Let's get a coffee” Sandy suggested.

Can't we just get out of here?

“Sure” I found myself agreeing, “I'll get them by way of thank you.”

“You don't have to” Sandy stated.

“Let her Sand, Gabs has a distinct sense of honour, eh Gab” Em put in.

“I suppose so”

“In that case Gaby, thanks.”

Back at the Walters there was no let up. After dinner and Dad's call, Brit dragged me back to the dining room where, with Mrs W helping out ‘we' started sorting out the pattern. As you might guess I hadn't got a clue but it seems Mrs W is a fair seamstress and Brit seems to understand it all too. Just as well, left to me there wouldn't have been any allowances for seams and the concept of ‘darts' missed me at birth! What was worse was that just when I thought we were about done, Mrs Walters insisted that we needed to ‘fit' the pattern, which means me appearing in just my undies.

If I refuse she'll think I'm hiding something (I am!), if I acquiesce she's sure to find me out. Damned if I do, damned if I don't! And I could hardly claim shyness after returning from the mall in my cheer uniform.

“I'll do it Mom” Brit volunteered, “you've helped enough already and I do know how”

“Well okay girls, give me a shout when you're done and I'll check it for you”

“Thanks Mom” Brit gave her parent a quick hug.

Mrs W left mumbling about coffee and ‘Springer'.

“Phew, that was close Brit”

“Well I could see you getting a bit panicky, this way it's only me who sees you nekked!”

“You are not seeing me strip”

“Aww! Were all girls here” she pretended to moan. “

“Plus I need to put a bra on”

“You went to the mall without a bra!”

“Shush! Well there's sort of one built into the cheer outfit, it's supposed to, um, enhance our assets.”

“Gaby Bond! You little hussy!”

“I am not!”

“You so are. In that case though we best do this up in your room, you go up and change and I'll bring the pattern up in a few okay?”

“I don't suppose I could say no?”


“Ten minutes please?”

“Hmm, spoilsport. Okay, it'll take me that long to collect this lot up anyway.”

I made my temporary escape and darted up the stairs, not exactly elegantly but I'm making sure Brit doesn't get a view of more than she should. Once upstairs I performed the contortions required to divest myself of the Foresters garb and took the opportunity for a lav break. No time to relax though, I grabbed the first bra in my undies draw and slipped it on, it was only after I'd got it hooked up that I realised it was actually one of Jules push up things, grrr!

“You ready?”

Damn, it will have to do.

“Minute” I called in reply.

I settled my ‘breasts' into the cups, geez they look humungous!

“Come in then”

“Whoa Gab girl! You've been holding out on us, you sure you're not a girl?”

“You know I'm not, it's one of Jules' bra's”

“Well it'll do, its what this dress needs, a bit of uplift”

“Come on then, otherwise your Mum'll be up”


You ever do this? Showing amazing skill, Brit carefully pinned the various elements together and then around me so that I ended up wearing a bizarre paper dress. I didn't dare move for fear of tearing it despite Brit's assurances that it was pretty strong.

“How are you girls getting on?” Mrs W stuck her head around the doorjamb.

“Just about finished I think Mom”

“Well it looks pretty good. Oh Britney! Gaby's in her stocking feet”


“I told you last time and remember what happened?”

“Sorry Mom, I guess I forgot”

“Sorry ‘bout this Gabrielle, but due to my daughters stupidity we'll have to start again.”

“Um, why Mrs Walters?”

“Well you need to wear the correct shoes when we do this, it alters the way you stand and so the fit is different, like if you wear heels with your jeans, it makes your ass stick out!”

“Okay” I sighed. Why me?

“So Gaby, what shoes are you wearing with this?”

“I er”

“We thought it should be maybe fours?” Brit suggested.

I don't wear fours; I'm in a five usually.

“Five” I put in.

“I think that's a bit high Gaby but four would be good I think. Brit, go fetch my patent pumps, they'll do for this.”

“Yes Mom”

“Now Gaby lets have a look at my daughters handiwork.”

So we spent another hour, me perched in Mrs W's four-inch heels, my poor toes, while the pattern was adjusted and altered. It was bedtime by the time they finished with me, apparently I would look ‘just darling'. Was I glad to lose those shoes! I have never worn anything like them although it felt a bit like walking on the toes of my cycling shoes, but my toes were cramped as my weight pushed them into the pointed toes of the too big shoes. I never want to wear shoes with that sort of heel ever again!

“I'll just mark up these changes for you Gaby so you are ready for class in the morning.”

“Thanks Mrs Walters”

“No problem Gaby. Oh and Gaby?”


“I suggest you don't wear that bra to school, might give out the wrong signals”

“Night Mrs Walters” Jules offered as they passed at the door.

“Goodnight girls, see you in the morning”

“Night” I offered.

“What was that about bra's at school?”

“She thought this bra might be um a bit provocative”

“Hey that's my new one!”

“Sorry, it was in my drawer, I just grabbed the first one.”

“Well if I look anything like you in it sis, I'm wearing it every day!”

Was that an insult or compliment?


I was glad to get out of it, my boobs might only be silicon but having them thrust up like that wasn't the most comfortable I've ever been with them!

‘Dear Diary, well it's been a funny old day…'

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