Chapter *9.34*

Ip Dip You're It


"Er hi Mad."

Yup, I decided to bite the bullet.

"So what's happening in drearyville?"

"Well that's nice I must say, true but not nice."

"And the answer is?" you really have to poke at Mad for an answer sometimes.


This is gonna be a long one! I made myself a little more comfortable as my cousin started her monolog ue .

"And then Rhod said 'don't get your panties twisted' which of course had Ian turning even redder so Clive weighed in and said..."



"I'm sure it's an excellent story but I've got school in like seven hours."

"Oh right."

"So regards to everyone, I'm sure you'll talk before I come over."

"Is it really only three weeks away?"

"Bit less, I'm riding some time trial next Sunday then the weekend after it's the Koln Con and Le Tour."

"Make sure you take plenty of pics at the con."

"Iwill and the Tour."

"Yeah that as well."

"Nite Mad."

"G'nite John Boy ."



With the end of the school year looming, we finish next week, and there not being a great desire by anyone to actually do any work , by students or teachers, the coming week looks likely to be a bit weird.

"What are you thinking about, Bond?" Steff enquired.

"Nothing in particular."

"That big sigh wasn't for nothing."

"I was just thinking..."

"Quick everyone, Gaby's thinking!"

There was a round of groans and jeers from the others in class.

"As I was saying, it's been quite a year hasn't it?"

"It has?"

"Well for me at any rate and like next week it's over."

"Bit of a pessimist today aren't we?"

"Well, I'm not gonna be around all summer, it's gonna be weird not being with you guys."

"And Max."

"Give over!"

"You'll have your cousin and Bernie." Steff suggested.

"It won't be the same and I'll be off racing most of the time."

"A busmans holiday, ja?"


"Hey Gab, you going to the dance next week?" Fabienne asked from across the room.


"Really Gabs, how could you forget that." Steff sighed, " Yes she is Fab."

"I am?"

"Monday? End of term tanz?"

"I guess I'm going then."

One of these days I really am gonna have to get a diary, next week looks like it's going to be well busy.


"You got anything planned for Saturday?" Dad enquired as he started the dish washer.

"Not really, why?"

"I need to go up to the Gronbergs, just wondered if you fancied a day out?"

"Could do, what are you going for?"

"I'm not allowed to say."


"Okay, but not a word okay?"

"Cross my heart."


"Pretty please?"

"I've had the Federation on the phone today."

"BC?" I interrupted.

"No the German Federation, they've asked me to release some riders for the Worlds."

"Roni? That's well cool. You said riders?"

"Erm it's a bit embarrasing really, for me and them."


"Well they wanted four riders."


"I said yes to three but not the fourth."

"Someone's gonna be disappointed, oh you mean Ron?"

"Think about it spud, how many in the team?"

"Five?" the penny finally dropped, "they wanted me? but I 'm English."

"A point I did mention to them, you do however race on a German licence and meet the residency requirements."

"So I could race for Germany?"

"In theory."


"Before your head gets any bigger just remember that BC are looking after you, with a bit of luck you'll be pulling a GB jersey on in September."

"Yeah but to be picked by the German Fed too, maybe if BC don't pick me I can still ride for Germany."

"There might just be a catch there."


"They wanted you for the girl's squad."

It took a moment to sink in, "Girl's ?"

"That was the erm, embarrassing bit."

No kidding! On one hand it's like a big honour that they've asked but don't they check their records? I mean, my racing permit does say male , doesn't it? There again, like it or not, it looks likely that by Christmas I really will be a girl, I 'm not sure what I really should be feeling.


"You got everything for next week Gab?" Stef asked as I plonked my bum on the seat.

"For the dance?"

"For Koln silly."

Bum, with everything else that's been going off I 'd forgotten about that.

"Er, I think so."

"I bet she's got like a case full of outfits ready." Brid suggested.

Well I've not got a shortage of Cos outfits it's true, I'll have to decide what I am going to take.

"So are you going to the Tanz with Max?" Pia enquired.

"Why would I go with him?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"Don't you guys ever give up?" I sighed.

"Nope!" Anna grinned.

"Con, help me here?"

Fraulein Thesing brought our breakfast over, "What's up?"

"Tell 'em I'm not interested in Max."

"You're not? Can I have a go?"


"I was only saying."

The others giggled.

"So what are we doing at the weekend?" Nena asked.

"I need some shoes for the dance." Pia mentioned.

"Bonn or Koblenz?" Anna offered.

"Well I can't go anyhow." I told them.

"Why not Gabs?" Stef pressed.

"I'm seeing Roni on Saturday."

"Your racing friend?" Con noted.

"Yeah, Dad's got to go up and she has been on about going shopping so we're killing two birds."

"Doesn't she live in the Ruhr?" Brid asked.

"Er yeah, not far from Dusseldorf so I guess that's where we'll end up."

"Nice," Anna noted, "they have some cool shops up there."

"No idea, never been." I allowed.

"It can't be true, somewhere Bond hasn't been!" Stef exclaimed.

"Come on, we'll be late." I suggested.

"Will not, finish your coffee girl." Con pushed me back into my seat.

And so another day starts for the Ahr Angels and their education at the Silverberg Gymnasium.


A reference to the closing of each episode of The Waltons.


to be continued....

© Maddy Bell 12.12.2011

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