Chapter *10.6*

Not in H&M

Not that a wee is a bad thing but it wasn't high on my priority list, still if the girls need a lav who am I to delay things. Although Warsop College has broken for the summer, the same is not true for Nottingham so the number of teens on the streets was pretty low. One thing though which marked my friends out from those that were about was their conservative dress.

Back home the fashions even for teens are pretty restrained, so okay I do have a pair of those new denim shorts which I've been conned into wearing a couple of times. Generally though it's jeans, capris or skirts and usually trainers or some sort of flat sandal. Not in Nottingham, pretty much everyone under twenty five seems to be squeezed into shorts two sizes too small and a significant number have added stupidly high heels – not a look I'd recommend especially if you are bigger than a six .

“Come on Gab, ” Al urged as we entered middle age land aka Marks & Sparks.

The toilets are upstairs and surprisingly there wasn't a queue for the ladies.

“Where are you going?” Mad enquired as I headed towards the gents.

“Toilet, I thought that's why we were here?”

“Geez Gab, in here.”

And with that I was dragged into the ladies. Whatever, I can pee here as well as anywhere.

“We wondered where you'd gone , ” Hel noted when they emerged.

“You not changing?” Al added.

I might not have but they certainly had . All three were in variations of the denim shorts look, Mad had teamed her stupidly tight pair with black tights and teetery heels I bet her mum doesn't know she has. Ally was a bit more conservative; at least hers were the right size and teamed with nude tights and Skechers. Hel, whilst not fat or anything is a bit big to carry it off and without meaning to be nasty she looked terrible even if her shorts weren't as tight as Mad's.

“Cool eh?” Mad offered.

“If you say so.”

“Geez, you are so not with it Gab, ” Al put in.

“Don't you think they're a bit er revealing?”

“Oh come on Gab, I know you wear some edgy stuff.”

“Not by choice.” I muttered under my breath.

“I've got an idea , ” Hel mentioned.

“Go on, ” Al prompted.


“Ooh yeah, ” Mad agreed.

“Just what is SJ's?”

“You'll see, ” Al grinned.

I actually felt embarrassed walking along the pedestrian precinct with my short clad companions, the fact that ninety percent of the other teens we encountered were similarly clad in no way lessened my unease. I mean they don't exactly leave much to the imagination do they, the leering looks from any lads we passed did nothing alter my opinion.

“So what happened with James , yesterday?” Al asked my cousin.

“Yeah come on spill, ” Hel added.

“Well you know he was taking his driving test, well he passed so he drove up in his mum's car.”

“Cool, ” Helen noted.

“Anyway we gave Gab the slip and went for a quick snog in the car.”

“Quick? You were missing for at least two hours, ” I complained .

“You're not jealous Gab? Your Max sounds proper studly, ” Al put in.

“Not interested, Drew here, remember? ” I pointed out.

“If you say so cuz.” Mad teased.

“So was it just tonsil hockey, then?” Helen prompted.


“You never?” Al exclaimed.”

“In the back of his mum's Polo, get real Al.”

Clearly I don't know these girls like I thought I did. The trouble with Bern had given some indication of that but I never thought I was this far out of the loop.

“Do you think you will?”

“If the rents let me go, the next con.”

“It's great cover, wish I had something like that , ” Hel lamented.

This lot are sex mad .

“What about you Al, wasn't Em over this weekend?” Mad asked.

“No, her Dad's bringing her back today.”


“Only where it counts, ” Al winked.

My god, all my friends are at it .

“SJ's, ” Hel announced.

SJ's it turns out is a teen boutique, H&M on acid. I'm hardly a stranger to these places so I just followed the others inside. I mooched along, not really that interested in crude t-shirts, skimpy denim or catwalk rip offs, I let my friends go their own way.

“Gab, Gab. Over here, ” Al shouted.

No doubt they've found something they want my opinion on. I made my way across the store to where I could just see Al.


“I was just wondering Gab, if you could do me a favour?” Mad enquired.

“What kind of favour?”

“I was thinking of getting this dress but I can't see what it looks like, the changing room mirror is too small.”

“So you want my opinion?”

“Not quite.”

“Not quite?” I repeated back.

“Well would you mind putting it on then I can see it properly.”

“Why can't Al or Helen do it?”

“Well you're the same size as me, it'll look different on them. Pretty please?”

I'm sure there's a catch, I can't see what it is, just put on the frock, show Mad, get changed back, five minutes tops. I suppose it can't hurt even if I am supposed to be in Drew guise.

“Go on then, where is this dress?”

“Yes, ” Mad squealed.

“Here you go,” Al told me, “you might need this too.” She added passing me a padded bra.

“Do I have to?”

“Well Mad's got more up top than you,” Hel observed.

“I suppose so, ” I allowed taking the proffered garments.

There are changing rooms and changing rooms, this was of the less well-appointed variety. The cubicle wasn't big enough to swing a handbag and the mirror was inadequate I'll agree. I had to take my trainers off to get my cargo's off, I always feel exposed when I'm down to my undies and having to change BH's* you are nearly naked .

I slipped my sports bra off and with an ease I still find uncomfortable replaced it with the lacy affair that Ally had given me. Geez, talk about emphasise the bust, if this pair were on someone else I'd be lusting over them, that they are mine is a bit disconcerting. I hefted the dress and once I'd worked out what goes where, slipped it on: it was a tight fit, not as in too small but well fitted.

It wasn't something I'd have picked out, in Gaby mode that is, a bit too short and fitted for my taste and the neckline a trifle more revealing than I'm comfortable with. Still, it's not for me, it's Mad who's gonna be flaunting it.


“Come on then, ” Mad urged.

“Ta da.”

“Ooh sexy,” Hel grinned .

“Give us a twirl,” Al suggested.

I obliged with a slow turn.

“The bra makes it,” Mad stated.

“Yeah, I didn't realise you were that big Gab,” Al observed.

“I try not to advertise it.”

“Flats or heels?” Hel asked.

“Try these Gab,” Mad requested stepping out of her skyscrapers.

Of course I had to pull my socks off to get them on and without any hose they were a bit sticky to get comfortable in.

“Oh yes, much better,” Al declared.

“That's the one,” Mad confirmed.

“Right, I'll get changed then.”

Did I see a glint in Mad's eye just then?

“Hey? Where's my stuff?”

I turned just in time to see Mad and Helen legging it out of the shop, Mad brandishing my keks.


“Looks like you're wearing it out,” Al giggled.

“I get lumbered paying for it too. Just wait until I get my hands on her.” I fumed.

“Nah, we paid for it before, didn't you notice there were no tags or security on it?”

I hadn't but what's unusual about me not noticing things?

“She got my bag too?”

“Nah, here you go.” Al passed me my bag; I checked the contents, all present and correct.

I should just find somewhere to get some more boy stuff but that'd dip into my trip money for stuff I don't actually need.

“Come on then,” I sighed.

“Hang on, you need some slap.”

“If you say so.”

Five minutes later we headed for Maccy D's where the others were supposed to be waiting. At this point I'd have gladly swapped for the Daisy Dukes, I'm sure I look like an apprentice lady of easy virtue although I wasn't entirely alone in either the brevity of my dress or the height of my footwear.

“Just you wait, Maddy Peters,” I hissed when we found them.

“Oh come on Gab, it's just like old times.”

Yeah, you pull a stunt that leaves me in a dress or skirt.

“You've had your laugh Mad, can I just get changed now?”

“Get your arse in here quick,” she hissed.


“Hello ladies,” a voice stated from over my shoulder before my bum was pinched .

Geez, I jumped into the booth double quick.

Four of them, four of us.

“‘Ello‘ ansome,” Hel offered.

“Can we join you?”

“Oui, our pleasure, ‘utch up Marie.”

“I'm Rob, the ginger is Adam, Sam's the rugger lout and the shy one's Steve.”

“Helga, Marie,” Helen pointed to herself and Ally, “Katrina and ‘er cousin Sarah.”

“Well hello ladies.”

* BH abbreviation of Bustenhalter, German for bra

to be continued....

© Maddy Bell 13.05.12

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