Chapter *9.33*

Food for Thought

I can't believe I just did that, I actually invited someone to have dinner with us who is a) not in my inner circle and b) is a boy. T hat sounds a bit weird I suppose but whilst Max is a friend, I guess, you don't normally invite random individuals to lunch , at least not in my book.

Jules is in a tizzy, Boris has survived as a boyfriend for longer than anyone else up to now so she's keen to show off what a domestic goddess she is.

"Gab, can you make the Yorkshires?"

If you want the best, bring in an expert!

"Guess so, the carrots are ready to go on and the cabbage just needs putting in a pan."

"Cheers sis."

I know one thing, the 'boys' can do the washing up.

So of course I had to dress for 'company', geez I've met Boris before and well, Max is, well Max.

"I'm not putting on a dress on ." I huffed.

"I'm not bothered what you put on but you are not going to show me up dressed like that." Dad told me shortly before our guests were due to arrive.


'That' consisted of a sloppy old T shirt, cut off jeans and a pair of thong sandals, I guess I can see Dad's point there. M y anti dress stance was, I have to admit, more out of habit than any actual hatred of the garments and when I returned to the lower levels I was actually wearing my pale yellow sundress, the one with the poppies around the hem.

"Thought you weren't wearing a dress? " Dad observed.

"A girl can change her mind."

Yeah I did just admit to being a girl, it's not like I can really fight that reality, I might not like it but it is what my future holds I guess. A ny further discussion on the subject was halted as the unmistakable crackle and pop of Boris' two wheeled transport arriving , grabbed our attention.

Y ou want chapter and verse on the meal? W ell you'll have to ask someone else as I spent it most of the time trying to avoid eye contact with the Baron in waiting , who Dad in his wisdom had sat next to Jules but opposite me. Y ep you got it, I ended up sat next to the geek that is Boris - must be if he likes Goth girl. T he Bond girls can cook a bit, so the food was good and Jules even admitted to her beau that I'd made the Yorkshires.


"Thanks for inviting me, Gab."

"It was Jules' idea."

"Whoever's idea it was doesn't matter, I really enjoyed it."

"I bet you eat better every day, what with the restaurant." I suggested.

"You've got to be kidding; most of the time we just have ordinary stuff, maybe steak on Sunday but nothing special."

"So it's not all like Munich, then."

"As if. It's the first time I've ever had English food."

"You are kidding."

"It's true." Max insisted.

"So how was it?"

"Much plainer than I thought it would be ."

"Yeah well it's nice to actually taste the food sometimes instead of swamping it in sauces - which is okay but you kinda don't want it all the time."

"Hmm you might have a point."

"You kids fancy a run up to the Ring?" Dad enquired.

Its not like I 've got anything planned.

"I guess."


"I'm not doing anything."

"Great, you can keep this one out of trouble!"

Cheers Dad.

"Ten minutes; you might want to put some proper shoes on, Gab." he suggested.

'These are proper!' well okay they might not be ideal for one of Dad's hikes but like it's not a big heel. "Yes Dad."


"I can't remember the last time I was up here." Max admitted a while later.

"I 'm up here at least twice most weeks, it's on my training route."

"So you'd been up here that day I stopped you?"

"Yeah, the climb up does the strength work, going back down is all about control and speed - everything in one neat circuit."

"I'd take all day just riding up."

"Yeah well I can't kick a ball to save myself, so it cuts both ways. ”

Dad finished fiddling with his camera and we set off on the climb up to the Nurburg itself.

We were st anding on the roof of the main tower, enjoying the views out across the Eiffel.

"Gab, you remember the wedding?"

How could I forget?

"Er yeah.

"Did you erm, did you enjoy it?"

"It was certainly an interesting few days." I allowed.

"Well I was kinda wondering if you fancy going to another one."

"Another one? You're kidding, right?"

"Analise, she's like my cousin on Mum's side , is tying the knot."

"Next week is it."

"No! Er no. It's November at Koln Dom, a small family affair."

Small and Koln Dom cannot be used in the same sentence.

"So no visiting royals or TV cameras?"

"I shouldn't think so."

What the heck am I doing giving the idea even a little headspace?

"I'm not saying yes or no right now, I've got no idea what I'll be doing that far ahead."

"That's cool, Gran said you'd appreciate some notice."

"So it was your Gran's idea to ask me?"

"Not entirely."

"I'll think about it."

There's no harm in thinking is there?


"What are you two plotting?" Dad's voice behind us made me jump.

"Er nothing, just um, admiring the view." I offered.

"It is stunning isn't it? "

"Be better without the motorbikes." I suggested.

"True but the circuit contributes a lot to the local economy so a few howling engines in the woods is the price we have to pay."

"We did get some of the DTM drivers at the restaurant a few weeks ago." Max supplied.

"Still don't like the noise." It's my opinion and I 'm sticking to it!

"You won't fancy a visit to the museum place then?"

"I'd rather clean my bike."

"I think, Max, that's a no." Dad chortled.

We didn't go quite straight home, we stopped in Altenahr for ice cream before dropping Max off at the Schloss.


"That looked intense back at the Burg?" Dad suggested.

"Not really, well sorta."

"You'll have to run that past me again."

"It's a bit um weird."

"I can do weird."

"Well he asked me to another wedding."

"Not in the next couple of weeks I hope?"

"No, it's in November."

"More royalty?"

"He says not but I 'm not sure if I believe him."

"So are you going?"

"I said I 'd think about it."

"Ot oh, looks like Boris is staying for tea."


I forgot to say, the Goth One and Boris - fitting eh? - well they stayed in Dernau this afternoon. I think Dad took us out to give them some space. Goodness knows what they were gonna do - well maybe that I suppose, I 'll have to ask later.

Tea was only some salad and cold cuts so there wasn't much to do for that, I excused myself and headed to my eyrie.

Let's see,

'Dear Bern,

E verything alright with you? Won't be long until you go home now eh?

i've had a right time since i last wrote. Nena's sister, Claudia, the one with MS, has been home so last week we took her to Koblenz. the bad news is that she's now very ill, she might not see christmas.

Then last week me an' Ron did this race at a place called Olpe, it was a right stinker but guess who won? well Ron should've but she let me take the line first.

Anyway, i had this idea like, for Claudia as she might not get tio a real one, our own christmas market thing! the girls all went for it so yesterday we had it up at Pia's place. Claudia liked it which was the main thing, guess who had to dress up as an angel though?

there's some more stuff to tell you but i'll save that for when i see you in a few weeks.

bye for now


Yeah that'll do, it's got all the main stuff in there but like there's some stuff I'm not letting those prison people read about, it's too personal.

I hit the print button and watched as my words were turned to ink marks on paper. Thats Bern, now do I email Mad or ring her?

to be continued....

© Maddy Bell 29.11.2011

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